jabees firefly vintage amazon aliexpress bluetooth 5 2 wireless canada controls earbuds egypt true in-ear india manual malaysia pantip review singapore vs


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jabees firefly vintage amazon aliexpress bluetooth 5 2 wireless canada controls earbuds egypt true in-ear india manual malaysia pantip review singapore vs

At the beginning of 2021, a new movement was established by audio companies that are True Wireless headphones for gaming. That is probably a natural evolution when the mobile game market is growing extremely strongly and shows no signs of stopping.

Jabees also “jumps with this trend” with a pair of Firefly Vintage headphones, its first TWS gaming product. This pair of headphones also contains extremely interesting upgrades compared to previous Firefly pairs, which we will learn more about shortly.

Instead of using an orange-toned white box-like previous products, Firefly Vintage owns a jet-black box with copper-gold textures, looking very elegant and in the same nostalgic direction as the product’s name. The slogan of this pair of headphones is “True Wireless headphones with a design that never goes out of style”!

Inside this box are two smaller boxes, one to hold the headset and one to place the accompanying accessories. Even the letters inside are made of copper-gold for uniformity.

Jabees is a well-known brand in offering many accessories; with the Firefly Vintage, we have six short ear cushions, six long ear cushions, a USB Type-C charging cord, and a headset strap.

This wire will attach to 2 ‘tails’ of Firefly Vintage, helping turn the TWS pair into a neckband Bluetooth headset. That is a bit redundant for other pairs of headphones, but with gaming headsets, when the user will put their ears on their neck after a certain period to relieve ear fatigue, it is a good idea and Practice.

The box of Firefly Vintage has a design that is not too different from its previous boxes, especially compared to the Firefly 2 pair. The most notable point is that the lid is made of copper-gold, a color that is very special to the company.

The headset has 8 hours of continuous use, and when used with the charging case, it will increase to 32 hours, not the best today but also very good. In addition, the charging box also integrates the ability to wirelessly charge according to the Qi standard to get power directly from the smartphone if you are out on the street and can’t find the charger.

And here are our headphones. If it weren’t for this copper color version, many of you would surely say that this is the Firefly 2 pair, and it is true that these two pairs of headphones have the same design! We still have a headset with a tail, but the tail is shortened not to look too ‘weird’ when worn on the ear.

The exterior of the Firefly Vintage contains a very cool feature, which even other brands should learn in the future. The plastic coating on the outside of the headset is touch-sensitive, but underneath, there is an additional physical button, creating a complete list of controls; nothing is missing!

Everything from switching songs, receiving/rejecting calls, adjusting volume, calling virtual assistants, switching to gaming mode can be done right at the headset. That is an extremely cool idea that I can’t understand why even big brands have not integrated it into their products!

The small downside here is that the button at the bottom is made a bit hard, so pressing it will push the headset deeper inside the ear, which can be uncomfortable. Maybe in the future, the company can integrate a button or a softer plastic wrap to solve this problem.

Firefly Vintage integrates both IPX5 waterproof standards, which is lower than Firefly 2’s IPX7, so it will be suitable for playing sports on land, walking in the rain but not bringing it into the water. Hence, users need to pay attention to avoid this happens.

The housing part of the right ear integrates a lot of technology, so it seems a bit big, so it will feel full without much space when worn in the ear. However, the nozzle tube is designed with a reasonable length and diagonal, so the largest parts of the headset are located outside, not touching the folds, so it also feels comfortable. Those of you with small ear canals should also try it first, but I think most people will have no problem choosing the right cushion for them.

What Firefly Vintage lacks is active noise cancellation ANC. Normally, I would not mention this with pairs of headphones under $90. Still, when EarFun Free Pro in the same price range already owns ANC, suddenly the absence of other products makes us feel ‘lack.’ This is only a rather small drawback when its natural noise-canceling quality is already quite good.

where can you get a JABEES FIREFLY VINTAGE online

Jabees Firefly Vintage Bluetooth 5.2 Wireless Gaming Earbuds and Charging Case – Noise Cancelling Earbuds with Microphone – 8 Hr Playtime, 80 ms Low Latency, Qualcomm aptX Audio, ENC, 4 Mics (Bronze): Buy it now

Claiming to be a pair of True Wireless gaming headsets, what special features does Firefly Pro perform this task? This pair of headphones is integrated with Bluetooth 5.2, which is the latest Bluetooth standard, which best supports the ability to connect both ears to the source to reduce latency as low as possible. Like other gaming headsets, the Firefly Vintage also has a separate Gaming Mode, as mentioned in the operation section, reducing the latency to exactly 80ms (80 / 1000 seconds), making the latency problem even worse becomes more of a problem.

Is there any difference in the game experience in normal mode and Gaming Mode? Even in normal mode, the latency of the headset in the game is already quite low, when for really fast games, we can see a small lag. Switching to gaming mode will eliminate this problem. Although the difference is very small, those serious about playing the game will notice online matches that often last up to half an hour.

As a pair of headphones aimed at gaming and watching movies, but Jabees Firefly Vintage does not fall into the “gaming trap,” completely forgetting those who use headphones to listen to music anymore. Firefly Vintage is equipped with a pair of Dynamic diaphragms coated with graphene to increase rigidity, the type of diaphragm has also been used a lot for its products.

This pair of headphones on practical experience gives a gentle V-shape sound quality, with a slightly more balanced direction than a preference for playing exciting songs. That is a sound quality that Jabees has perfected over many product generations, and if successful, there is no need to change too much.

The V-shape factor of the headset starts from the bass range when it has a slightly higher volume than average to catch the listener’s attention easily. The good thing about the bass is that it’s played at a single point, presses more on the mid-bass range, and breaks it off without leaving any residuals to encroach on other bands. Bass-heads will probably want more bass, but for me, this is more than enough, not boring, but enough control to easily mix with different genres of music.

Mid will be pushed slightly backward, but with the advantage of being cleaned, having a certain clarity to penetrate the bass to reach the user’s ears easily. Amber Rubarth’s voice in Storms are on the ocean is full of vocals and vapors; the high-mid is just enough to avoid sibilance. As a person who listens to music with lyrics, I think the mid-range of the Firefly Vintage can do better by adding boldness, making it darker instead of a bit thin as default. But surely this mid-range will not disappoint you; it is still quite good compared to other options in the same price range!

The treble range of this pair of headphones is also pushed harder than usual, but only a little bit, quite similar to the bass. The good point of the Firefly Vintage’s treble range is that it goes up high, but it goes up evenly; there is no peak point at all. In particular, every time it emerges, the treble will reverberate slightly, not up and then off immediately – the way to play makes the treble of many other headphones sound quite gritty, lacking in soul.

True Wireless gaming for even music lovers

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.2, apt-X decoding capabilities, and its gaming mode, all to reduce latency to just 80ms, the Firefly Vintage is a genuine pair of TWS gaming, serving very well for those moments.

But even that aside, this is still a well-tuned pair of headphones to cater to music lovers too! Thanks to the versatility, you can do anything, but Firefly Vintage becomes a pair of extremely heavy headphones in the price range of less than $90. Unless you need ANC active noise cancellation, the EarFun Free Pro will be the choice for you.


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