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amazon BLON BL-03 reviews


Happily, the design and finish of the BLON-BL03 are on a completely different level from the packaging.

The housing part of BLON BL-03 is cast from solid Kirsite alloy. The casing is polished like a mirror. The feeling of holding BLON BL-03 in my hand makes me think of the Tin Hifi P1: high-end and durable. Although the surface is glossy, this housing of BL-03 is not fingerprinted. Unexpectedly, a headset that costs less than $50 is completed so well.

BLON BL-03 uses a universal 2-pin 0.78 connector on the market. You can pair it with any 3rd-party 2-pin upgrade cord without having to worry about standard compatibility like KZ anymore.

The sound exhauster on BL-03 is probably the biggest minus point on the design of this headset. The housing face adjacent to the wearer’s ear is made quite large while the sound exhauster is slightly short and placed in a slightly weird position. This makes it difficult for anyone with small ears to fit BL-03.

The conductor that comes with BLON BL-03 is of quite good quality. 4-core spiral braid, has integrated high-quality MEMS microphones, an L-shaped jack against underground breakage. The grip feels solid in the hand and the plastic details are well finished.

BLON BL-03 uses a single dynamic driver, a 10mm diameter. According to NSX, this driver uses ultra-thin carbon film technology that increases the ability to reproduce details while keeping the distortion at extremely low levels.


Despite having a heavier weight than most products on the market, the headphones are of the same level due to the metal housing but the feeling of wearing on the BLON BL-03 is very comfortable. The housing BL-03 does not have any sharp edges along with the smooth, cool metal surface. The earhook part on the cord does not have a hardwire, manipulation is not cumbersome but still clinging to the ears very well. The only thing I don’t like is that the BLON BL-03’s included eartips are too hard. I had to change to Spinfit CP100 to feel perfect.

BLON BL-03 has an impedance of 32Ohm and a sensitivity of 102dB / 1mW. This is not a picky source headset. However, when testing with a few transmitters, BLON BL-03 still requires a music player or an amplifier with enough power to bring out its best.

In this article, I will use Hiby R3 Pro as the source.

The characteristic sound quality of BLON BL-03 is warm, clear and full. Details from the bass range up to the treble are kept very well. Probably the most serious audiophiles style in the $50 range currently available on the market.

Bass range: Deep down, good power, smooth, quite plump but not very natural because the sub-bass part is pressed too much. The mid-bass section is relatively tight. Bass speed hit average but not fast, but not slow to a buzzing. Floating in the music with complicated drum structure, BLON BL-03 does not do very well but with simple R&B Pop songs, it performs very well. At the same price range, the bass of BLON BL-03 can confidently defeat many opponents such as KZ ZS10 PRO, TFZ Galaxy T2, Faaeal Hibiscus …

Mid-range: Warm, smooth, clear and with good detail. Low-mid is affected by the full bass range, so the vocal thickness is very good. That makes the male voice somewhat warm, the guitar has a bounce and firm, more vivid. The female voice is still quite good, high and natural. Details of other musical instruments reproduce clarity and clarity rather than opacity as some headphones of the same level. Another very commendable thing on BLON BL-03 is that the sibilant notes are almost completely suppressed creating a very smooth and pleasant listening feeling.

Treble strips: Crunchy, airy and porous. Treble gets high but not too much in quantity so it feels very comfortable without being harsh. Although not very sparkling, this treble strip has done a great job of adding detail and fun to the overall sound.

Stage space: Despite the closed design, BLON BL-03 has an impressive wide space. It not only has a good width, but also depth and height. This makes the ability to layer and arrange the position of the instrument in the space of the BLON BL-03 becomes much better than many competitors in the same range.

BLON BL-03 is a headset that can play many types of music, especially classical, jazz and Pop.


It is no coincidence that BLON BL-03 became a phenomenon on Head-fi. From looks, perfection to sound quality, they are all far behind many competitors for the same $50 price range.

The only minus point on this headset is the slightly shortened sound exhauster section and will need to upgrade eartips to be able to fit the best.

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