KZ ZS10 Pro X

KZ ZS10 Pro X

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After 3 years of making waves in the cheap headphone market, the ZS10 Pro finally has a worthy successor and that is the KZ ZS10 Pro X headphone. With a series of advantages such as Ergonomic design, system The driver system has a hybrid configuration, silver-plated cables, etc. ZS10 Pro X promises to dominate the headphone market in the low-cost segment.

Packaging and accessories

KZ ZS10 Pro X is packaged in a small cardboard box with a simple and not-too-colorful design. On the front of the cover box, in addition to the product name, there will be the most intuitive image of the headset. Meanwhile, on the back is printed the detailed technical specifications table of the ZS10 Pro X.

Accessories included with the headset will include:

1 cable

3 pairs of silicone ear tips (size S/M/L)

Detailed instructions for use

Guarantee card

Design and wearing experience

Compared to its predecessor, the KZ ZS10 Pro X does not have many design changes. The housing is still made of transparent black plastic. To complete the headset, the metal faceplate will be tightly attached to the housing through three screws instead of glue like before. Screwing will make the design structure of the headset more solid.

There are quite a few decorative details on the faceplate, notably the delicate cutouts arranged alternately with tiny air vents. KZ’s design team embossed the words “10 Hybrid Technology” on the faceplate, implying that this is the most advanced technology applied on the ZS10 Pro X.

Similar to many other KZ products, the housing on the ZS10 Pro X has an ergonomic shape that allows for the most comfortable and fitting wearing experience. The included ear tips come in many different sizes to help increase the fit when wearing the headphones while also improving sound insulation.

The cable attached to the KZ ZS10 Pro uses a 2-pin 0.75mm connector and a 3.5mm jack. Gold plating the contact points will somewhat improve connection sensitivity. An interesting point is that you can completely customize the ZS10 Pro X from a wired headset to a wireless headset through the use of the KZ AZ09 Bluetooth module.

With the version with a mic, a remote control with an integrated microphone will be mounted on the cable. With just a single button, you can:

Stop/play music when pressed once

Skip to the next song when pressed twice

Skip to the previous song when pressed 3 times

When a call comes in:

Press once to hear the call

Press and hold to decline the call

Press once to end the call (while calling)

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Driver configuration and sound quality

Like its predecessor, the KZ ZS10 Pro X is tuned in the V-shape direction and has up to 5 drivers in each ear. In particular, responsible for reproducing the bass range is a dynamic driver with a diameter of 10mm. 4 Balanced Armature drivers with code 50024s Black Gold will be responsible for reproducing the mid and treble ranges. In terms of parameters, the ZS10 Pro X has a frequency response range of 20Hz – 40kHz, a sensitivity of 112dB, and operates at an impedance of 29Ohm.

The dynamic force and fast response speed allow the ZS10 Pro X to perfectly handle fast-paced music. Because there is a lot of focus on the subbass and just the right amount of volume, the bass sounds very pleasant to the ears, without being boomy. With just enough rumble and dissolving quite quickly, the bass range on the ZS10 Pro X is very suitable for rock music.

​Even though it is tuned in the V-shape direction, the ZS10 Pro somehow makes the singer’s voice closer to the listener. The female voice alone will have brighter resonance, sound sweeter, and be pushed forward more than the male voice.

The treble on the ZS10 Pro Although well processed, the treble sound still has slight sibs in some music passages, however, these sibs do not greatly affect the overall sound quality as well as the audiophile’s music listening experience.

If the “deep sound stage” is equivalent to the sound stage of concert performances, then the sound stage of the KZ ZS10 Pro X will be equivalent to the sound stage of a mid-range tea room. Although the aperture is not too large, the soundstage on the ZS10 Pro X still creates comfort for the listener and does not cause a feeling of urgency or cramping.

The ability to separate detailed, clear layers allows listeners to feel the sound quality as well as the position of each instrument on the sound stage. By placing the vocal part in the center, the singer’s voice will become more prominent and as impressive as a live performance.


KZ ZS10 Pro X

Both KZ headphones have quite similar sound quality, but when it comes to technical factors, the KZ ZS10 Pro X has a larger soundstage and more accurate sound imaging. This will result in a more realistic and dynamic sound stage set up on the ZS10 Pro X. The ZS10 Pro X has vocals that sound closer, and the sounds of each instrument are positioned with greater precision.

KZ ZS10 Pro X



Reasonable price, suitable for new players

Fancy design, well-built cables

Dynamic sound quality with a strong, powerful bass range

The vocal part is sweet and emotional, especially the female vocal

Ability to classify details


Slight sibilance in some musical passages

Housing is a bit large, and included accessories are only suitable within the price range

For those of you who are just starting to step onto the path of becoming a “sound master”, the KZ ZS10 Pro X headset is a very reliable choice.

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