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Mad Catz M.O.J.O M1

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mad catz m o j m1 lightweight optical gaming mouse near me man explained customer support mex service ptt m1lightweight m1評價 m1ptt

As a name that was once very famous for mouse products designed with a pitiful style ahead of its time, however, for some reason, the name Mad Catz has been absent for a quite long time. This year, Mad Catz has officially returned to the market with a fairly new product line. Still the same style as before, Mad Catz remains faithful to its unique design ideals, like no other, Mad Catz M.O.J.O M1 is the company’s latest gaming mouse product, and of course, it also does not follow the standards. Design style according to current trends.


Sensor eye: PMW 3360

DPI: 800/1600/3200/12000

Polling Rate: 1000Hz

Switch: DAKOTA (Durability up to 60 million clicks)

Weight: 70g (including wire)

Open the product box

The box part of the product is made quite well and looks quite luxurious and sturdy. Opening the product box, we can immediately see the mouse, covered by a protective plastic piece, which looks quite simple and neat. Inside, we will have the main character that is the M.O.J.O M1 mouse, the user manual, and a set of Mad Catz Stickers, which can be said to be minimalist.


As mentioned at the beginning, Mad Catz is a company with a design style that is almost “like no other”, this time too. M.O.J.O M1 also follows the recent trend of being super light, and holey. But unlike conventional mice with a round or hexagonal hole design, Mad Catz has created a separate hole style: A triangular hole and the company named it Hollow Pyramid. It is a fact that current users still have a not very favorable view of the current types of holes because the psychology of Trypophobia syndrome (Fear of holes) still exists, partly because of hygiene concerns. With the Hollow Pyramid design, this is a pretty good break, still called a hole mouse, but this hole does not cause any creepy feelings. However, with these triangular holes designed to be larger than usual, it will cause certain discomfort the first time getting used to the mouse.

M.O.J.O M1 has a slightly protruding back design, making the back of the mouse quite wide. On the left side is a convenient thumb support, but that will limit the position of the thumb when holding the mouse. With such a design, Claw Grips will be the most optimal mouse grip for this mouse.

The plastic shell of the M.O.J.O M1 is covered with a matte layer that resists fingerprints and dust quite well. This plastic material is quite easy to clean and hard to wear and does not bleed like rubber-coated plastic in some other types of mice.

where can you get a Mad Catz M.O.J.O M1 online

Mad Catz M.O.J.O. M1 Gaming Mouse – Light Weight 70g – 12000 DPI Optical Sensor–Built-in Customizable RGB lighting effect – Hollow Pyramid Design – Patented DAKOTA Switch – 40g Acceleration, Black: Buy it now

Mad Catz M.O.J.O. M1 Lightweight Optical Gaming Mouse, black (MM04DCINBL00) (Renewed): Buy it now

Hardware quality


The two main left and right buttons introduced are equipped with Mad Catz Dakota button technology. This technology is also a form based on optical switches, skipping receiving signals by physical impact, limiting later keystroke errors. This pair of optical switches also gives quite a good durability with a theoretical index of 60 million clicks. The click feeling is very good, flexible, and clear with the design of the button part separating the shell, the pressing feeling is also very uniform. The side buttons on the side and the DPI knob are also placed in a position that is easy to manipulate and also gives a stable response.

Scroll button

The scroll button is designed in the shape of a wheel with a small groove. The quality of this scroll button according to Biareview is extremely good. With fast scrolling up and down, the first impression is that it is very smooth, and does not emit too many strange noises.

Sensor eye

The M.O.J.O M1 is equipped with a Pixart PMW3360 eye sensor. In terms of accuracy or experience, perhaps there is no need to say too much because it is already too famous for other mouse lines. In terms of basic parameters, we will have 12000 DPI, 250 IPS tracking, and a 1000hz Polling Rate. With DPI levels we can customize to 800/1600/3200/12000 levels, and one more thing here, Mad Catz doesn’t make software for M.O.J.O M1, which means there won’t be a custom 400 DPI level, this DPI level is still commonly used by most FPS players.

Led light

The M.O.J.O M1 is also equipped with an RGB Led to match today’s tastes, with a single bright area at the back of the mouse. Because there is no driver, we can only adjust the hand directly on the mouse with 3 effects: Permanent, Breathing, and Color Cycle. This led strip displays quite well, and the color is also very accurate, of course, you can also turn off the led if you don’t like it.



New and unique design

Lightweight, suitable

Build quality of the hardware is quite good

High-performance sensor eye


No driver

Few accessories included

New hole design takes time to get used to

Overall, M.O.J.O M1 is a new bright spot in the current segment with a design that goes in a separate direction but still needs further changes to be able to reach the general user again.


mad catz m o j m1 lightweight optical gaming mouse near me man explained customer support mex service ptt m1lightweight m1評價 m1ptt


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