mee audio m6 pro vs kz zs10 mx1 m-audio how to use m-track not working m phone allowed duo review shure se215


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amazon MEE AUDIO M6 VR reviews

mee audio m6 pro vs kz zs10 mx1 m-audio how to use m-track not working m phone allowed duo review shure se215

In the past time, you must have heard a lot about virtual reality space and Metaverse developed by Meta (Facebook’s parent company). All these technologies help us entertain, work, and study in a New World, in which humans are replaced by virtual characters, the connectivity is much stronger than in real life. To enjoy these new apps, you’ll need a VR headset!

Catching this taste, American audio company MEE audio announced the M6 ​​VR pair – designed for Oculus virtual reality headsets and can even be “multipurpose” for other gaming devices!

In the box of M6 VR besides the familiar white and black tones of MEE, we can also add red! Right from the box, we can see what the purpose of this headset is, it is for virtual reality glasses.

Inside is the user manual, a zippered case, a replacement wire, and a special accessory to tighten the headset wire to the VR headset.

Along with that are 5 rubber buffers. Aimed at active use, the M6 VR comes with quite a few 2- and 3-layer cushions, going deeper into the listener’s ears.

Right from the opening of the box, we have seen the special feature of the M6 VR that the wire of this pair of headphones is only about 70cm long, much shorter than the 1.2 and 1.3m lengths of conventional headphones. This length is designed to fit Oculus 1 and 2 glasses, without tangles.

Near the splitter, there is even a connection part, which makes it easy to remove the wire from the glass.

If you have not yet figured out how the M6 VR will attach to the glasses, you can refer to the image below. As you can see, the headset is almost hugging the wireframe and connecting the wire of the glasses, not superfluous at all. This is a huge advantage over using conventional headsets, the extra wires are annoying and even dangerous when operating in the VR space.

So what about when you don’t use VR glasses, is the M6 VR still useful? The answer is that this pair of headphones can still be used with any device, from smartphones, tablets, and laptops to game consoles such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PS4 Pro by changing the connection wire.

The cord provided by the company in the box is a cord with a normal length of 1.3m, replacing the headset with a pin that has been used by MEE for a long time.

On the wire is also connected a microphone to chat with teammates in the game, used to study and work online or record voice. Simply put, from a pair of headsets designed for VR glasses, the M6 VR can “turn” into a pair of regular headsets, used in a versatile way!

Talking too much about the “wire” problem, we will move on to another component of the headset, the ear tuber. The M6 VR is made of transparent plastic, a “specialty” of MEE audio in general and the M6 series in particular. We can see the electronic components inside, the most important being the pair of Dynamic 9mm drivers.

Both VR wires usually have a steel ear hook, which helps you wear the headset more firmly and if you remove the headset from your ear, it will not fall.

So what about the sound quality of these headphones? Overall, the M6 VR follows the direction of MEE Audio’s all-too-familiar stereophonic sound set forth from the early days, but there are changes to be more suitable for use with VR glasses and playing purposes other games. The difference is that the soundstage of the ears is made better, with the sounds being stretched more to both sides so you can hear the sounds in the 3-D space of virtual reality clearly or know the sound exactly of the opponent in the shooting game.

The sound expansion does not affect the sound quality when listening to music, because the audio components of the M6 ​​VR are still bold and thick, especially the bass and mid. Bass has an abundant amount, every time it plays, it creates pressure on the listener’s ears, there is a slight tail tug but does not cause dizziness. I enjoy listening to M6 VR with a bit of vibrant music, there are quality bass drops like Astronomia by Vicetone ft Tony Igy for example!

The mid-part is similar to the bass, has a thick thickness, and carries a sweet and easy-to-listen characteristic of MEE. John Mayer’s voice in New Light is very easy to listen to and feels comfortable and true to the nature of this song. Female vocals will perform a bit “softer” because the high-mid is not as strong as the low-mid, which will suit soft jazz and ballad vocalists.

What the M6 VR can do better is in the treble, when this strip does not have too much, the brightness is only moderate. It is very difficult for a pair of headphones in the price range of less than $50 to be able to do all the sound ranges well, which is probably understandable.

More versatile than people think

Reading the word “VR” in the name of the M6 VR pair, people will think this is a headset only for use with VR glasses. This pair of headphones is quite versatile when used with other gaming devices, and is not a bad pair of headphones when it comes to airy sound quality with deep bass. ! Besides, $50 is not too high a price for this pair of headphones when compared to previous MEE audio M6 generations.

where can you get a MEE AUDIO M6 VR online

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mee audio m6 pro vs kz zs10 mx1 m-audio how to use m-track not working m phone allowed duo review shure se215


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