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Metro: Last Light – The world “post-apocalypse” has always been an attractive topic for entertainers, especially games.

There have been many games following this theme and much resounding success, typically the famous Fallout game series for a while.

However, to properly portray this world, not only by “appearance” (image) but also in gameplay and especially in terms of feel, there is almost no game at the moment. This is comparable to Metro 2033 (2010), developed by 4A Games from Ukraine.

The second part, Metro: Last Light, released (May 14, 2013) continues to maintain its advantage: giving players a thick taste of the “post-apocalyptic” era when covered a gloomy, atmosphere, bringing a feeling of constriction and pent-up when playing, which is extremely rare in games with the same theme today.

Contents Metro: Last Light, as well as part one, is set in the “post-apocalyptic” world – the consequences of a nuclear war of destruction.

To survive, humanity is forced to migrate down to subway stations (called “metro”) deep underground.

It is the choice of this murky place as the setting that has brought a creepy, spoiled atmosphere for game developers to “imagine” all kinds of “torturing” players’ psychology.

These could be empty deep tunnels, where one knows what’s lurking, stalking, headless, tailed tales that increase curiosity, or surprise raids can be people, maybe things that no one wants to face …

With Metro: Last Light, things do not stop there, but also in a place where we take the danger lightly: the ground.

The game succeeds in creating a heavy, compressed atmosphere through the selection of places that stimulate curiosity, fear, create a sense of challenge, the thrill when faced with danger.

The real challenge of the second part is… above the ground, where a real “ranger” has the courage to survive.

Although in Metro 2033 (part one) players have the opportunity to “go to the ground” but not yet absorbed anywhere compared to this second part.

From abandoned buildings, filled with trapped souls to slippery swamps – the realm of oversized monsters, they always stalk and wait for the moment the player makes a mistake the mistake is to jump right in to enjoy the “meal”!

Besides, radioactive grounds and fragile ice sheets are also deadly “traps” that few people pay attention to.

They don’t kill you right away but will give the monsters a chance to attack while you struggle, trying to escape.

The game succeeds in creating a heavy, compressed atmosphere through the selection of places that stimulate curiosity, fear, create a sense of challenge, the thrill when faced with danger.

Only with intelligence and assertiveness will players have a chance to overcome the harsh “nature” of Metro!

In this sequel, players have almost total discretion in deciding how to play.

You can become a “Rambo”, rushing into danger with weapons in hand and sweeping everything against you.

Or become the “ghost” of Metro, move in the dark, help out people in distress, and never get involved in conflicts of other factions.

In general, each way of playing has a different difficulty, but according to the writer, to “enjoy” all the beauty of Metro, we should play in a hidden way.

First, the ammunition in the game is extremely limited, at the hardest level (Ranger Hardcore), surviving jumping into a group of shooters is very difficult and sometimes almost impossible!

Second, by approaching undetected objects, you will overhear interesting information happening in Metro and secret storage locations.

One of the impressions of the Metro series is the way the developers design weapons.

All of the weapons in Metro: Last Light are homemade, so they carry the same mechanism and differ from modern weapons.

For example, submachine guns with magazine cartridges are designed from… simple iron bars welded together, the magazine is mounted horizontally on the gun body, making it easier to control bullets.

Besides, there are also pneumatic guns suitable for covert operations.

In the game, you will use bullets to … buy and sell.

There are two types of ammunition: poor quality homemade ammunition and military-grade special ammunition.

Players will use military ammo to buy and sell weapons, homemade ammunition, etc.

In some cases where players run out of ammo or encounter “boss”, bringing out military ammunition “firefighting” is also a quite useful tactic because military ammo is almost 2 times stronger than the ammunition processing.

Besides, to satisfy the “thirst” of gunmen, the supplier has added the ability to upgrade guns.

They’re just small improvements, but sometimes it’s the big difference between smooth, safe or risky, smooth overcoming.

There have been many times the writer had to say to himself, “I know that I can upgrade the AK gun with the silencer to “smooth out” that gate guard!”.

The point “not satisfied” when playing Metro: Last Light is that the animation of the character while fighting is sometimes lacking logic and quite awkward!

In some cases, if the player goes ahead of the “scenario” the following character will act quite funny, like repeatedly turning away, going back one point to wait for the player to take a position.

At the same time, the facial expression simulation is also very rigid, making the characters look like “soulless” guys.

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