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amazon SOMIC MS300 reviews


Every sound company today wants to compete well; they must find their strengths and do well that strength. With SOMIC, those are versatile headsets under $90, offering usability in all cases at a price range for everyone. The latest pair of SOMIC MS300 headphones clearly shows this, becoming a ‘hot’ pair of headphones shortly that you should be very interested in!

The box is made of cardboard, and it seems that the company has also learned from experience and designed it simpler than previous products, leaving only the most basic information.

Although it is an Over-ear headset, the MS300’s accessories are quite complete, including a micro USB charging cord (a drawback that is also worth mentioning because most pairs of wireless headphones on the market have switched to wireless headphones USB Type-C). 3.5mm cord to listen to wired music, especially the pink version, has two more cute plastic cat ears.

These two cat ears have straps for users to self-install into the headset frame, and if they do not want to use it, it is also very easy to remove. This detail is probably borrowed from the company’s G951 pair, a pair of gaming headsets that many women have also trusted because of the unique cat ear design. For men, there will still be two basic color versions, black and white, with more prominent patterns, so they look much more masculine.

As a pair of wireless, over-ear headphones with a resale price of just under $90, of course, the MS300 will not have the ‘top-notch’ finishing quality! The whole body of the headset, including the cups and the frame, is made of plastic, so when using it, the user also needs to be more gentle, should not be thrown like a pair of headphones with metal components. The advantage here is that the MS300 is extremely light in weight; sometimes, wearing it on my head still feels like I’m not wearing anything.

The ear cushions are also made of imitation leather, not real leather, so it is slightly stiffer and less hugging with the listener’s head form. But as mentioned above, due to its lightweight, the MS300 always feels comfortable and pleasant.

All ports and buttons of the MS300 are moved to the left, with the connection port being micro USB charging and 3.5mm for listening to wired music.

The headset buttons include 2 volume up and down buttons (long press to switch tracks) and a stop/play button cum power button – all simple and easy to understand.

Two factors that manufacturers often overlook in cheap wireless headphones are connectivity and battery life, which SOMIC turns into the strengths of the MS300 pair. Instead of using Bluetooth 4, this pair of headphones has switched to Bluetooth 5.0 to ensure that watching movies, playing games, and learning online on mobile devices is always smooth, without any lag. That is an important factor with wireless headphones, especially from a company specializing in gaming and multimedia headsets like SOMIC.

What impresses me even more, is the duration of use of this pair of headphones. Built-in a battery capacity of up to 1000mAh, MS300 gives users 72 hours of use! Yes, 72 hours means three days of playing music continuously without stopping at all, surpassing even the major sound companies that usually stop at the threshold of 40-50 hours only. With a mixture of wired and wireless, you can safely use the MS300 for weeks without worrying about running out of battery!

The point that also makes me very worried about the MS300 is the sound quality because, in the past, SOMIC had quite a few pairs of headphones tuned for gaming but not suitable for listening to music. For the MS300, it’s very fortunate that this did not happen, even this is not a bad music player at all in the price range of $90.

The sound quality of the MS300 can be described as a gentle V-shape when the first and last two bands of bass and treble are pushed harder than the midrange in the middle. The bass has a slightly higher volume than the average, pressing more on the mid-bass than the sub-bass, so it is more punchy than roaring into the background. In Avicii’s The Nights, although the drum sound is stronger than average, it hits at one point, hits and bounces, not sloppy, annoying like pairs with more sub-bass. Because of this property, the MS300’s background is also cleaner so that the tonal bands appear naturally on it.

As mentioned above, the sound quality of the MS300 is only a gentle V-shape, so the mid part is not as ‘estranged’ as the heavier V-shape headphones. The singer’s voice through the MS300’s performance is not colorful, simple, and natural enough. I want the company to do better in the thickness of this strip because sometimes listening to already thin female vocalists like Aurora won’t have much “thick.” We can correct this by increasing the low-mid part of the EQ; the overall singer’s voice will be thicker and darker, more suitable for listening to vocal music.

As a bonus, the V-shape sound quality also needs the treble to be brightened. The good thing about the treble on the MS300 is that it’s like the bass; it’s only pushed up to a certain level, not made ‘excessive’ to create an unpleasant element in the sound. I never felt that the treble was too strong, causing sibilance; it was bright enough but still in harmony with other tonal bands.

There are trade-offs, but acceptable.

Located at a price that has not touched the threshold of $90 with integrated Bluetooth 5.0, it is difficult for the MS300 to have the best finishing. Users will have to make a trade-off about the quality of the outer case and accept the need to reuse the micro USB port instead of the new USB Type-C.

In contrast, other points such as battery life, the ‘cute’ of the pink version, comfort, and sound quality are guaranteed. That will be a pair of ‘all in 1’ headphones in a cheap price range that everyone is interested in when listening to music, playing games, watching movies, and learning online for smartphones, tablets, and computers.

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