Tearaway Unfolded

Tearaway Unfolded

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Tearaway Unfolded

PS Vita users probably know more or less the original version of Tearaway, which is quite famous, sold about 600,000 copies worldwide, along with many important awards such as Best Mobile & Handheld Game, Best Artistic Achievement, and Best Family Game.

And recently, Media Molecule decided to bring Tearaway to the powerful PS4, with the new name Tearaway Unfolded. According to Media Molecule, this is not just a regular “remaster”, but Tearaway Unfolded brings in itself almost comprehensive changes: from using almost 100% of the functionality of the PS4 controller to adding Tighten up to 50% of new game content.

Coming to Tearaway Unfolded, you will be surprised when the game uses almost 100% of the PS4 controller to create unique gameplay, but equally familiar and extremely attractive. So why does the writer think that Tearaway Unfolded has unique gameplay?

As the writer said above, the game using almost all the features of the controller is the biggest bright spot when those features are extremely powerful support, helping our character Atoi to overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, find your way, and battle the Scraps box monsters.

For example, when the player presses the R2 or L2 button, immediately on the TV screen will display the PS4 controller light, helping Atoi to see the way to avoid falling, or manipulate the light itself to example box monsters that help Atoi fight back.

Even the PS4 controller’s front-facing touchpad has been fully utilized by Tearaway Unfolded, by creating a gust of wind as the player swipes sideways, helping Atoi complete a few side quests as well as increasing combat abilities, push the box monsters down the cliff if the timing is right. Not to mention that players can use this touchpad to draw (but not very effective).

Besides, Tearaway Unfolded introduces many other features that will appear alternately during gameplay. Not only are these features useful in terms of solving puzzles, navigating, or assisting Atoi in battle, but they also interact directly with the world around them.

The gameplay of Tearaway Unfolded is meticulously designed, harmonious and balanced from easy to difficult, sometimes the game requires dexterity and precision.

Throughout the game, there will be a few levels of gameplay that require both moving and pressing the X – O – Square – Triangle buttons at the right time, combined with illumination or “flickering” so that players can The side quests and other features of the game are also quite diverse: from taking the photo mode to capturing “NPCs” (minor characters) or objects lose color (to unlock some objects that players can assemble in real life), or simply take pictures and show them off to friends around the world through the channel “tearaway.me” (a personal page contains pictures and assembly models that the player finds in the game).

Players can also use the touchpad or a “companion app” support application (a small app to be a second screen through the Sony PlayStation app) for the phone to draw and take pictures (taking a selfie. or normal shooting), then “apply” to the surface of the object and NPC … Even players can collect items in the game screen to sell … to have money to buy more decorations or effects take more “luxurious” photos.

It can be said that Tearaway Unfolded is an exclusive game with the most unique and unique graphic style on the PS4 system today. Every detail in the game is like a “stop motion” cartoon movie when combining paper materials with vivid colors that are somewhat retro in color, creating a magnificent “visual party” in the eyes of players.

From small details such as rippling water surfaces, to majestic mountains or the flowers being shined by the player’s light, they are extremely shimmering, rustic and funny. Not to mention the creation of Atoi (male and female) as well as NPCs, the monsters throughout the game’s journey are very funny, cute and lovely.

Tearaway Unfolded also does a great job in placing dynamic lighting and shadow effects, making the already beautiful graphics even more eye-catching with more majestic and creative scenes. It must be said that Media Molecule is very “skillful”, helping Tearaway Unfolded create a very unique art style for himself.

Not to mention the music of Tearaway Unfolded, with its bustling style, flute, trumpet, and drumming. Every time you come to a new land, the sound of the game feels like the urge to step by step is rhythmic and exciting, making players unable to stop. The distribution of sound and background music is also very meticulous, sometimes gentle, sometimes overwhelming, making the player not bored with what is happening.

Besides, the voice of Tearaway Unfolded is also very well elaborated: from the two narrators to the NPC sounds, Atoi’s voice or burp, the monster’s giggles are extremely funny and adorable. If any player has a 5.0 or higher sound system, surely, you must turn it on loud to fully enjoy the music that the game brings. The sound and background music of Tearaway Unfolded is very “happy”, contributing to the beautiful graphics, now even more sublimated.

The first downside is the game camera system when in many stages in Tearaway Unfolded, the player can “die continuously” because of the missed jump or do not know where to jump because the camera angle is too uncomfortable.

Although the writer tries to adjust the camera chop angle accordingly, just a few moments later, the game will return to the default angle, sometimes there is a “through-wall” error. Fortunately, these minor bugs do not appear much in the game.

The second downside is that the spreading of the plot of Tearaway Unfolded is not very even: sometimes it is very thrilling but sometimes it is quite boring and lengthy. Perhaps because the original Tearaway version was criticized for being a bit short, the developer Media Molecule was trying to add content to extend the storyline. But it is also a double-edged sword, making the game experience somewhat impaired, although the nature of the story still delivers an acute and humane message.

The last downside is the lag that sometimes appears and the screen load time is quite long, although the game still runs smoothly at 60 fps and Full HD resolution.

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Tearaway Unfolded – PlayStation 4: Buy it now

Tearaway Unfolded (PS4): Buy it now

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