aptx low latency gaming headphones is what support best bluetooth for under 2000 good considered are how to get a wireless can be used lowest


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Gaming headsets already have a lot of seemingly unfamiliar names. Still, they come from brands that are very close to gamers, and to clarify the list of headphones with interesting points, and Don’t wait any longer, let’s get started.

aptx low latency gaming headphones is what support best bluetooth for under 2000 good considered are how to get a wireless can be used lowest


Razer company must have been no stranger to gamers for a long time; Razer is the world’s No. 1 professional gaming accessory manufacturer from the US. In gaming, Razer has always been trusted by gamers because of the quality it brings. Even with True Wireless headphones, it is no exception. Razer has suddenly changed its direction and decided to enter the True Wireless headset market to target the headset market on mobile devices. Of course, Razer Hammerhead TrueWireless is well appreciated by users for its quality.

Let’s first evaluate the design of the Razer Hammerhead, possessing an earbuds-style design with a sound tube directed directly into the user’s ear with this design that can minimize discomfort in the long ear period of use. That is a big plus for gaming needs because it can meet wearing headphones for a long time. The tail of the headset is designed to belong, followed by placing the microphone close to the mouth position to help capture good sound for a quality conversation experience.

Next is the compact design of the charging box that opens and closes easily, with such a compact size that it will not take up too much space for the user when taking it with you.

The Razer Hammerhead headset uses a 13mm driver to provide a pretty good sound quality in its price range.

Razer Hammerhead uses Bluetooth 5.0 SBC technology, ACC connects quickly and stably. A special feature of this gaming headset is that it is equipped with an extremely low-latency connection of only 60ms, allowing synchronizing audio with the device and avoiding delay during gameplay.

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless headset for 4 hours of continuous use and combined with a charging case for 12 hours of use, charging via the very popular USB-C port today

Razer Hammerhead uses touch keys to perform actions such as playing music, pausing, skipping tracks, and answering calls.

In addition to good latency reduction, the Razer Hammerhead also has IPX4 water and sweat resistance to make it possible to use in different conditions.

Razer Hammerhead sound quality: Razer owns deep, solid bass. The treble range is sharp, and the midrange is detailed and soft.

Strengths: Razer’s strength is its good gaming ability that users always appreciate; Razer’s sound quality is also quite good in the price range HammerHead brings.

Weaknesses: Battery life is a bit low and not able to increase or decrease the volume.


With the gaming capabilities and sound quality of the Razer Hammerhead, Razer deserves a place in this ranking despite the weaknesses that the company is facing.

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With its continuous development, Remax is doing quite well with the ability to capture the psychology of users, immediately offering the latest and most recent technologies, a gaming headset with a low price relatively comfortable making it more accessible to many people. Remax TWS-30 is the gaming headset I mentioned above, integrated with its new features and technologies.

Along with the Remax, TWS-30 is designed in an in-ear with a rubber stopper to increase the passive noise immunity to avoid surrounding noises. Moreover, the design with a long tail helps bring the microphone close to the user’s mouth, increasing the conversation quality significantly.

Next is the charging dock of the TWS-30, which is designed in a hexagonal shape with rounded corners, increasing the aesthetics quite a bit, not to mention the design is equipped with LED lights that contribute to the gaming look of the product. This time by Remax and the battery percentage notification part of the charging dock makes it easy to track

Remax TWS-30 can smoothly switch between GAMING MODE and MUSIC to make it easier to adapt to different conditions of use.

The strength of the TWS-30 is the ability to independently connect each side, which helps users comfortably wear one side to talk and still participate in normal surrounding activities.

In GAMING MODE, TWS-30 offers Low Latency connectivity – minimizing delay, increasing the synchronization between picture and sound to bring the best gaming experience to users.

Remax TWS-30 headphones are equipped with 5.0 technology to help connect quickly and reduce sound loss during use.

Remax TWS-30 is equipped with touch capabilities to control the sound of receiving calls, pause music playback, switch songs, call virtual assistants, switch gaming/music modes easily and quickly.

Remax TWS-30 owns a headphone battery capacity of 40mAh, bringing the time to use Gaming mode: 3-3.5 hours and Music mode: 4.5-5 hours, with a charging dock capacity of 380mAh bringing about 3 hours charges for the headset through the common Type-C charging port.

The sound quality of the Remax TWS-30: The sound quality of the TWS-30 is quite balanced, can listen to many different genres of music, the treble and mid are quite stable, respecting the singer’s voice.

Strengths: The price range is easy to access, can be used independently, and switched to more convenient during use.

Weaknesses: Not having the ability to increase or decrease the volume


At a low price, the TWS-30 can comfortably enjoy the feeling of gaming. It is possible to experience Remax’s new technologies to make it accessible to many users at this price.

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Somic is a fairly large headphone manufacturer in China. Still, it is also quite new in the market, recently trusted by consumers because of its good quality and high durability, and at the same time has a soft price.

The Somic GX501 headset gives users a fairly simple design with quite strong and angular lines, pure design in the style of gamers. Besides, LED lights combined with an eye-catching falcon logo increase the aesthetics of a gaming product like the GX501.

The charging dock part has a relatively large battery life, so for this reason. The Somic GX501’s charging dock is a bit big compared to some headset models in the price plate, but this is still not a big problem because of the gaming design such a fashion can easily win the hearts of gamers at first sight.

With gaming support for users, the company has used good technologies to ensure the user experience, such as Bluetooth 5.0 and the relatively low latency of only about 65ms.

The Somic GX501 headset offers independent connectivity, regardless of whether the main ear is the secondary ear, allowing users to use any ear to better suit the user’s usage conditions. Combined with a mode that is smoothly switched between Gaming Mode / Music Mode, it helps optimize battery life and takes advantage of the full functionality of the headset in each mode.

Somic GX501 will allow users to control the sound through sensitive and quick touch operation, simplifying operations even for gaming or listening to music.

The sound quality of Somic GX501: The sound quality of GX501 is strong bass, mainly focusing on bass, so it feels quite heavy.

Strengths: Good battery life, stable connection, and low latency

Weaknesses: No volume up and down


The Somic GX501 has low-latency gaming capabilities and powerful bass, and a low price range.

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  1. KZ Z1 True Wireless

KZ always brings good experiences to users but offers an extremely comfortable price, easy access to everyone. With pretty good configurations in the price range and many drivers and good features, one of the products above is the KZ Z1.

KZ’s headphones always have a unique design and colors compared to other headsets in the same segment. The overall design is in-ear with an angle designed according to the user’s ear structure standards, the most comfortable wearing experience.

In terms of overall, KZ Z1 brings a pretty good finish with the company’s logo printed in the middle to help make the company’s aesthetics and uniqueness; the housing part is made quite compact. The charging box of KZ Z1 is designed in a square shape; the corners are also rounded to create a neater feeling.

KZ Z1 headphones use Bluetooth 5.0 with support for SBC and AAC codecs, providing stable connectivity within a radius of up to 10m and full audio transmission with little loss.

The Gaming mode feature helps to improve latency, enhance the synchronization between the picture and the best sound. To activate this feature, touch the ear three times in a row to use this feature

KZ Z1 True Wireless Headphones Possessing a 10mm dynamic diver, the sound is more detailed and unique, increasing the user experience.

KZ Z1 Use touch controls to control simple audio control tasks such as changing songs, pausing, receiving calls.

KZ Z1 has a battery capacity of 30mAh for up to 2 hours of use, a 400mAh Dock capacity for about 5-6 times for a pair of headphones, and uses a Micro-USB charging port.

The sound quality of KZ Z1: Bass range is strong and tight, the sound of instruments and singers is quite good.

Strengths: The design is quite eye-catching, the sound quality is quite good in the price range

Weaknesses: Poor battery life


KZ Z1 is outstanding in the price range because of its appearance and design, the use of gaming mode is quite good, but the slightly low battery life will be a problem for KZ Z1.

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  1. QCY T5 True Wireless

QCY, a brand from China, QCY has established itself in many markets and, more importantly, in the low-priced segment, QCY still offers quite good quality, which creates success for QCY.

QCY T5 headphones are designed in the form of a grip that increases the trendy style of today’s trends and is also part of the design that brings the microphone closer to the user’s mouth, helping users have clearer conversations. Besides, the lightweight of only about 4.3g provides a comfortable listening experience.

QCY T5 owns the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, supports AAC, SBC code to bring stability and fast connection.

QCY T5 headset is equipped with touch operation to simplify operations such as pausing music playback, receiving calls, transferring songs, turning on and off Gaming mode, calling virtual assistants.

The QCY T5 True Wireless features a 6mm dynamic diver with vibrant sound and enhanced details.

Possessing technology that supports Gaming Mode with 65ms latency. That is a plus point for this headset because few headphones can reduce such a significant delay at the same price range, and this price makes it quite easy to access.

Equipped with a microphone with noise-canceling DSP technology, cVc 6.0, along with the ability to listen to conversations on both ears and IPX5 waterproof technology.

And with the ability to independently connect both ears quickly and conveniently for calls.

The sound quality of QCY T5: T5 has clear mids and highs. The bass of the T5 is a bit lacking in force, it can be handled, but with EDM, it is a bit lacking.

Strengths: Cheap price range but possesses technologies that other ears in the same segment do not have, such as Gaming mode with low latency or noise-canceling microphone.

Weaknesses: Sound quality is not so good


With technology and sound quality in this price range, QCY T5 can compete with any headset in the same price segment.

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  1. Saramonic GamesMonic SR-BH60 True Wireless

Saramonic is famous for its recording microphones for video recording at a good price. It has recently entered the wireless headset market and is most noticed in the products it launches. Listening to Saramonic BH60 Gaming brings a different feeling.

Saramonic GamesMonic SR-BH60 True Wireless is a true wireless headset product line from the US; because of this, the processing and design of the BH60 are quite beautiful and somewhat more eye-catching than other headset models.

First, let’s go into the design overview. Still, the familiar in-ear design with the bass-rich headphones like the BH60, Saramonic also brings a rather fancy design with Wings Tips hooking the rim in the ear of the speaker user. On the Housing, there is an arrow icon with a bold gaming LED. With an elongated design, the microphone position of the product is placed to bring the microphone position closer to the user’s mouth, helping to capture speech.

The Saramonic GamesMonic SR-BH60 True Wireless headset possesses good sound quality and has a super-low latency of 60ms for a low-latency gaming experience.

The Saramonic SR-BH60 uses a noise-canceling DSP microphone to deliver clear, authentic conversations, minimizing ambient noise that affects users’ conversations.

SR-BH60 provides up to 7 hours of music playback and 6 hours of gaming use – When used at 50% volume, combined with the charging case provides 17 hours of total usage time. About 24 hours of use through today’s popular Type-C charging port.

Use touch operations to use tasks such as taking calls, temporarily playing music, switching songs, and gaming mode with ease.

In addition to Gaming, Saramonic SR-BH60 can be used for sports with IPX5 waterproof standards. Users will completely enjoy the experience without worrying in wet environments.

Owning a fast and stable Bluetooth 5.0 SBC / AAC connection provides two easy modes to switch mono/stereo for more convenient use.

The sound quality of Saramonic SR-BH60: Equipped with an 8mm driver to enhance bass, reproduce accurate position, bring a powerful Bass experience.

Strengths: The Saramonic SR-BH60 can easily perform tasks with its long battery life, noise-canceling microphone.

Weaknesses: No volume up or down


Although it has just entered the Bluetooth headset market, the Saramonic SR-BH60 has done what few headphones can and deserves a foothold in the current headphone market, even though the price range is a bit high.


With a review of the best gaming models for gamers of the past year, find out your needs to find the headset that can help you during intense matches and entertain the most demanding players when not playing games.

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