The Witch and the Hundred Knight

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Talking about the Japanese role-playing game series, surely no one knows Nippon Ichi Software (NIS), famous for its attractive and unique titles such as Disgaea, Phantom Brave, Makai Kingdom.

That is why the fact that this veteran company has embarked on the action role-playing game genre has caused a lot of curiosity from the fan.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight is promised not only to give gamers deep gameplay but also to own a new storyline, beyond the familiar motifs of games on the market today. Are the above things completely correct?

In The Witch and the Hundred Knight, you will play the role of Hundred Knight, an ancient evil force summoned by the swampy witch Metallia. With the ambition to dominate the world, Metallia used you as a tool to conquer other wizarding domains.

Despite its cartoon style and witty music like a fairy tale, the plot of The Witch and the Hundred Knight is quite “dark”. Metallia is a very brutal witch, willing to destroy any creature that gets in her way.

And yet, she is also willing to turn her enemy into a toy. There are even many scenes where players will feel The Witch and the Hundred Knight is completely… not suitable for the teenage age ratings given by ESRB.

However, not so much that The Witch and the Hundred Knight make the player fear. Nippon Ichi has quite successfully combined marbles and humor, making Metallia’s “torture” scenes comical and full of sarcasm.

Besides, the developer did not forget to mix answers and mysteries throughout the game screen. The more you end the game, the easier it is to notice a change in the witch’s personality. And depending on your actions, The Witch and the Hundred Knight will have different endings. This contributes to motivating players to continue the journey.

The plot of The Witch and the Hundred Knight is indeed like a new wind, allowing players to experience through the perspective of a true villain, different from the countless genres of heroes that save the world on the market today.

Unique gameplay

Despite possessing a formidable strength (self-proclaimed by Metallia), our sorceress cannot leave her swamp for more than… three steps! That’s why to serve Metallia’s hegemonic ambitions, you must find ways to destroy the magic pillars, to release the poisonous gas that creates the swamp. It is worth mentioning that these pillars are in the protection of other powers of witchcraft, so it is inevitable that you have to encounter them.

Although in an action role-playing style (like Diablo, Torchlight), The Witch and the Hundred Knight possesses an extremely unique combat system. Originally a spirit residing in another world, Hundred Knight could only escape Metallia’s control for a certain amount of time.

If you exceed the specified time, your strength and health will gradually decrease to zero and then die. That is why in each level of play, you have to destroy the enemy because once you die, you will lose all the items you collect and only get half the points experience.

It may seem difficult at first glance, but Nippon Ichi did not forget to equip the player with some tools to aid in completing the quest. The first is the magic pillars, each pillar in the game not only serves as a service to Metallia but also acts as a portal to help Hundred Knight return home to restore energy and time.

You can also use these pillars to “temporarily” upgrade character stats, make the game easier, or “swallow” enemies to increase the time limit when fighting with them … Besides, the more enemies you destroy, the more you have a chance to get more attractive equipment.

The world of The Witch and the Hundred Knight is designed varied, stretching from swamps, wild forests to the hot desert. Each screen of The Witch and the Hundred Knight is also designed with countless nooks, mysterious boxes, or villages, enough for you to discover.

The enemies in the game not only have different skills and fighting styles but also have their resistance to each weapon. There are monsters that you can only defeat with a wand, others that must use a sledgehammer to defeat them. That’s why choosing the right weapon for each screen is necessary.

Also, at the end of each game screen appears a boss with different skills and weaknesses to force you to constantly change tactics. Destroying these bosses not only gives you experience but also adds special Tochka skills, serving to explore the next level of play.

Therefore, the developer has added a new “combo” mechanism with Facet masks with many distinct features, Hundred Knight can equip himself with 5 weapons and 3 types of Facets. (1 main and 2 subs) at the same time, creating countless combos for players to choose from.

You can even combine weapons to create a combo that can defeat any enemy. The factors mentioned above contribute to reducing boredom after playing for a long time.

It can be said that the sound is a bright spot for the game. For Japanese-origin games, English-language character voices often have poor quality compared to Japanese.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight is another story, the voice actors have performed their roles very well. They have been successful in expressing the charisma of each character, from the merciless but quite … childish bog-wicked witch Metallia to the butler Arlecchino who always hides her intentions behind her gentle expression.

Thanks to that, the dialogue of the game becomes less boring, enticing players to follow up to know what happens next. The sound part of the game is also carefully detailed, clearly showing each collision between weapons and monsters, as well as the screams of enemies.

The music in The Witch and the Hundred Knight is out of criticism. Not only does it very well in the bizarre, mysterious nature of the magical world with ancient witches, The Witch and the Hundred Knight also owns a myriad of epic and passionate songs Part that immerses gamers in the main storyline.

Capital only focuses on 2D graphics games, Nippon Ichi has “revealed” quite a lot of weaknesses when stepping on 3D graphics with The Witch and the Hundred Knight. Although the combat effects and magic in the game are quite eye-catching, the character model lacks the details and coarse, like the 3D games from more than a decade ago.

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The surroundings are also lacking in highlights, not making many impressions on the players. The cutscenes, although taking place often, but are shown discrete, always interrupt the player’s battle circuit.

Although there is a top-down perspective similar to action role-playing games, the development company adds in The Witch and the Hundred Knight a variety of decorations such as trees, houses that obscure the view, making Observing game developments is extremely difficult.

The control panel of The Witch and the Hundred Knight is also quite confusing with too many details on the screen, especially in the object’s status notification system. Each of your attacks comes with a line of damage.

Worse yet, the monsters had a message to announce each time they counterattack. This causes the screen of The Witch and the Hundred Knight to always be full of words whenever many enemies appear and you are “beaten” unjustly.

Despite possessing varied and complex gameplay, The Witch and the Hundred Knight has an extremely lousy player guide system. To start the game, you must complete the tutorial level which lasts more than… 30 minutes!

Not only possessing discrete dialogs, but this game only guides the extremely basic things that almost anyone who has played through an action game knows.

The idea of ​​completing this tutorial, players will master the entire gameplay, then Nippon Ichi “throws” in its countless functions for you to tinker with. It takes many hours, the writer can grasp how to slow down time, upgrade weapons, increase properties, and the combo system of the game.

And that “learning” period included countless “negligent” deaths just because starting from the third level, the monsters suddenly became much stronger with malicious attacks. They are even more difficult than the boss battles in each game scene.

Not only gives gamers a lot of features that increase the tactics such as the time limit system, Tochka skills, Nippon Ichi also brings in The Witch and the Hundred Knight some extremely … annoying elements!

Typically in the collection mechanism. At the start of the game, the player’s inventory can be said to be very small and you cannot throw away any items once you put them inside. The toy scattered across the map appears only as red squares and is only able to tell after the player has picked it up.

And yet, every time you “absorb” the enemy, you not only increase the specified amount of time but also “steal” countless “garbage” in their body. Therefore, sooner or later your inventory will be filled with “trash”.

Items you pick up can only be used after bringing them home, and they are easily destroyed if you are knocked out on the battlefield. That is why to immediately use genuine weapons, as well as empty the inventory, players are forced to return home often while on the way to doing missions.

This becomes even more annoying on some levels with many complex nooks and crannies.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight’s combo system at first glance is quite interesting, but they are simply a set of basic attacks of many different weapons.

Similar to other role-playing games, each time you have a dialogue with the characters, the game gives you four options to answer: agree, deny, ignore, or question. Depending on your choice, these characters will have different reactions.

However, these selections have nothing to do with the game’s plot. It is these shortcomings that have made the playing time unnecessarily long and made many gamers discouraged, giving up.

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