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Top 5 convenient orange juice extractors for housewives

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With the advent of convenient orange juice extractors, enjoying a refreshing glass of orange juice will no longer cost you a lot of effort. The product line is manufactured with many different brands and categories, giving people a variety of choices. But not everyone knows how to choose for themselves the best orange juice extractors. So I would like to share with you some important information to make it easier to choose orange juice extractors.

What are orange juice extractors?

An orange juice extractor is a household appliance made up of two main parts, including the extractor’s motor and the juice dispenser. Inside the engine will be mounted spindle automatically close pressed in circular trajectory when subjected to impact. Underneath the engine is a water tank made from many different materials.

In addition, the extractor structure includes the extractor cylinder adjacent to the orange. Machine parts often carry an extraction design to make the water extraction process easier and more efficient.

The reason to use an orange juice extractor

As we all know, orange juice offers many different uses for health. So squeezing and drinking orange juice every day is what doctors recommend. Understanding that demand, many brands have launched orange juice extractors to serve customers.

Instead of having to manually squeeze orange juice, using an orange juice extractor offers the following benefits:

I. Orange juice extractor reduces waste

Normally, the use of hands to squeeze oranges makes it a lot of work. I have used up all of the power but still can not squeeze out the amount of water inside the orange. However, everything has changed since I bought myself an orange juice extractor at home. Almost 100% of the juice in orange is squeezed clean. That helps me minimize unnecessary waste.

II. 100% orange juice extractor machine

Using your hands to squeeze oranges will cause the essential oil from the peel inside to blend into the juice. Evidence is that when drinking orange juice squeezed by hand, you will feel the bitterness mixed with sweetness. But for those glasses of orange juice extractor by machine, orange juice is extremely sweet because there is no oil from the peel.

III. Orange juice extractor saves time

If it takes you up to 10 minutes to squeeze the juice manually, using an orange juice extractor may only cost you about 3 minutes, especially when people do not need to use a spoon to remove the orange seeds mixed in the water.

Classification of orange juice extractor on the market

Like many other household appliances, an orange extractor is also produced in many different categories. When I first bought an orange juice extractor machine at electronics stores, I was very surprised at the variety of product lines. But according to my observation, orange juice extractor is usually classified based on the structural characteristics of the product line. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose to buy one of the following three types of extractors:

A. Manual squeezer

Products are usually manufactured from plastic or stainless steel. The top of the orange extractor is also equipped with a rotating motor, but it is started manually without electricity. Due to the relatively simple structure, manual orange extractors usually cost about $2 to $5.

B. Small capacity electric orange juice extractor

If you do not want to spend a lot of effort squeezing orange juice, an electric juice extractor with a small capacity can be an ideal choice. In my experience, I feel the electric orange extractor is quite ergonomic.

The use of an electric motor instead of a manual grater makes orange juice cleaner and more hygienic. I no longer feel tired when choosing products to use at home.

C. Large capacity electric orange juice extractor

Compared with a small capacity electric orange juice extractor, the product is equipped with a large capacity for continuous squeezing. This machine has a size superior to the above types of orange juice extractors. I often choose to buy a large-capacity orange juice extractor for my beverage store.

Criteria to choose to buy an orange extractor

To find an orange juice extractor for your home or business, you can head to the home appliance sales showroom. But people need to know how to choose to buy products according to many quality criteria, to ensure performance for the product line.

With the experience of choosing to buy an orange juice extractor for my beverage store system, I recommend you to purchase products according to the following criteria:

  • An orange juice extractor is made from safe materials

One of the first important issues that people need to pay attention to when choosing to buy an orange juice extractor is producing the product. In addition to all kinds of plastic extractors, there is also stainless steel orange juice extractor. It is best to choose an orange juice extractor made from safe materials and does not contain toxins. Typically, the type of orange juice extractor with PP or ABS plastic is not harmful to user health.

  • Buy orange juice extractors from big brands.

Walking around the shops selling orange juice extractors, you will surely be dazzled by many brands of squeezers. I also had the same feeling when I first bought the product for myself. In this case, my advice to you is to rely on the extractor to reputable brands such as Philips, Pensonic, and Braun. Because big brands often ensure quality standards under the general regulations.

  • Select the orange juice extractor with the right capacity

For electric orange juice extractors, each product line will be equipped with a different set of power. If you are looking for a cam extractor for the family, everyone can choose a small capacity product with a capacity of less than 1 liter. But if you are looking for an orange juice extractor to serve your business, a large-capacity product 1-liter might be the better choice.

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Top 5 best orange juice extractors for families

1. Kenwood JE 290

– Luxurious design with a lid to help ensure hygiene.

– The extractor has a large capacity of 1 liter.

– 40W large engine motor but operates quietly without noise.

– Materials for high-class manufacturing extractors, safety, and health

The first product I would like to recommend to you is Kenwood JE 290. The biggest advantage of the orange extractor lies in the extremely large storage capacity of about 1 liter. This machine is equipped with a large capacity of up to 40W, so it is good for many restaurants.

I am quite satisfied with the mechanism to control the speed and noise of Kenwood JE 290. I almost did not hear the loud noise when I turned on the switch.

Like other high-end products, Kenwood JE 290 cam extractor is made from lightweight ABS material with high safety standards. The product has a good bearing capacity and easily removable for cleaning. Combined with the lid design, Kenwood JE 290 is not splashed out and ensures the quality of drinking.

The point that makes me most dissatisfied when using the product for my cafe is the orange juice extractor without reversing mechanism, and the selling price is quite high.

where can you get a Kenwood JE 290 online

Kenwood PER 290 True Series/Zitruspresse/1.0 liters {litres}/high-Grade Steel sieve/60 watt/White: Buy it nowir?t=biarevie 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B0036DDGLI Your View Your Choice

2. Philips HR 2738

– Beautifully designed neat squeezer with size 18.25 x 18 x 17.5mm.

– Powerful extractor motor with 25W of power.

– Philips extractor is made from safe ABS material, easy to clean and use.

– The price is cheap, affordable.

The Philips HR 2738 orange juice extractors are the first brand I use. Philips is a popular brand with product lines such as blender, rice cooker, hairdryer, etc. In addition, Philips orange juice extractor series is also quite familiar to Asian users. Products from European brands are appreciated by me for a neat design with dimensions of 1825 x 180 x 175mm. The motor of the extractor is extremely powerful thanks to its high power of 25W.

You need to press the button, the machine will be started, and the rotation will take place very quickly. What I like most is the orange juice extractor made from high-quality ABS plastic. One of the materials meets European safety standards.

Unlike other cheap models on the market, the Philips HR 2738 orange extractor has a power cord integrated inside the case details. That ensures a high level of security. At the same time make the cleaning process easier.

Up to this point, orange juice extractor Philips HR 2738 is quite cheap and affordable.

But the point that makes me unhappy with the product is the capacity of the orange juice tank is too small, only 0.5 liters. Moreover, the device’s design has no lid, and the wiring part is also very short. The retracting head has no automatic reversing mechanism to save maximum effort.

where can you get a Philips HR 2738 online

3. Lock & Lock EJJ231

– Design of compact extractor with convenient lid.

– The product is made of high-quality ABS material, so it is safe for health.

– Set of powerful motors should be up to 40W

Lock & Lock is no stranger to Asian people with great product lines such as a thermos. In addition, the orange juice extractor series also makes you pay attention.

Lock & Lock EJJ231 orange juice extractor is quite cheap. But the great thing I find in this product line is the powerful motor with a capacity of up to 40W. Luxurious spin design and ensure safety and hygiene when equipped with lids.

In terms of the capacity of the orange juice extractor, I have a higher appreciation of the Chinese orange juice extractor. The product has a water tank with a total of up to 700ml. Materials for the production of the extractor are high-class PP and ABS plastic. Lock & Lock EJJ231 orange juice extractor does not harm user health.

However, the warranty period of orange juice extractors is usually quite short and only about 12 months. Compared with European extractors, the warranty period of Chinese orange extractors is the only ½. Another minus point is that the product has no self-reversing mechanism.

where can you get a Lock & Lock EJJ231 online

4. Braun CJ 3000

– Luxurious, modern, and easy to disassemble machine design.

– Equipped with an automatic motor and orange seed removal mechanism.

– Simple controller is easy to use.

– Safe, durable material production machine.

Braun CJ 3000 orange juice extractor from Germany is equipped with an intelligent motor that helps the orange juice be 100% pure squeezed. The product supports users to remove all orange seeds.

Especially the compact extractor design with dimensions of 170 x 165 x 170mm. The product is removable, so it is easy to clean. The motor controller possesses a simple interface that is easy to see, so it is easy to use. In general, I realize that the German orange juice extractor looks luxurious and quite modern. The product line comprises high-quality ABS plastic material with good bearing capacity and very safe for health.

But the minus point of the product line is that the tank capacity is too small and only 350ml. Compared to other models, Braun CJ 3000 orange juice extractor has only 20W motor power.

where can you get a Braun CJ 3000 online

5. Pensonic PJ-101

– Neat and handy machine design.

– Powerful motor with a capacity of 40W.

– The product owns a 2-way automatic motor.

– The extractor is made from durable and safe ABS plastic.

Up to the present time, Pensonic PJ-101 orange juice extractor can be considered as a machine with a large storage capacity of 1.2l. Although the product has a compact design with 175 x 180 x 240mm dimensions, the engine inside is extremely powerful. Accordingly, the motor has a capacity of up to 40W to squeeze continuously for many hours.

Another great thing is the cam extractor owns a 2-way rotation motor with two handy squeezing heads. Combined with a non-slip design, it helps you not slip when squeezing oranges. Everyone can also easily clean the extractor thanks to the smart, handy disassemble design. Products made from safe ABS plastic materials.

However, Pensonic PJ-101 orange juice extractor still has a major drawback in that the product does not have a self-reversing feature, and the outer shell is not transparent. The tray is not equipped with bearing rings inside the filter, so it is easy to break.

where can you get a Pensonic PJ-101 online

Which type of orange juice extractor should you choose?

After many years of using different orange juice extractors, I still feel the most satisfied with the Kenwood JE 290 series. Despite the high price, the product quality is excellent. The imported orange extractor conquered me by the outstanding advantages such as:
– Regarding design: Luxurious and tidy with dimensions of only 160 x 212 x 219mm. A wringer with a lid helps to ensure cleanliness.
– About feature: The extractor is equipped with a powerful motor of up to 40W for 100% clean squeezing ability. Comes with it is a large tank capacity that can hold up to 1 liter of orange juice. The product is suitable for both family and business use.
– Production materials: High-quality ABS plastic has good durability and is very safe for health.


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