Top 8 smart watches worth buying at the moment

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Industrial Revolution 4.0 has changed many things. Human needs are also in great need of modern technological equipment. Wristwatches have also become more convenient, not only for telling the time, but now they have become no different from smartphones.

Therefore, the smart watches worth buying today have been sought after by many users in recent times

Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch

The Apple Watch series 7 has a slightly larger screen size than the 5.6 series with 45mm instead of 44mm and 41 instead of 40mm for the small version. However, its 4 edges will be difficult to see when in use

Thanks to the larger screen compared to previous generations, it will make it easier to operate when in use.

For this 7th generation, the new watch faces are Modular and Contour. I like the Modular Duo watch face better because it helps display 2 information on the chart

In this Series 7 version, I still don’t feel a big change in design, as the CPU also reuses that of Series 6.

And its price is also a bit expensive compared to other smart watches

Screen technologyOLED
Screen size1.57 inch
Resolution324 x 394 pixels
Face materialIon-X strengthened glass
Frame materialAluminum
Wire materialSilicone
Battery usage timeAbout 1.5 days
Charging timeAbout 2 hours
Battery capacity265.9 mAh

Garmin Venu 2 Plus smartwatch

The Garmin Venu 2 Plus smartwatch has had a huge change, including voice assistant support and calling on the wrist.

I became a fan of venu because the 43mm size of Venu 2 Plus is great. It looks cute on both large and small wrists, so don’t worry too much about sizing.

A small note for you when choosing to buy is about design. The case of the Venu 2 Plus is made primarily of polycarbonate like the Venu 2 although it now has a stainless steel back. This makes the device feel more premium and helps bring down that high price a bit

Garmin Venu 2 Plus, GPS Smartwatch with Call and Text, Advanced Health Monitoring and Fitness Features, Silver with Gray Band: Buy it now

Garmin Venu 2 Plus, GPS Smartwatch with Call and Text, Advanced Health Monitoring and Fitness Features, Slate with Black Band: Buy it now

Screen technologyAMOLED
Screen size1.3 inch
Resolution416 x 416 pixels
Face materialGorilla Glass 3
Frame materialStainless Steel
Wire materialSilicone
Battery usage timeAbout 10 days (battery saving mode) About 8 hours (GPS and music mode) About 9 days (smart watch mode)
Charging timeAbout 1.5 hours
Battery capacityNot announce it

Garmin Forerunner 945 Smart Watch

Forerunner 945 is a smart watch aimed at sports users. The Forerunner 945’s screen cover uses Corning Gorilla Glass DX instead of regular glass like the 935, so it is resistant and extremely durable.

The interface on Forerunner is newly designed with new icons and extremely detailed information

Regarding the connection between bluetooth and the headset of the Garmin Forerunner 945 smart watch, there are many errors in connecting the device to the headset, which is very difficult, especially the connection is very unstable when used. I found that Forerunner is not fully compatible with different headphone devices.

Garmin 010-02063-00 Forerunner 945, Premium GPS Running/Triathlon Smartwatch with Music, Black: Buy it now

Garmin Forerunner 945 Bundle, Premium GPS Running/Triathlon Smartwatch with Music, Blue: Buy it now

Screen technologyMIP
Screen size1.2 inch
Resolution240 x 240 pixels
Face materialGorilla Glass 3
Frame materialPolyme
Wire materialSilicone
Battery usage timeAbout 10 hours using GPS and Music About 14 days
Charging timeAbout 2 hours
Battery capacityNot announce it


For smart watches, Watch GT 3 still retains the classic design and does not have too many changes compared to Watch GT 2.

I feel that the GT3 has a long battery life compared to the average of other smart watch product lines.

The minus point of this Huawei watch GT3 is probably due to the operating system, using the Harmony operating system so there are many limitations leading to not being able to install additional applications with the iPhone, not being able to copy music to the watch but Android is fine. It can be seen that the GT3 smartwatch is not suitable for different operating systems.

Screen technologyAMOLED Colour Screen
Screen size1,43 inch
Resolution466 x 466 pixel, PPI 326
Face materialTempered glass
Frame materialStainless steel + ceramic
Wire materialInternational strap: Fluoroelastomer, leather
Battery usage timeUp to 14 days
Charging timeNot announce it
Battery capacity:Not announce it

Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch

For apple watch series 6, it is an older generation than generation 7. However, apple watch series 6 still has an extremely youthful design. Versions have blue straps with anodized aluminum frames and red covers. The stainless steel frame has a graphite color instead of black for an extremely luxurious and premium feel

For me, the features of Apple Watch Series 6 have not changed much compared to previous generations

The downside of the product is that the battery life is quite short, to compensate for the battery life, Apple has introduced a fast charging feature on this 6th generation.

Screen technologyOLED
Screen size1.78 inch
Resolution448 x 368 pixels
Face materialSapphire tempered glass
Frame materialStainless Steel
Wire materialSilicone
Battery usage timeAbout 1.5 days
Charging timeAbout 2 hours
Battery capacity303.8 mAh

Huami Amazfit GTS 2 smartwatch

Huami Amazfit GT2 is designed with an aluminum frame, softly curved. The function key located on the right side of the watch is covered by the border, helping to avoid impacting the GTS 2’s functions when moving, making the watch more elegant.

As for the GT2’s battery, it has about 246 mAh, allowing me to use it continuously for 7 days without needing to charge.

With 7 days of continuous use, users can enable heart rate and sleep monitoring, use GPS positioning, listen to music and make calls for 30 minutes and receive 150 notifications per day.

Screen technologyAMOLED
Screen size1.55 inch
Resolution354 x 306 pixels
Face materialGorilla Glass 3
Frame materialAluminum alloy
Wire materialSilicone
Battery usage timeAbout 14 days
Charging timeAbout 2 hours
Battery capacity220 mAh

Garmin Forerunner 55 smartwatch

The Forerunner 55’s body design looks sturdier, sturdier and more beautiful than its predecessors. The 20mm strap is neither too big nor too small, so it will fit many different wrist styles.

I have seen some outstanding features on this product such as its interface which is very easy to see and easy to follow information. The daily exercise suggestion feature helps you feel more interested in the exercise process

In particular, its battery life has been improved with 20 hours of use and 2 weeks of use when I use it normally.

Garmin 010-02562-00 Forerunner 55, GPS Running Watch with Daily Suggested Workouts, Up to 2 weeks of Battery Life, Black: Buy it now

Screen technologyMIP
Screen size1.04 inch
Resolution208 x 208 pixels
Face materialChemically tempered glass
Frame materialPolyme
Wire materialSilicone
Battery usage timeAbout 14 days, About 20 hours when using GPS
Charging timeAbout 2 hours
Battery capacityNot announce it

Guide to choosing and buying a smartwatch

  1. Design style

This is the factor that users care about first when it comes to smartwatches.

With the strap, with most smartwatches on the market, you can freely choose the strap material, it can be fabric or silicon. The high-quality silicone strap will of course bring you a certain level of comfort and ease when wearing it while also being more durable.

However, you can also make another choice to increase your class, which is leather or metal straps from major brands in the world.

With screens, smartwatch manufacturers often equip their devices with LCD or AMOLED screens to help display images, applications, and call and message content with richer and sharper colors but at the same time. This means battery life will be significantly reduced.

Compared to LCD, OLED screens are modern and tend to be thinner, so they are loved by major technology companies, the most visible being the two leading brands Apple and Samsung, which have applied this OLED technology to develop new products ultra-thin smartwatch line.

  1. Operating system compatible with smartphones

One important thing that you cannot forget is to always make sure your smartwatch device is compatible with the smartphone you are using. Similar to phones, each smartwatch will run a separate operating system, which can be Android, Android Wear, Tizen, WatchOS, LinkIt, or Pebble OS.

Android Wear is an operating system developed by Google, which is compatible with smartphones running Android 4.3 and iOS 8.2 or higher. Applications commonly found on Android Wear such as Google Fit are used to measure health indicators; Synchronization feature for calls, and messages, or Google Maps for directions.

Up to now, there are many products from big brands running the Android Wear operating system. These include LG G Watch, Motorola Moto 360, Samsung Gear Live, Sony SmartWatch 3, and Asus ZenWatch.

The WatchOS operating system was developed by Apple based on the iPhone’s iOS operating system. Apple WatchOS is expected to provide smartwatches with high performance while still being able to maximize energy consumption or battery capacity.

  1. Fast and simple connection ability

In addition to being compatible with the operating system, smartwatches must also be able to support good connection to smartphones via Bluetooth connection port. Currently, most smartwatch products support Bluetooth 4.0 or higher connection ports, especially Apple’s latest Watch Series 4 lines use Bluetooth 5.0.

  1. Battery capacity used per charge

Battery capacity or smartwatch usage time is an equally important criterion. Most battery capacity of current smart watch devices is announced by the manufacturer to have a usage time of about 3-4 days in normal mode.

With a battery capacity ranging from 200-300mAh, one of the smartwatches with the highest battery capacity is Samsung’s 46mm Galaxy Watch with 472 mAh which meets the needs of regular use for up to a week, or Xiaomi’s Amazfit BIP also claimed to last up to 45 days.

  1. Water resistance of the device

If you are someone who regularly uses smartwatches for health training purposes such as outdoor jogging or swimming, you will be very interested in the dust and water resistance of the device.

More or less, each smart watch has a built-in water resistance of IP67 standard or higher, corresponding to the device being water resistant at a depth of about 1m for 30 minutes. The best waterproof standard today is 5ATM, integrated into new generation smart watches from Apple and Garmin for water resistance at a depth of up to 50m. This will be a necessary choice for you if you often go swimming.

  1. Other features and utilities

Of course, we will want to choose products with as many features as possible, but a smartwatch with too many features will cause usage time to be significantly reduced, causing you to have to charge it many times.

Normally a smartwatch will need to be equipped with some basic features as follows: receive calls and messages, monitor health through measuring heart rate, distance traveled, counting steps…

  1. Warranty period and ability to replace accessories

You also need to pay attention to the warranty period before deciding to buy any product, especially technology. With smartwatches, the average warranty period of each product will usually range from 12-36 months.

During use, the strap is the part that breaks the fastest. But you don’t need to worry too much because currently on the market many places individually distribute these types of straps, so you can buy them to replace the original broken strap.

Which smart watch should I choose?

Among the 5 best smartwatch models worth buying today, I am extremely impressed with the Apple Watch Series 5.

Admitting that the price is quite expensive, but overall, you not only own a fully functional wearable device for entertainment work, and daily health care, but it is also an item of luxury jewelry.

Talking about the durability of products from the Apple brand, we have nothing to argue about. Not to mention, if you encounter any problems during use, the company’s warranty policy is also extremely reputable and high-quality.

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