tronsmart apollo air anc amazon review vs plus tws manual pret price in pakistan true wireless earbuds test 4pda

Tronsmart Apollo Air+

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amazon Tronsmart Apollo Air+ reviews

tronsmart apollo air anc amazon review vs plus tws manual pret price in pakistan true wireless earbuds test 4pda

After launching the TWS Spunky Buds headphones and receiving positive feedback, the Tronsmart brand has continued researching and developing to launch the new generation of wireless headphones, Apollo Air. With two versions Apollo Air and Apollo Air+ have almost similar designs and features. However, Apollo Air + is integrated with automatic detection of use status and comes with a dock that supports wireless charging.

In the Apollo Air/Air+ line, Tronsmart has caught up with the latest trends required in a modern TWS wireless headset with a range of built-in features and equipment. Today, we will proceed to experience this headset.

Apollo Air+ is packaged in a beautifully designed case that presents the key technologies and features. On the front, we will have an actual image of the Apollo Air+ headset with key equipment such as the Qualcomm aptX Adaptive chip, and the main highlight of this product is the Hybrid Active Noise Canceling feature.

Regarding accessories, Apollo Air+ is equipped with:

Type-C charging cable.

Protective velvet bag

Replacement earpads.

User manuals

Apollo Air+ is sold in two versions in black and white and comes with a compact charging dock, easy to store in a shirt/pants pocket, bag, etc. The charging box has a simple exterior design with the brand name Tronsmart is stamped.

The front includes a battery status indicator as well as connection status. On the back, a button to connect to the device and a Type-C port for charging the battery inside.

The hinge of the charging box is firmly designed; inside, there is a small connection indicator light, through which users can know if the headset has been placed in the correct position in contact with the charging pin or not.

The Apollo Air+ charging box is integrated with a 300mAh battery enough to provide Apollo Air+ with a period of up to 20 hours of operation. In addition to using a charging cable, the battery inside this charging case can also be charged through the wireless charging feature.

Apollo Air+ is an earbud with a stylish, modern design. This product is sold in black and white versions; both colors are covered with beautiful glossy paint. Apollo Air+ has a trunk design inspired by Apple Airpods.

The headset itself has a not too prominent design compared to the TWS headset products available on the market. Each headset is integrated with a touch panel on a slightly concave surface, making fingertip contact more precise and effective thanks to this concave design.

The response of this panel is very good; there is almost no delay in operation. Users can answer/hang-up calls, increase or decrease the volume, play/stop or change songs, activate Google assistant, Siri, and switch between ANC modes through this control panel. Control panel functions can be customized through the Tronsmart mobile app.

In addition to ANC technology, Apollo Air+ integrates up to 3 microphones inside each headset; in total, we will have up to 6 microphones in Apollo Air+, which will help improve the quality of conversations when in an environment much noise.

Apollo Air+ also features in-ear touch, music playback that will automatically stop when either earbud falls out of your ear or resume playback when the headset is put back in your ear. This feature is quite useful when it just preserves the product for you if it accidentally drops it while moving.


With the mobile phone app, users can monitor the battery status of Tronsmart headphones, switch audio modes through the built-in equalizers, switch between different modes, or have no noise cancellation.


After a period of product experience, in general, Apollo Air + gives quite good quality; it can even be said that this is an excellent TWS headset in the price segment under $140. It handles most of the different genres of music well. Instruments in each song are shown in quite detail; the vocals are sharp and clear, especially in the bass range for very good sound quality. However, for Apollo Air+ to reach its full potential, on phones, you need to set the volume to more than 80%, although this would be a not-so-recommended volume range when combined with headphones due to effects on hearing.

In terms of ANC noise cancellation, it works very well. When activating this feature, outside noise will be eliminated; of course, with a high-noise sound like a car horn, the drill will still appear, but to a negligible degree, Apollo Air+ can drown out these noises perfectly. Unfortunately, we are currently in the distance phase, so we have not yet experienced the ANC effect of Apollo Air+ when traveling on the road and at large construction sites.

Regarding other functions, there is nothing to complain about in Apollo Air +; the headset will automatically connect as soon as the cover of the charging case is opened. Wireless charging, control panel functions work perfectly. However, you will need to take time to get used to the operations on this control panel.

Besides the good and excellent points, Apollo Air + still has unfortunate minus points.

The first is that the quality of artistry at the joint between the two shells is not seamless, making the Apollo Air+ look less luxurious and cheaper.

Next, the hinge of the charging case is too sensitive; whenever you open the lid, the charging case will quickly close the lid automatically even if you don’t touch it. Especially very annoying when you have to operate with one hand.


Ignoring the defects in processing, Apollo Air + is an excellent true wireless earbud in the price range of less than $140. It is powerful in sound quality, ANC noise cancellation, and other equipment such as six mics to help ensure the best call quality.

Apollo Air+ will be a worthwhile purchase if you look for a wireless headset with good sound quality and vividness with ANC features. Apollo Air+ will be a worthwhile purchase. But if you’re a serious user of appearance, excellent build quality, then Apollo Air+ may not be the product you’re looking for.

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tronsmart apollo air anc amazon review vs plus tws manual pret price in pakistan true wireless earbuds test 4pda


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