tronsmart studio bluetooth speaker review 30w

Tronsmart Studio

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tronsmart studio bluetooth speaker review 30w

As Tronsmart’s first Bluetooth speaker with a metal outer shell, the Studio is enhanced in durability and has a certain improvement in sound quality, especially the bass range. That may be a premise for Tronsmart to open a new direction for its Bluetooth speaker product range.

Not long ago, Tronsmart officially launched a new Bluetooth speaker model called Studio. Belonging to the indoor speaker product group (in-door), Studio impresses as the first model of Tronsmart to own a metal outer shell, with the expectation of improving durability and sound quality.

Classic, minimalist design

Formerly Mega and Mega Pro, now Studio, Tronsmart’s indoor Bluetooth speakers are all designed to be minimalist, classic, and somewhat old. The Studio has a horizontal cube shape, a long body (80 x 45 x 45 mm), and about 961 grams. The bottom corner of the speaker front has a metal Tronsmart logo, a rare break on the entire design of the Studio.

The special feature of the Studio lies in the monolithic aluminum shell; the edges are cut and rounded, which is quite soft, very comfortable when held, and feels solid. Tronsmart Studio has only a black version. Unfortunately, they are easy to stick to fingerprints and need regular cleaning. According to Tronsmart, the Studio’s aluminum shell helps us “enjoy lossless audio with high fidelity” without explaining further. Still, it can be understood that this affects the resonance and diffusion of the sound, thereby bringing about positive changes.

The control buttons of Tronsmart Studio are located at the top, with basic tasks such as powering on and off, volume up and down, Bluetooth connection, activating TuneConn, and SoundPulse. There are also a few LEDs to indicate the remaining battery life, with levels of 25-50-75 and 100%, respectively. It would be better if these buttons had a backlight below to operate in a dark room. Since the buttons are made of rubber, they are also easy to accumulate dirt; users should pay attention.

Behind, Tronsmart Studio has several connectivity ports, including a microSD card slot for listening to music directly from the card, a 3.5mm AUX jack, and a USB-C charging port. It can be seen that the Studio does not have a USB-A port, that is because this speaker does not have a backup function like some recent Tronsmart Bluetooth speaker models. The Studio has IPX4 light water resistance; if accidentally splashed with a little water will not cause any problems.

Sound quality: Bass, bass, and bass

Inside, Tronsmart Studio is designed with four resonant radiators, one woofer, and two satellite speakers, with a total output power of 30W. The speaker integrates Tronsmart’s proprietary SoundPulse technology, a proprietary algorithm upgraded from DSP (Digital Audio Processing) that works with a custom chip and large capacity cavity. Although Studio is not Tronsmart’s first Bluetooth speaker to integrate SoundPulse, this is the first time Tronsmart allows this technology to be turned on/off via physical keys and apps.

Referring to the application, Studio is also the first Bluetooth speaker on the list supported by the “original” Tronsmart application. Here, users can update the firmware if available and customize the equalizer with eight available settings of Tronsmart. The writer considers that the Sound Pulse profile gives the best sound quality, bringing a clear difference in all three sound bands compared to when turned off.

30W power helps Tronsmart Studio to stir up a 30-40m2 room. When pushing the volume up to 90%, the speaker appears timid and more pronounced to 100%. However, with the need to listen to entertainment music at the desk or living room, the volume level of 50-60% is enough to meet.

Overall, Tronsmart Studio has a V-shape sound quality, with a fairly “epic” bass range, deep and firm, punchy. Low-mid receives power and warmth from the bass range, so it has weight, suitable for songs with warm vocals. The Studio’s high-mid is not too bright, but that eliminates sibilance in the song. The speaker’s treble is at shoulder level, the guitar or violin sound is clear without being too harsh. It can be said that Studio is a Bluetooth speaker that favors electronic music and hip hop, but “mixing” into other genres such as Pop Ballad is also difficult.

The Studio is integrated with Tronsmart’s TuneConn, as described; this is a feature that allows the Studio to synchronize with more than 100 other Studio speakers (?) to provide a uniform experience. Currently, the writer only has one speaker available, so I can’t test this feature, but TuneConn can be a great feature if you have a small party at home and want to synchronize the sound between rooms.

With a 2,000 mAh battery, it is quite surprising when Tronsmart says that the Studio brings up to 15 hours of music playing time at 50% volume. Experience: The number of writers recorded only fell for more than 12 hours; listening to music via Bluetooth connection to the phone was disappointing. Fully charging the speaker takes about 3 hours, too long with a battery of this capacity, and the reason is that the speaker only accepts 5W (5V-1A) input power.


As Tronsmart’s new effort in the Bluetooth speaker market, the Studio owns a few highlights in its price range, such as a sturdy aluminum exterior, impressive bass range, and Sound Pulse that works. However, lower-than-expected battery life and long charging time are the points that Tronsmart needs to improve if it intends to launch the next Studio version. If it is an in-door speaker, portability is not a factor that needs to be set too high; Tronsmart should “boldly” increase the battery capacity, even if it has to change the size; that will be what users expect.

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tronsmart studio bluetooth speaker review 30w


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