Truthear x Crinacle Zero Red

Truthear x Crinacle Zero Red

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With a trio of cheap headphones: Hexa, Zero and Hola, the name Truthear has quickly made a name for itself in the audio market. In addition to shipping quality products, Truthear also listens to user feedback. From there, we draw experience and launch new products with the main purpose of improving the music listening experience for users. The clearest proof of this is the Truthear x Crinacle Zero Red headphones.

As the red version of Zero, Truthear x Crinacle Zero Red still uses the same design language as its predecessor. However, the sound quality has been tweaked to better suit user tastes. Right now, let’s get to the detailed review of this headset.

Truthear x Crinacle Zero Red

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Packaging and accessories

To avoid confusion with the previous Zero version (referred to as Zero Blue), Truthear has packaged Zero Red and its accessory set inside a completely new design cardboard box. Instead of having a vertical box like Zero Blue, Zero Red will have a horizontal cardboard box.

Featured on the front as usual is the image of a lovely waifu wearing a red outfit instead of a student outfit like Zero Blue. Right next to it is the product name, brand logo and driver configuration information. The detailed technical specifications of the headset will be printed on the back.

The accessory set that comes with the Truthear x Crinalce Zero Red headset will include:

1 cable

3 pairs of wide tube silicone eartips size S/M/L

3 pairs of narrow tube silicone eartips size S/M/L

1 pair of foam eartips

1 button box

1 transfer jack helps increase impedance by 10 Ohm

2 pairs of filters

Instructions for use

Guarantee card

Design and wearing experience

As mentioned at the beginning of the review, Truthear x Crinacle Zero Red has the same design as the previous Zero Blue version. The housing part continues to be made from Heygears’ DLP 3D printing technology to ensure accuracy in every detail. The material that makes up the housing is medical-grade resin that is friendly to human skin. The light weight of the housing combined with the ergonomic shape with rounded corners helps Zero Red bring a comfortable and smooth wearing feeling.

Truthear x Crinacle Zero Red also has a similar feature to Zero Blue: the sound duct has a fairly large diameter. So users need to pay careful attention when intending to replace eartips. In addition, to distinguish it from its predecessor, Zero Red’s faceplate will be red instead of purple-blue. A filter mesh mounted on the sound duct allows eliminating dirt from entering the sound cavity.

Similar to Zero Blue, the cable that comes with Truthear x Crinacle Zero Red will be twisted from 4 wire cores. These wire cores are made of silver-plated copper. The cable uses a 0.78mm 2-pin connector and an L-shaped 3.5mm jack.

Driver configuration and sound quality

Truthear x Crinacle Zero Red uses the same driver configuration as Zero Blue. Responsible for reproducing the bass range is a 10mm dynamic driver that uses a specially weighted voice coil to help reduce resonance frequencies. The remaining two sound ranges will be handled by the 7.8mm dynamic driver, this driver uses super smooth CCAW voice-coil.

As for parameters, Zero Red operates in the frequency range 20Hz – 40.5kHz, has a sensitivity of 117.5dB and operates at an impedance of 17.5Ohm. Using the included conversion jack will help increase the headphone’s impedance by 10 Ohm. This means that users need to combine Zero Red with relatively strong sources to maximize the headset’s performance.

Using the same driver configuration as Zero Blue, Zero Red has a completely different sound from Truthear. The overall sound quality of Truthear Zero Red is adjusted towards a warm neutral.

While Zero Blue is aimed at satisfying bassheads, Zero Red is aimed at audiophiles who have a preference for listening to technical bass. This means that the amount of bass on Zero Red will be reduced when compared to Zero Blue. The amount of bass will be evenly distributed in both subbass and midbass. This makes the bass range more balanced, the rumble level is moderate and enough to play any genre of music well. One positive point about Zero Red’s bass range is that the control has become better. This helps reduce the level of interference between the bass and mid ranges.

To increase the amount of bass for Zero Red, users can use headphones with the included 3.5 jack. The use of this jack is to increase the impedance of the headphones by 10 Ohm while also increasing the volume of the bass range. At this point, Zero Red’s bass range will be almost similar to Zero Blue.

The mid range on Zero Red is tuned in a neutral direction. Although it is a safe adjustment, thanks to that, the vocal performance by Zero Red is more impressive than that of Zero Blue. The low mid part is less affected by the bass range, so it has a slight warmth, representing the male voice quite well. The upper mid part is not too bright but the amount of detail is just enough to perform well the female vocals. Female voices sound very clear, clear and detailed.

Similar to the Blue version, the treble range is not Zero Red’s strength. The treble is tuned quite safely so the detail is not too sharp like many competitors in the same segment. But the positive point is that the treble range sounds quite comfortable, smooth, does not sizzle and does not create fatigue when listening for a long time.


Vs Truthear Zero Blue

Zero Red and Zero Blue use the same design language, the only difference lies in the color on the faceplate. In addition, Zero Red will come with a conversion jack to help add more bass and +10 Ohm impedance. Meanwhile, Zero Blue does not have this accessory.

The design is somewhat similar, but the sound quality of Zero Red and Zero Blue is not the same. The most noticeable difference lies in the bass range. Zero Blue has a more energetic bass range, sounds more compact and powerful. But the control ability is less so the mid range is quite overwhelmed. On the Zero Red side, the subbass and midbass are tuned in a more balanced direction, the amount of bass is just enough and there is no band encroachment due to better control.

Both have the upper mid section slightly pushed back, but the mid range on the Zero Red has a slightly better texture. The treble range does not have many differences except that Zero Red’s treble sounds smoother. The technical part of both headphones is the same.

Still possessing the same compact design as its predecessor, but with new brighter colors and more neutral sound quality, it is not difficult to understand why Truthear x Crinacle Zero Red has won a lot of love from music lovers.

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