Truthear Nova

Truthear Nova

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After a series of popular headphones in the entry segment, Hola, Zero and Hexa, Truthear recently decided to try its hand at a higher segment by launching Nova. With a beautiful cover box, impressive design and improved sound quality from the Zero/Hexa duo, Nova quickly won the hearts of many audiophiles.

Truthear Nova

Packaging and accessories

Like Truthear’s previous products, Nova and its accessories are packaged in a cardboard box with a Japanese anime-style design. The most prominent feature of the box lies in the image of an extremely cute fairy loli character and a neat baby on the front. Nova’s sound chart and detailed technical specifications will be fully printed on the back.

The series of accessories that come with Truthear Nova will include:

  • 1 cable
  • 3 pairs of silicone eartips (size S/M/L)
  • 2 pairs of double-layer silicone eartips (size M/L)
  • 1 pair of foam eartips (size M)
  • 1 zippered storage box
  • Warranty card and user manual

Table of Contents

Design and wearing experience

Truthear Nova’s design is heavily inspired by Zero Blue. Similar to its predecessor, Nova’s entire housing continues to be shaped from Heygears’ DLP 3D printing technology. Using black acrylic plastic to make the housing helps Nova have a very light weight. However, the size of the housing is relatively large, so whether it fits the ear or not will depend on the size of the user’s ear shape.

Truthear Nova’s faceplate is blue like Zero Blue. But to make a difference, the blue patterns on the faceplate will have a unique and eye-catching fish scale shape. The sound pipe on the Nova is large (about 5.8mm), so not all eartips can fit. Users can refer to Spinfit CP145 or CP155 eartips if they need to replace eartips. Inside the sound pipe is divided into 3 completely separate sound paths. This design somewhat increases the separation of the sound bands. The manufacturer has a clear L/R symbol on the connector.

The headset uses a 0.78mm 2-pin socket. Right next to the socket there will be up to 4 small circular vents that help regulate pressure inside the ear canal. The cable that comes with Nova is cross-braided from 4 wire cores made of OCC monocrystalline copper (a total of 448 conductors inside 4 wire cores). A layer of twill fabric will be wrapped outside each wire core. And to create design harmony, the braided fabric will have two colors: black and blue. The cable uses a 2-pin 0.78mm connector and a 3.5mm jack.

Driver configuration and sound quality

The appearance has many similarities to Zero Blue, but the driver configuration inside Nova is an upgraded version of Hexa. Each side of Nova’s housing will be equipped with 1 dynamic driver and 4 Balanced Armature drivers. These drivers are linked together through a 3-way crossover circuit.

Responsible for reproducing the bass range is a 10mm diameter dynamic driver, with a speaker membrane made from LCP composite material, using a PU suspension system and N52 neodymium magnet system.

Reproduction of the two mid/treble ranges will be assigned to 4 Balanced Armatured drivers.

The sound quality that Truthear Nova possesses is a blend of the previous famous duo Zero and Hexa. Compared to Hexa, Nova has a slightly more vibrant bass range. The volume is focused more on the subbass, the subbass has good rumble and goes quite deep. The amount of midbass is a bit small so the sound is a bit thin, lacking a bit of bounce and roundness. Because it is well controlled, the bass does not encroach much on the mid range.

The mid range has a natural timbre, placed in the right focus so the vocals sound very lively and outstanding. Although the low mid part leans towards warmth, overall, the male voice on Nova still lacks a bit of roundness and is not very quiet. However, female voices are full of energy, sound very bright and detailed, and tend to move forward more. The sound of the instrument has a natural, clear timbre and is not overly sharp.

The treble range sounds very smooth, has good detail, and the brightness is very moderate so there is no sibilance. Listening to music for a long time is still very comfortable and pleasant. The extension of the treble range is handled well, helping the treble range sound more airy and open.

In addition to good timbre, Truthear Nova also possesses impressive engineering. Very detailed resolution, good retrieval ability helps reveal small details in the music. The soundstage creates a balance between width and depth. The audio imaging part is quite accurate, users can clearly feel the position of each instrument as well as the singer’s voice on the sound stage. Compared to Hexa, Nova has one level better resolution.


Vs Gizaudio x Binary Chopin

In terms of design, Nova has a more beautiful and colorful appearance. Meanwhile, Chopin aimed for a more nostalgic design language. The Nova comes with a more diverse set of accessories, with more types of eartips, a better carrying case, but the cable on the Chopin is better finished.

In terms of sound quality, Chopin has a more attractive bass range, a more attractive body and better impact. Although the level of attractiveness is not as good as its competitors, the bass range on Nova has a smoother transition and slightly better control.

Both have quite similar mid range deployment methods but there are still some small differences. The low mid section on Nova has a natural timbre, but in terms of thickness, Chopin has a fuller mid range. The upper mid part has the same amount of detail, but Nova has better smoothness. The treble range on Nova sounds smoother, but in terms of brightness, Chopin is better.

With continuous efforts to bring better audio experiences to users, Truthear has been increasingly successful in the audio market. Nova is one of the items that helps Truthear and audiophiles get closer and closer to each other.

TRUTHEAR NOVA 1DD+4BA in-Ear Headphone (NOVA): Buy it now

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