Valuation consultants in the vietnam enterprise

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Our valuation services provide our customers with the most professional valuation results, which are close to the realities of enterprises, stocks and assets.

Based on our valuation results, customers can make sensible decisions that fit their goals.


  • FPTS provides an enterprise valuation service package for investors, including financial institutions, investment funds, domestic and foreign investors, for investment and M&A ;
  • Valuation services include: corporate valuation, stock valuation, valuation of tangible fixed assets, intangible assets, investment assets for all types of businesses business;
  • FPTS provides a high quality business valuation service, based on extensive knowledge and experience in analyzing corporate positioning as well as the ability to assess assumptions that are realistic to the intended purpose forecast the businesses in all fields and business lines;
  • FPTS uses the most advanced corporate valuation methods in the world that can be adapted to emerging markets in Asia, including Vietnam, to provide enterprise valuation results Accurate and reliable for strategic investors at local and abroad.

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