VELLEMAN MK171 Voice Changer Kit

VELLEMAN MK171 Voice Changer

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The VELLEMAN MK171 Voice Changer Kit is an exciting and creative electronics project that promises to transform the way you sound. Ideal for hobbyists, students, and electronics enthusiasts, this kit allows you to build your own voice changer device from scratch, offering a hands-on learning experience and a fun way to explore the world of electronics and audio manipulation.

VELLEMAN MK171 Voice Changer Kit

Design and Build Quality:

The MK171 Voice Changer Kit comes with all the necessary components and a detailed instruction manual to guide you through the assembly process. The kit’s components are of good quality and neatly packaged, ensuring a smooth building experience.

The printed circuit board (PCB) is well-designed, with clear markings for component placement and soldering points. The compact size of the PCB ensures that the final voice changer device will be portable and easy to handle.

Since the kit requires soldering to assemble the components, it is essential to have some experience with soldering or be willing to learn the skill. For beginners, this kit can serve as an excellent introduction to soldering and electronics assembly.

Features and Functionality: The VELLEMAN MK171 Voice Changer Kit is equipped with various features to alter your voice in amusing ways. It offers eight different voice-changing effects, including a robot voice, a high-pitched voice, a low-pitched voice, and more. The ability to switch between these effects makes it a versatile device for creating entertaining sound effects or disguising your voice for fun and creative purposes.

The kit includes an adjustable microphone, allowing you to control the input level and tailor the voice-changing effects to your liking. The microphone can be mounted externally, making it easy to position the device for optimal sound pickup.

Additionally, the voice changer features a built-in speaker and a headphone output, providing immediate audio feedback and enabling private listening through headphones.

Audio Quality: The audio quality of the VELLEMAN MK171 Voice Changer Kit is decent, considering its nature as a DIY electronics project. The voice-changing effects are fun and easily distinguishable, offering entertaining results for creative voice manipulation.

However, it’s important to note that this kit is more focused on providing an educational and enjoyable electronics experience rather than achieving professional-grade audio quality. As such, users should not expect studio-level voice-changing effects but rather a playful and amusing range of sound alterations.

Usability and Interface: The VELLEMAN MK171 Voice Changer Kit is relatively straightforward to use, thanks to its user-friendly interface. The device has a single dial to select between the eight voice-changing effects, making it easy to switch between different options.

The adjustable microphone sensitivity dial allows you to fine-tune the input level, ensuring that the voice changer responds appropriately to your voice. The inclusion of a headphone output offers a convenient way to monitor the voice changes privately without disturbing others.

As with any DIY electronics project, users should carefully follow the assembly instructions and double-check their work to ensure proper functionality and avoid potential issues.

Customizability and Modifications: One of the highlights of the VELLEMAN MK171 Voice Changer Kit is its potential for customization and modifications. While the kit provides a set of pre-defined voice-changing effects, more advanced users with electronics knowledge can experiment with additional components and circuit modifications to create their own unique voice effects.

This customization aspect opens up exciting possibilities for electronics enthusiasts and hobbyists to delve deeper into the world of audio signal processing and explore the principles of voice modulation.

Educational Value:

The MK171 Voice Changer Kit excels in its educational value, making it an excellent tool for learning the basics of electronics and circuitry. Assembling the kit requires soldering and component placement, which offers valuable hands-on experience for beginners and those looking to enhance their electronics skills.

The kit’s detailed instruction manual provides step-by-step guidance, making it accessible to individuals with little to no prior experience in electronics assembly. Assembling the voice changer fosters an understanding of circuit connections, soldering techniques, and electronic components, making it an educational and rewarding project for students and learners of all ages.


  1. Engaging and educational electronics project for hobbyists and students
  2. Eight voice-changing effects for creative voice manipulation
  3. Adjustable microphone sensitivity for optimal voice detection
  4. Compact and portable design with built-in speaker and headphone output
  5. Potential for customization and modifications for advanced users
  6. Detailed instruction manual for easy assembly and learning experience


  1. Audio quality may not match professional-grade voice-changing devices
  2. Requires soldering skills and electronics knowledge for assembly and modifications
  3. Limited range of voice-changing effects compared to more advanced commercial devices

Conclusion: The VELLEMAN MK171 Voice Changer Kit is a fun and educational electronics project that offers an exciting way to explore the world of voice manipulation and circuitry. Assembling the kit provides hands-on experience in soldering and electronics assembly, making it an excellent educational tool for beginners and hobbyists.

The kit’s eight voice-changing effects, adjustable microphone sensitivity, and built-in speaker with headphone output allow for a range of creative voice manipulation possibilities. While the audio quality may not rival professional-grade voice-changing devices, the MK171 delivers entertaining results and encourages experimentation with different voice effects.

For those interested in electronics customization and modifications, the MK171 Voice Changer Kit offers ample opportunities to delve deeper into the principles of audio signal processing and create unique voice effects.

Overall, the VELLEMAN MK171 Voice Changer Kit is a delightful and engaging DIY electronics project that combines fun and learning. Whether you’re a student exploring the world of electronics or a hobbyist looking for a creative and entertaining project, this voice changer kit promises an enjoyable and educational experience. Its compact design, user-friendly interface, and potential for customization make it a recommended choice for anyone interested in voice manipulation and electronics tinkering.

VELLEMAN MK171 Voice Changer Kit, 1.5″: Buy it now

Velleman MK171 Voice Changer: Buy it now

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