bullet soul infinite burst review arrange sound track zip cover credits steam

Bullet Soul Infinite Burst

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bullet soul infinite burst review arrange sound track zip cover credits steam

Bullet Soul is a vertical-screen spaceship shooting game that debuted on Xbox over a year ago and has won many compliments from fans, especially gamers who love the challenge of the genre of this old game.

Based on the foundation that has been “censored” by the fans, the Bullet Soul Infinite Burst version was born with the ambition to make the game a new legend of this hard-to-chew game genre. This version is considered an upgraded version for Bullet Soul; the manufacturer only gives a few additions and balances some details. Is the developer’s confidence exaggerated?

Similar to the previous version, Bullet Soul Infinite Burst allows players to choose one of four game types with power stats. Movement speed and especially bullets are different.

In the previous version, if the game did not satisfy veteran gamers, in this upgraded version, Bullet Soul Infinite Burst offers a series of changes, especially in the layout of the enemy spacecraft and the trajectory bullets are fired from them. It will be more challenging, more screen-filled, but the reward for players to overcome it is well worth it.

Those were the point coins dropped from shooting down enemy airships. Players collect these coins to increase their “combo” points. If you lose cash or two, the score that the player can achieve is not small. The annoying issue here is that these coins move anywhere on the screen. You have to dodge enemy bullets and collect these coins to get the highest score possible.

In addition, the new “frozen” Burst system introduced into the game to increase the attack power of the spaceship also contributes to the excitement in the player, especially the collection of these coins helps to prolong the time Burst.

The “network” scoring mechanism has also changed to match the vibrant playing style. If before, in each game screen, the player could only have two “lives” to defend, if he used up his “life,” the player is considered to have failed to “break the ice” of the game screen. Now in Bullet Soul Infinite Burst, “life” is calculated by the Life bar. If hit, the spaceship will lose a certain amount of health, but by killing the opponent and collecting bonus points, the health bar will gradually recover.

This factor helps speed up the game and increase the excitement in gamers, enabling us to chase the same scores flying around on the screen and being destroyed at any time or if accidentally missed. Overestimated skill at navigating spaceship.

The above weakness is one of the common weaknesses of any game of the same genre, not just Bullet Soul. In this upgraded version, the game still suffers from these weaknesses and almost does not change it.

In addition to shooting, bullets flying chaotic, enemies are destroyed, but the game screen only has a few levels to play over and over. These levels have not changed compared to the previous version. If you already know what the game screen is like in the main version, this upgraded version is the same.

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