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Emporio Armani Smartwatch 3

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emporio armani smartwatch 3 art5029 yellow aluminum black connected (gen 3) (art5011) stainless steel bands battery life - epdm synthetic rubber review buy matte touchscreen art5019 charger gen 5 test release date features vs fossil gold-tone green gold hybrid india price in is a good watch manual opiniones specs straps silver waterproof

There was a time when wearing an Armani suit was all you needed to make the right impression. Smart, sophisticated, and classy, ​​quality has never been a concern. Unfortunately, since Emporio Armani has started making its name on Wear OS smartwatches on touchscreens, it hasn’t been able to capture the same buffer. I used to wear the latest Emporio Armani Smartwatch 3, and while there’s nothing fundamentally wrong, I never liked wearing it the way I would an Armani suit. In a world filled with OS OS design wristwatches with similarly mediocre performance, that’s a problem.


Before we get into the look and materials of the watch, its name is the beginning of the matter. If you want to buy this model, you should look for the Emporio Armani SmartWatch 3, or ART5024, as shown in our picture. The number three and that generic name are the only things that distinguish it from previous EA smartwatches. Just give it a proper name. It can make it more memorable, something it doesn’t currently.

On the subject of forgetfulness, let’s move on to design. It’s a bit of a smartwatch 101. The round body has several lugs, a crown, two buttons, and a circular touchscreen – all placed in the areas you want them to be. Nothing speaks to sophistication, as one might expect from the brand. No style flourish will make someone have a second look. The durable rubber strap is very long and grippy, and the manager often catches my hair when I try to move it down the strap, as it grips like an overzealous limpet. I recommend picking up one of the metal or leather alternatives on this nasty rubber strap.

On the plus side, there are some nice colors to bring to life, with my unit’s burnt orange and an option for metallic blue, both of which look great. Swap the strap out, or buy a model with a stainless steel strap in the first place, and the look will improve, but not by much. The aluminum case is thin and light, making it easy to wear regardless of your outfit. The 44mm case is quite large; It is designed specifically for men. An annoying scratch appeared around the bezel on my review model, which detracted from its appearance.

Let me be clear. The Emporio Armani 3 smartwatch isn’t ugly; it’s just underrated to the point of dullness and lack of identity. The strap is two straight pieces of rubber, the buttons don’t have any texture, and the bezel is a black, slightly angled border – and no one looks twice at any of them. Unless you look closely at the crown to see the engraved logo, there’s nothing obvious about it that links it to the desired Emporio Armani branding.

Software and performance

The smartwatch 3 comes pre-loaded with Google’s Wear OS, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 platform, along with a heart rate sensor, NFC, and a microphone/speaker combo for making calls on the watch. Wear OS hasn’t changed much in the past few years, and he feels tired, while the controls are dull and outdated. That is why the design of Wear OS smartwatches is so important; That’s the only thing that can make it different. Wear OS isn’t great, so buying decisions about how good the watch looks and options like Diesel On Fadelite. On Axial available (or Misfit Vapor X, Michael Kors Access, Fossil Gen 5 – the list goes on), Emporio Arman’s efforts are easily surpassed.

The Armani-specific software feature is a collection of watch faces, varied and well designed. There’s an option for everyone here, with classic styling, modern digital options, and some EA-centric versions, too. Even if you don’t like them, there are more available in the Google Play Store. The watch will also run third-party apps, but installing too many is dangerous, as it will slow down performance noticeably. Strangely, you’ll need to install Google Maps and Google Play Music yourself, as they don’t come pre-installed, despite being useful parts of the smartwatch experience.

Initial setup is also a laborious process, with many updates and ways to apply too many passwords and conditions. It was a 30-minute session to make it work. Navigation is done using swipes and touches, and response times are average but never as fast as the Apple Watch. At least the 1.3-inch AMOLED display is attractive and pleasant to look. The EA Smartwatch 3 doesn’t have a twisted crown to make life a little easier, especially when scrolling through the notification screen or adjusting the music volume.

Notifications are displayed in a long, scrolling list. They’re interactive, meaning you can respond to texts, emails, and tweets, either with a canned response or using your voice. However, I have received the same email notifications from time to time, which is annoying and reduces the watch’s usefulness. This added tension around notifications is in direct contrast to one of the main things smartwatches try to minimize. Unfortunately, I’ve had the same experience on many other Wear OS smartwatches, so this is a software issue rather than a problem unique to this model.

It is not bad. Cards accessed via a swipe left, showing Google Fit, the weather, and your calendar are helpful, and responding to notifications on the watch comes in handy at times. Google Pay is also available on contactless payments. The distinctive ambient watch face increases the usefulness and aesthetics of the watch, as you can always see the time on the screen. Performance is sufficient for pre-installed apps and general use. Overall, it’s significantly better than older Wear OS watches, with only the occasional annoying slowdown. However, it’s fair on average for the current generation of Wear OS devices and still far from the standard flexibility and support have seen on the Apple Watch.

Fitness tracker

Google Fit is the exclusive fitness and health tracking platform, but since Wear OS can run other apps, you can add Strava, Runkeeper, Endomundo, and a few more for specific sports. Even so, Google Fit is a great workout buddy for my needs. It shows all the metrics I want — steps, heart rate, calories burned, and intensity — in a clear, concise manner. It is also easy to use and access. Linked to the lower button on the Armani watch, the menu it brings up can be used to get your heart rate or start a workout. Google Fit also has a guided breathing feature that takes two minutes to complete and is based on mindful and steady breathing techniques.

Smartwatches make good sense as fitness trackers and workout partners. The Smartwatch 3’s design still looks at home in the gym, it doesn’t sweat too much under the strap, and the slim case means the risk of knocking it into the device is low. Google Fit is a great piece of software, and it works smoothly and efficiently on the Smartwatch 3, but it’s still the best fit for the casual fitness fan.

Battery life

The latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 platform is more efficient than the old Snapdragon 2100, but sadly, that doesn’t mean you’ll get two days on a single charge without significantly limiting functionality. A day is reasonable with moderate use, which includes monitoring heart rate for about an hour. Charging is done using a plastic magnetic tube and takes an hour to charge the battery fully.

Smartwatch 3 has a wide selection of battery life modes, where specific features are turned off to ensure the battery lasts longer. Extended mode turns off the always-on display, sound, Wi-Fi, heart rate monitoring, tilt, tap-to-screen wake-up, and voice control, plus restricts Bluetooth connections between 6 hours morning to 10 pm. When these measures are in place, the watch should last for about 48 hours on a full charge. Time Only mode does what it says – no notifications or anything – but it should last the battery for a week or so.

But of course, such modes reduce the point of having a smartwatch, especially how these work. I cannot see the time in Extended Mode unless I press the side button and only see the time in Time Only mode. If you want both smart and watch game features, it must be set to normal and charged daily. I like that the watch automatically goes into low power mode when the battery runs out, so I can still see the time even when the smart features are turned off. Handy at the end of a long day.

The Emporio Armani 3 smartwatch is as generic as its name suggests. Despite bearing the Armani name, it lacked sophistication and stylistic attention and was too expensive. While it has its good aspects – fitness tracking, contactless payments, fast charging, and an attractive display – the ill-fitting design didn’t make us want to pick it up and bring it up – an important selling point for Wear OS watches flooded the market. Emporio Armani needed to develop a recognizable design rather than settle for something so out of the ordinary.

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Emporio Armani Men’s Smartwatch 3 Touchscreen Aluminum and Rubber Smartwatch, Black and silver-ART5021: Buy it now


emporio armani smartwatch 3 art5029 yellow aluminum black connected (gen 3) (art5011) stainless steel bands battery life – epdm synthetic rubber review buy matte touchscreen art5019 charger gen 5 test release date features vs fossil gold-tone green gold hybrid india price in is a good watch manual opiniones specs straps silver waterproof


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