How to test headphones to determine whether headphones have good sound quality

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Listen to the headphones through the Bass range

The Bass range is the low-frequency sound, so it is often misjudged the most. Many people confuse the “intensity” and “depth” of Bass sound.

Bass ranges are divided into 3 main types:

Low bass (also known as Deep bass) has a frequency ranging from ~ 20Hz – 80Hz

Bass has frequencies ranging from ~ 80Hz – 320H

Upper bass (also called High bass) has frequencies ranging from ~ 320Hz – 500Hz

Headphones with good Bass when emitting sound will express very low, very round frequencies without buzzing, bringing more emotional and colorful sounds. Even when the volume is not too high, the sound does not feel “dragged” or muffled.

On the contrary, with headphones that are not of good quality, the Bass sound when emitted will have a prolonged buzzing sound and be a bit rough.

Listen to the headphones through the Treble range

Treble sound is called HI, which is a series of high-frequency sounds, fluctuating in the range of 6000Hz – 20000 Hz. This sound is similar to the jingling sound made when you tap on a metal bar.

Some studies show that the threshold of sound that humans can hear is below 20,000Hz, but we can still feel the frequency range of sounds higher than 20,000Hz. Therefore, many manufacturers have created products that can emit sounds with very high frequencies to stimulate listeners’ emotions when listening to music from afar.

Treble contributes to increasing the detail, sharpness, and clarity of sounds in everyday life as well as avoiding annoying and jarring phenomena. In a piece of music, Treble adds emphasis, increasing the clarity and detail of every sound.

To test headphones with Treble sound, open a song with a soprano voice or a Violin or Guitar piece and listen to the sound emitted.

If the headphones are of poor quality, the sound emitted will be hard or torn when high. With Violin or Guitar music, the sound produced is jarring and annoying, and there is also a rattling sound.

​ Good quality headphones will produce a very clear, smooth sound that resonates in every note.

Listen to headphones through the Mid sound range

The sound range is the sound that we most often encounter, associated with life such as daily life sounds, voices, animal sounds, vehicles, etc. It is in the mid-sound range, so the frequency of the mid-sound ranges from 500Hz to less than 6000Hz.

Mid sounds are also divided into 3 types including:

Low mid ranges from 500Hz to 1000Hz.

Mid ranges from 1000Hz to 2000Hz.

High mid ranges from 2000Hz to 6000Hz.

To test headphones with the mid-range, play music with baritone vocals. Mid sound is considered standard when the sound is warm, clear, and smooth. Listeners feel the detail and warmth in each note, bringing a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

On the contrary, poor quality headphones will not produce good mid sound, the sound will be distorted and when it goes low, the sound will be noisy.


Above is information on the most standard way to test headphones today. If you have any questions about how to choose to buy headphones, don’t hesitate to comment in the section below, we will answer as soon as possible.

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