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KZ Audio is always the first name that comes to mind whenever an audiophile intends to buy a cheap headset with vibrant sound quality and rich fidelity. KZ’s strength lies in always grasping new trends among music lovers. With the trend of “flat magnetic” being on the rise, KZ immediately launched two flat magnetic headphones, KZ PR1 Hires Version and KZ PR1 Standard Version.


Packaging and accessories

KZ PR1 Standard Version has a cover box designed very similar to the Hires Version. Prominent on the front is still the image of the headset. Along with that is the name and introduction of the product. On the back there will be a technical data sheet and detailed information about the manufacturer.

Neatly placed inside the cardboard box will be:

  • Pair of KZ PR1 Standard Version headphones
  • 1 cable
  • 3 pairs of silicone eartips size S/M/L
  • Detailed instructions for use

Design and wearing experience

The KZ PR1 Standard Version headphones have a design divided into two parts. In particular, the housing part will be made from transparent plastic material and the faceplate will be made from aluminum alloy. The transparent shape of the housing will allow users to clearly see the detailed structure of the driver system inside the headset. With the faceplate, it seems that KZ Audio has used CNC technology to increase the perfection in the design.

The front side of the faceplate will be cut with many small grooves and hidden below these grooves are tiny air vents. These vents are also arranged on the side and have a strange prismatic shape. Such an arrangement will help regulate the air flow in and out of the headset. Thanks to that, the pressure is better balanced and this makes the bass range deeper, the openness of the soundstage becomes more airy.

Due to its relatively light weight and ergonomically designed housing, the KZ PR1 Standard Version provides a comfortable and comfortable fit when worn on the ear.

To create more highlights for the headset, the words KZACOUSTIC and PLANAR IEM will be printed alternately with the grooves on the faceplate. Besides the 2 color options: black gray and silver white, PR1 Standard Version will have 2 additional versions with mic and without mic.

In the version with mic, the cable of the PR1 Standard Version is integrated with a recording microphone cluster and a multi-function button. Control operations will include:

  • Press once to stop/play music
  • Press twice to skip to the next song
  • Press 3 times to listen to the previous song again
  • Press once to hear the incoming call
  • Press again 1 time to end the call
  • Press and hold to reject an incoming call

The headphone cable that comes with the KZ PR1 Standard Version has relatively good finishing. Using silver-plated OFC copper to make the conductor allows for improved sensitivity and accuracy when transmitting signals. The cable uses a 0.75mm 2-pin connector and an L-shaped 3.5mm jack that is gold-plated on the outside.

Driver configuration and sound quality

Inside the sound cavity of the KZ PR1 Standard Version is integrated a flat magnetic driver with a diameter of 13.2mm. The combination of the ultra-thin silver-plated speaker membrane and the N55 magnet system integrated on both sides of the driver will help improve the linearity of the sound, minimize distortion and increase detail high solution. According to the specifications written on the cover box, the headphones have a frequency response range of 20Hz – 40kHz, sensitivity of 96dB and operate at an impedance of 16Ohm.

The sound of PR1 Standard Version will be in V-Shape format with the volume concentrated heavily in the bass and treble ranges. The subbass of the KZ PR1 has an excellent performance with good rumble and very flexible response speed. The tight structure and firmness of the drum beats are described accurately and clearly. In some tracks, there will be a phenomenon where the bass range encroaches on the mid range and this will more or less affect the vocals.

​ Like the Hires Version, the KZ PR1 Standard Version also has the mid range pushed back. This will be improved by pairing the headset with a suitable dongle, such as the JCally JM10. However, objectively speaking, the PR1 Standard Version has a much better mid range than previous KZ products. Due to the influence of the bass range, the mid sound will be warm and emphasize the deep male voice. The female voice sounds bright but slightly lacks roundness and fullness. With songs performed by a choir, the vocals will become more uplifting and create separation from the main vocal. String and keyboard instruments will produce more melodious, vivid and clear sounds than other instruments.

Airy, sparkling and smooth are the words used to describe the treble range of the KZ PR1 Standard Version. This is completely understandable because these are all basic characteristics of planar magnetic drivers. The treble extension is handled very well with excellent airiness and decay. There is not the slightest metallic character or sibilance phenomenon on the PR1.

Technically, KZ PR1 Standard Version has a more spacious soundstage than other competitors in the same price range. The signal retrieval is very detailed and this probably comes from the treble extension being handled so well. Clear layering and accurate sound imaging allow PR1 to have no difficulty handling highly complex music.

If you only have a budget of about $80 but still want to experience flat sound quality, then the KZ PR1 Standard Version headset with mic is a very good choice and couldn’t be more reasonable.

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