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amazon KZ SKS reviews


After a period of absence, Knowledge Zenith has introduced their latest True Wireless headset model called KZ SKS. This new wireless headset model is said to be a replacement for its famous KZ Z1 Pro headset model. The biggest highlights of SKS can be mentioned as the Bluetooth 5.2 connection standard and the use of Hybrid drivers with one dynamic 10mm driver and 1 BA driver. Comes with a Qualcomm QCC3040 chip that supports Bluetooth codes like AAC, SBC, and aptX.

And one of the highlights that KZ mentioned most is the Ergonomic design applied by the company to this SKS model. And now let’s go deeper into whether this new model of KZ headphones is that impressive?


KZ SKS is packaged in a familiar paper box similar to previous headphones to maximize the full focus on saving production costs.

Inside, we have a headset and case, a short USB-A to USB-C charging cable, two pairs of size S and L tips (size M built into the ear), and a manual.


I mentioned that KZ SKS is replacing KZ Z1 Pro if you haven’t forgotten initially. These two headphones have a design that is 99% similar from case to the headset; we can get SKS headphones instead of the Z1 Pro’s case and vice versa easily.

The most noticeable difference is probably that SKS’s ear tips will be softer and better than the Z1 Pro’s.

Unlike the glossy plastic layer on the two ear cups, the case of SKS is finished with a rough plastic layer that makes the grip feel more solid. With a compact size and weighing only 45g, it is very easy to carry both the ears and the case in your pocket.

With a weight of only 4.4g on one ear, SKS feels super light to wear and with a very gentle design in the earmold, wearing this headset for a long time is still extremely comfortable and not tired ear. In addition to good ear grip, it also makes it more difficult for SKS to fall during sports. I tried exercising in the morning with SKS, gentle movements, walking, and even running slowly; SKS still grips my ears very well and comfortably.


With a Bluetooth 5.2 connection on a cheap headset, KZ SKS has added many plus points.

During the time I tested, from listening to music, talking to watching movies from full to the end of the battery, no Bluetooth errors appeared. The signal is always stable; even while I exercise and run, with my phone in my pocket, KZ SKS still connects very well.

KZ SKS headphones can work independently in both ears. I tested it by using one ear and keeping the other in the box. When I opened the box and put on the headset, the other ear connected again, very quickly. And both ears connect equally fast. Just connect once for the first time and use.

On KZ SKS, there are two modes: Standard Mode and High-Performance Mode, which is activated by pressing three times continuously on any side headset. In Standard Mode, sound quality will be prioritized and not latency; when watching Youtube and watching Netflix, there is almost no delay. When experiencing with PUBG Mobile game, the delay is quite noticeable. That is overcome when switching to High-Performance Mode when about 200ms reduces the latency; this is an acceptable delay for entertainment gaming needs.

Regarding the touch control, we can refer to the following:

One-touch: pause/play music, receive/hang-up calls.

Two touches: the left ear is backward, the right ear is over.

Three touches: switch to Standard Mode or High Performance.

Hold for 2 seconds: Activate Voice Assistant.

And there is no volume up / down function, we have to use it through the source, and SKS also does not have a mode to automatically stop the music when removing the headset from the ear.

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With a pair of Hybrid drivers, the sound quality of KZ SKS will surely satisfy many people. And the fact is quite true, with a volume of only about 50%, we can feel the sound quality of SKS quite clearly.

Standout and hit the ear the first time I heard it was the bass; the bass vibrating on the eardrum is very impressive, quite thick, the vibration is quite good, with a cheap headset like SKS, the bass is an important highlight.

Although there is quite a lot of bass, the mid still has a good performance when the vocal is quite clear; the instrument cps is detailed enough. And when combined with the BA driver responsible for the treble range, the details in the drums are clearly shown.

The overall sound of KZ SKS is very typical of the company, the sound quality of the V-shape is simple to listen to but still very detailed.

Regarding the quality of the talking mic, SKS will be in the common ground with cheap TWS headphones when we have a good quality conversational mic. It is quite good to use when in the room, and there will be a little bit of noise when in a place with a lot of noise.


With the announcement that it can be used continuously for 3 hours, the KZ SKS has an average battery life on par with other cheap TWS ear models, but when I use it to test at 90% volume, the time reaches about 2 hours 45 mins. But that’s 90% of the volume, which we almost certainly will rarely use when at 60-70%, the volume is already very loud. And with mixed use of listening to music, watching movies, and talking at 50% volume, SKS lasted nearly 4 hours before running out of battery.

The time to fully charge the battery for the headset when in the box is about 50 minutes; fully charge the box for about 2 hours.


After three days of use, including one day to test the battery, test the sound quality, and test compatibility, connectivity, and latency one day. The result for me is very satisfaction with a pair of cheap TWS ears. Still, the sound quality is very good, wearing it is extremely comfortable, and most importantly, the Bluetooth connection is extremely stable.

SKS is a pretty wise choice to serve many purposes, from listening to music, listening to calls to watching movies. The only minus point and perhaps a bit personal is that there is no mode to stop the music when removed from the ear, and the volume can not be increased/decreased on the headset. But perhaps this is a bit greedy for a TWS headset at this price range. So the rest is really for beginners who want to experience TWS headphones at a moderate price.


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