logitech g512 carbon teclado mecánico gaming rgb gx brown logitech g512 carbon gx brown logitech g512 carbon gx brown tactile logitech g512 carbon gx brown review


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amazon LOGITECH G512 CARBON GX BROWN reviews

logitech g512 carbon teclado mecánico gaming rgb gx brown logitech g512 carbon gx brown logitech g512 carbon gx brown tactile logitech g512 carbon gx brown review

Since it was launched, G512 Carbon has quickly become Logitech’s hottest keyboard because it has a beautiful, luxurious design, especially since the price is reasonable. However, at the same time, Logitech only launched three switch options, including Romer-G Tactile, Romer-G Linear, and the new GX Blue.

However, Logitech Romer-G switches have the problem of not having a replacement keycap. Understanding that, Logitech has now launched a slightly upgraded version of its G512 Carbon keyboard: removing its previous proprietary Romer-G switch, Logitech opted for the new GX Brown (Tactile), and GX Red (Linear) switches instead. These GX switches were first brought by Logitech to the G Pro X keyboard and received positive feedback.

Design and features

Overall, in terms of design, G512 GX Tactile is no different from previous versions. This keyboard applies a full-size layout. Despite having 104 keys, the size of this mechanical keyboard is also quite light and compact, not too occupied area. The top of the G512 uses 5052 aluminum, which is used for aircraft production. This material helps the keyboard has a minimalist design but still ensures aesthetics. This surface is sanded by Logitech, which feels quite comfortable to type on. You also do not need to fear scratches or fingerprints like other keyboards.

In the upper right corner of this keyboard is the specific logo of the G series from Logitech. This logo does not have LED lights like the G813 but is a shiny nickel plating, creating a highlight throughout the keyboard. Slightly to the left of this logo will be the Passthrough USB port, making it easy to connect to other devices, such as a mouse. In the middle of the top of the keyboard is a round hole for you to connect Logitech Bridge accessories. I tried attaching a tripod, and it fits snugly, so if you’re creative, you can take advantage of this 1/4 inch hole to secure many other accessories, such as a webcam or a phone.

Due to the Passthrough USB port, Logitech was forced to design a two-wire USB connector for G512 Carbon. That thickens the wire, making sure it is more difficult to damage. Logitech also cleverly prints specific symbols on these two ports so you can distinguish them. If you are not using USB Passthrough, you can connect the USB-printed USB port to your PC. This cable is in the left position, close to the Passthrough USB port.

Unlike many conventional keyboards on the market, G512 Carbon also has functional sides for you to adjust to the most convenient way. Of course, you must press the Fn button with the corresponding key to use these function keys.

The back of G512 also has not too many details. The center is a table of information about the keyboard, including model code, Serial Number (S/ N). At the top will be two raised keyboard bases located on the two sides. This base helps your keyboard to be raised 8 degrees from the surface. It is slightly different when using the horizontal flip mechanism, not flip up like on other keyboards.

However, there is a minus point on this keyboard: no LED display with Num Lock or Scroll Lock enabled. That makes us take a bit of time when working with the number pad on the right.

Switch, stem, and keycap

Because its version is called GX Brown, so this version gives me the feeling of typing quite comfortably and can fit more users. I like the feel of typing from this switch. It’s not nearly as gritty as Cherry MX Brown but close to Gateron Brown, which is highly tactile. According to the information we have, this switch is manufactured by Kailh, but Logitech has refined it to make it smoother.

Compared to Romer-G Tactile, GX Brown has a slightly larger operating point (1.9 mm than 1.5 mm of Romer-G version). That increases the overall journey to 4.0mm. The average pressing force for the device to receive keys would be 50 grams and 60 grams for tactile feedback. This figure is equivalent to Cherry MX Brown but a bit heavier than Gateron Brown.

When practical experience, GX Brown works quite smoothly. I use it to type Word, and it responds very quickly. It still ensures its operation is not late or lost for fast-paced games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

As for the sound of typing, GX Brown does not make too much noise. In a closed room, the level of sound it emits is only 70 dB. That makes it possible to use it anywhere without worrying about disturbing others.

Since switching to the GX switch, you don’t need to worry about not having a replacement keycap anymore. These switches have a stem (pin to attach keycap) plus a plus sign (+) common to all keycap types on the market today. You can easily find the keycap (or the odd keycap) to customize your keyboard, especially the LED keycap, to take advantage of Logitech’s beautiful LED system.

Logitech uses ABS material for the original keycap on the G512 Carbon and the laser engraved characters. The entire keycap is covered with a soft, smooth, and concave Logitech keycap, making our hands more comfortable to type on.

LED lights and Logitech G Hub custom software

One advantage of Logitech is the Lightsync LED system and the G Hub software for the entire Logitech G ecosystem. You can download G Hub here for free. The system is bright enough to work at night without too blinding. You can increase or decrease the brightness of this keyboard through the key combination Fn + F7 or further customize the LED in G Hub.

For function keys, G Hub allows you to customize the Fn key combination from F1 to F12 if you don’t like the default. In addition, there is a good point in the G button position (activated by the key combination Fn + F8). When activated, the G-shaped LED position on the number pad will light, indicating that you have turned on Game Mode. This mode will lock the Windows and Fn buttons by default to press the wrong buttons when gaming. If you want to customize the number of other locked keys, you can find the Game Mode section on G Hub software.

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With the switch to GX switches, Logitech has brought a fresh breath to its G512 Carbon. The biggest weaknesses in the past, such as difficult to clean, difficult to play keycap, have been overcome, allowing users to control their products more easily. The typing feeling of the GX Brown switch is also very good, proved not to be inferior to its rivals like Cherry MX Brown or Gateron Brown.


logitech g512 carbon teclado mecánico gaming rgb gx brown tactile review


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