The fastest way to free up iPhone space

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The lack of storage space during use is what causes discomfort for users when experiencing Apple devices. So how to free up iPhone space? Let’s find out through the following article.

Have you ever fallen into a shortage of storage space on your iPhone? Running out of space is usually due to storing too many applications, photos, videos, data, etc.

And sadly, you can’t upgrade the internal memory or add a memory card to your phone like Android.

Clear Safari browser history and browsing data

Safari is the browser that people use on iPhones; some services will automatically save temporary files on the Safari browser to help load data faster without using a network connection to download again when needed.

But if after using the device for a long time, deleting history and browsing data on the Safari browser can help us regain more than 1GB of free memory.

To clear Safari’s browsing history is very simple, go to Settings and then select the Safari application. Next, click the Clear History and Website Data button.

Finally, click to confirm Clear History and Website Data to delete data.

Optimize memory when using iCloud to free up iPhone space

If you are using the same iCloud account on multiple iPhones simultaneously, deactivating iCloud Drive will free up iPhone space and reduce a large amount of memory occupied by the automatic photo sync process. Photos and videos between devices keep your iPhone full.

The operation to do this is as follows: Your iPhone device must be using iOS12 or higher operating system: Open Settings > Personal Profile (at the top of the Settings interface) > Select iCloud > Scroll down and disable the function iCloud Drive is done.

Backup photos to Google Photos to free up iPhone space.

Maybe you don’t want to lose any photos but still want to free up space on your iPhone. If so, use apps like Google+ or Dropbox.

Google+ gives you an unlimited storage space completely free as long as the image size is no more than 2048 x 2048 pixels, the video is no more than 15 minutes long.

Besides, Google+ provides users with 15GB of free storage and can upgrade to 100GB for only $2/month.

A special thing when using Google+ is optimizing device memory after the data backup process is completed.

You can erase all originals on your iPhone to free up storage space, but you can still quickly view them on this app without an internet connection.

Check out the use of the app.

To free up space on your iPhone, first see which apps you’re loading take up the most space on your phone. Here you will find some rarely used apps that suddenly take up a lot of space on your iPhone.

You open the Settings app, then go to General >> Usage >> Manage storage.

At the top, you’ll see the memory space you’ve used and the amount of memory remaining.

At the bottom, you’ll see a list of apps ranked by how much memory they’re taking up from most to least.

Let’s see which application is unnecessary and remove it.

Be careful with apps that download extra content.

The numbers you see in the storage management section – Manage storage- including how much memory space the application and its data. Some applications are small but have a lot of files.

For example, the Messenger application is only 49.5MB, but after a while, the application will take up a space of up to 600MB, sometimes up to 1GB. You can click Manage Storage to see the app size and the downloads within it.

Set the mode to delete old messages automatically

With iPhones using iOS 8 or later, you can now set up automatic deletion of older messages. If you like rereading old messages, then don’t use this feature. But do you need to reread old messages from a year ago?

You can also edit archived audio and video messages. You can set them to expire after 2 minutes or never.

Turn off keeping the original image when shooting HDR.

HDR photography mode helps photos taken on iPhone have better quality when the balance of light and dark is reasonable. So you don’t need to keep both normal and HDR photos, which takes up memory space; turn off that feature to make your iPhone lighter.

Please turn off keep the original image to save device memory. Go to Settings > Camera > turn off Normal Photo Save mode, and you’re done.

Stop using Photo Stream to free up iPhone space.

My Photo Stream automatically transfers your new photos from the last 30 days from your Camera Roll to all your devices using the same iCloud account. Photo Stream may take up some memory on the device, so you should delete it if you want to free up space on your iPhone.

You can turn off this service by going to Settings > Photos > turn off the feature My Photo Stream.

Delete unused, memory-hungry apps to free up iPhone space.

Deleting unused apps is the most typical way of freeing up iPhone space and ensuring a fair amount of memory for your iPhone device.

Suppose your iPhone has been upgraded to the iOS 12 or iOS 13 software version. In that case, you can use the feature to automatically remove unused applications in the settings when the device is running low on storage space, data files, etc. Personal data will be backed up for further use after re-downloading the app from the App Store.

To set up the feature to automatically remove unused apps on iPhone, users need to go to Settings > General > Memory management > Uninstall unused apps > Enable.

Or you can remove the application optionally by selecting the application in the memory management section and selecting “Remove application.” Uninstalling an app-only clears the app’s space, but it still saves your data, so when you reinstall it later, the old data will still be there, but you’ll still free up space on your iPhone.

Delete Offline Songs To Free Up iPhone Space

If you own an iPhone device with a modest amount of memory (about 16GB or 32GB), deleting the offline song library on online music applications like Spotify or Apple Music will also free up space helps to recover a significant portion of free memory for iPhone.

If you use any music streaming app like Spotify or Apple Music and have many songs downloaded for offline use, you should delete them for free iPhone storage.

Above are some simple ways to free up iPhone space for you to be more convenient during use.


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