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Thieaudio Legacy 2

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thieaudio legacy 2 aliexpress 4 vs blessing 5 moondrop crinacle frequency response head fi graph iem 3 review reddit uk aria starfield fiio fh3 2ba

Thieaudio is a headphone company specializing in IEM that resonated in the audio community about a year ago with two models, Monarch and Clairvoyance. But before that, Thieaudio had a few cheap IEM models. With this return, bringing the experience and technology from the two flagship models, Thieaudio launches the Legacy 2 model. With a price of $ 100 with a configuration of 1 10mm Beryllium dynamic driver and a BA driver, whether Thieaudio can continue to compete with other competitors?


Legacy 2’s box is quite simple, just a black paper box with the company logo. Inside we have headphones with 2-pin cables pre-installed and a small bag containing six pairs of ear tips.

In addition, there is a very cool dark blue faux leather headset case. The carrying case has a compact size, just enough to hold the headset with the cable, just enough to slip into a pocket or carry easily. The included headphone cable has fairly soft and tangle-resistant material.


The housing of Legacy 2 is poured with resin with an extremely eye-catching appearance.

The faceplate is covered with an opaque blue color, while the rest is transparent, with the driver inside visible.

The nozzle tube has a small notch to keep the ear tips from falling, but the tube is a bit short in length. However, the feeling of wearing the fit is still very good.


The sound quality of the Legacy 2 is considered to be quite “safe,” with a little boost of bass and a slight hit in the high-mid and gentle treble.


Bass has a sufficient amount, but it lacks in force and does not have a good bounce. The feeling of sub-bass has not been deep; mid-bass accompanied by empty kicks shows at a sufficient level. The bright spot in the bass range is that the bass hits quickly without being tangled in complex music.


Overall, the mid-range on Legacy 2 is quite pleasant. However, due to the unbalanced low-mid and high-mid tunes, the vocals are sometimes a bit blurry. The low-mid is slightly encroached by the bass, and the high-mid is pressed quite well, making the female vocals perform quite well, but the male vocals are not very good. The high notes of the specific music performed quite well, but the detail was only acceptable. While the instrument performed quite well, the vocals needed more detail to create more separation from the song.


The treble part of Legacy 2 is quite gentle and smooth compared to the overall sound of Legacy 2. Although using a BA driver, the treble of Legacy 2 is not bright enough, and the jingle is not too prominent. Although this makes some songs less harsh and easier to listen to, when it is necessary to perform strongly in rock songs, the cymbal of the drums feels a bit premature, not yet heard. Overall, the treble is neat and smooth; although it does not create a jingle, it does not make the music too harsh.


Legacy 2’s soundstage and soundstage are average, neither too wide nor too narrow, just enough to show the music. The soundstage is shoulder-width apart with the singer right in front; the instruments are well-positioned with the left and right positions enough for recognition. There are not too many highlights in the soundstage of Legacy 2.


When I wrote this article and heard about Legacy 2, I immediately thought of SeeAudio Yume with similar sound quality. I was hoping that when Legacy 2 came out, it might be Yume for only ½, but I was wrong. Yume deserves to be a perfect upgraded version of Legacy 2. All the shortcomings of Legacy 2 are improved well on Yume, such as neat bass, not encroaching low-mid, better high-mid details, and treble is more realistic and brighter than Legacy 2.

If you want, with a little time EQ back Legacy 2 or buy more Qudelix 5K, Legacy 2 can completely perform similar to Yume. However, technically, the details and layer separation on Yume are one level above Legacy 2.


Legacy 2 is a cheap product for beginners to experience; it is a pretty good start for those who want to step into the path of playing high-end headphones. If Legacy 2 was released last year, it could be a huge competition for the cheap headset market. However, at the moment, the IEM market at $100 is very fierce, with both big and small brands having outstanding products.

Legacy 2 is just a missing piece in the company’s headset; it hits enough role in every position, worthy of a safe choice for those just starting to play and upgrade gradually.

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thieaudio legacy 2 aliexpress 4 vs blessing 5 moondrop crinacle frequency response head fi graph iem 3 review reddit uk aria starfield fiio fh3 2ba


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