Top 6 best plastic water bottles in 2024

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In addition to beautiful design and low price, the quality and safety of plastic water bottles are also things that many people are interested in. Meeting those criteria well, the top 6 vases below become the most preferred choices:

Tritan plastic sports water bottle 02

Tritan 02 plastic sports water bottle is truly a high quality Vietnamese product. This product has a capacity of up to 800ml, so it is almost 2 times larger than the Lock & Lock bottle.

The large bottle can hold a lot of water, but it is difficult to fit in the side compartment of a backpack. Holding it in your hand also feels heavier than usual.

You can use it to store filtered water when going to the gym, jogging or using it at the company office.

Every day you want to make juice, tea, coffee or milo, you won’t have to worry about overdoing it thanks to the precise water level scale on the body. Whether containing cold or hot water, it will not be unsightly deformed.

More importantly, it is made from high quality Tritan plastic so it is not harmful to your health. You can use it for adults or children.

Its lid set is hard to use with just one twist. There is also a flip-top lid on top that can be used immediately without having to open the mouth of the bottle.

Even if I leave her lying around on the table, not a single drop of water leaks out like other cheap bottles.

MaterialTritan plastic
ColorRed, black, white

Tupperware Eco Bottle Gen I 500ml water bottle

The Tupperware Eco Bottle Gen I 500ml water bottle has a round design and a slim waist that fits in the palm of your hand.

The bright colored bottle body is mixed with a luminous colored lid that looks quite eye-catching.

This bottle has a capacity of 500 ml so you can use it as a juice bottle or filtered water when exercising.

When going out, you can put the strap on the lid on your hand to prevent it from falling or hang it in many different places.

If you leave it on a flat table, you won’t see the vase tilting at all because its square bottom stands firmly in every corner.

When you’re too thirsty, you pop the lid of the bottle and gulp it down right away. No need to waste time twisting and turning inconveniently.

But the bottle’s shell scratches too easily, while its selling price is quite high. You should consider your budget before choosing to buy.

MaterialPrimary PP plastic
ColorBlue, green, pink, orange

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Plastic water bottle with super cute animal-shaped straw 500ml

This vase looks like a smiling teddy bear. If you don’t like bear shapes, you can choose yellow ducks, gray cats, or stuffed pigs.

You can easily observe the remaining water level thanks to the transparent body of the bottle. Put juice and tea in here for a long time, it will still shine after being scrubbed.

With a capacity of 500 ml, this child can bring refreshments with him when he goes to school, work or sports, no matter what.

When you add milk here to make iced Milo or iced milk, use a spoon with a swirl tip to stir the mixture well and use immediately.

Every time I want to drink water, I take off the lid and put my mouth on the straw on the top of the bottle and it’s “perfect”. The heat disappeared and gave way to a refreshing feeling to the heart.

But when I first bought it, the plastic smell was a bit strong. Wash and re-wash dozens of times before it’s gone.

MaterialPP + AS plastic
ColorBrown bear, yellow duck, gray cat, pink pig

Plastic travel water bottle 1000ml

This product has a milky white outer shell, so I consider it quite clean.

Compared to the bottles mentioned above, Japanese products have a larger capacity of up to 1 liter. Just add water once and you’ll have enough for half a day. No need to waste time pouring in again.

Usually guys use it to quench their thirst while exercising. Some women really like to bring it to the company office. During friends’ picnics, you can also put the bottle in your backpack to use throughout the trip.

Even though it has a large capacity, thanks to the elongated bottle design, you can carry it very easily. The lid of the bottle is tight, so when traveling on the road you don’t have to worry about water spilling out and wetting the contents inside.

But there is a downside to this vase: its shell is very fragile. If you drop one, the vase will crack.

Furthermore, the lid wire on the tank lid is also very susceptible to breaking at the connection point.

MaterialPP plastic
ColorMilky white, green cap

2 liter water tank FG-16

FG-16 2 liter water bottle is thick and sturdy, so even if it falls, you don’t have to worry about it breaking.

Saying that the Nakaya bottle has a huge capacity, this one is twice as big because it can hold up to 2 liters of water. Pour water once and use it all day, how convenient.

However, its large capacity will lead to the disadvantage of a large bottle that is difficult to carry when going out. Women who have weak hands can easily fall when holding a vase because it is too heavy.

In return for the above drawback, the FG-16 produces smoother juice than usual thanks to the silicon filter installed inside.

Even if you pour boiling hot water into it, it won’t be distorted or bent anywhere.

The lid of the bottle has a flexible plastic handle, so you can put your hand in to carry it or hang it anywhere.

When using it, I feel secure because it does not send a toxic plastic smell.

MaterialPC plastic

Sports Lock & Lock plastic water bottle HPL931NBK-PR 470ML

Sports Lock & Lock HPL931NBK-PR 470ML plastic water bottle is as big as a size L milk tea cup. So you can easily put this in your backpack to take to school or work.

The best part is that you can use it to store fruit juice, sugar tea and even hot tea that has just been boiled. Because its shell is made from PP plastic that can withstand temperatures as high as 120 degrees Celsius.

Inside the bottle there is also a filter that removes fiber residue for very smooth water. You don’t have to worry about fruit fibers affecting your taste buds anymore.

One more special thing is that her lid set has up to 4 sturdy zippers, making it very difficult, if not impossible, to fall out.

But it seems like it’s not very airtight. If you accidentally place the water bottle horizontally or on its side, it will still leak water as usual.

MaterialPP plastic

Criteria for choosing to buy quality plastic water bottles

To choose the best plastic water bottle among the current plastic water bottles. You need to choose to buy products based on the quality criteria summarized below:

  1. Buy a plastic water bottle made from high-quality materials

The durability of the product is determined mainly by the material used to make the bottle. If you want a plastic water bottle with a long lifespan, choose a bottle made from PET plastic, PETE, HDPE and PP, LDPE plastic, etc.

  1. Buy plastic water bottles with fashionable designs for each type of user

The design of a plastic water bottle directly affects the user’s tastes and mood.

If you are an office worker, choose elegantly designed glass vases for use at work. But if you choose to buy a water bottle for your child, choose a bottle with a funny, adorable design to stimulate your baby’s appetite.

  1. Buy a plastic water bottle with capacity according to your needs

Plastic water bottles are currently produced in many different capacities and range from 0.3 to 2.5 liters.

If you want to carry a plastic water bottle with you, choose a bottle with a capacity of 0.3 to 1.2 liters. But if you want to use the product at home for the whole family, a plastic water bottle with a capacity of 1.5 to 2.5 liters will meet your needs.

  1. Choose a plastic water bottle equipped with accessories and a hook strap

Accessories and wristbands come with a plastic water bottle to bring high convenience to users. Usually, the product is designed with a portable leather case, thermal bag, and strap on the bottle lid to help you easily hold and carry it when on the go.

Therefore, this is also a criterion for people to consider when choosing to buy plastic water bottles.

  1. Buy a plastic water bottle with a convenient screw-on lid

When buying a water bottle, pay attention to the screw cap. If you want to prevent water from overflowing or want to use the lid as a cup of water, choose a product with a large, sealed spout lid.

Some important notes when using and preserving water bottles

To prevent the plastic water bottle from being damaged and harmful to your health, you need to pay attention and comply with a few important issues below:

When you first buy a water bottle, you need to clean and sanitize the tank carefully. In case of necessity, people can disinfect to remove the unpleasant odor of new items.

After using a water bottle to store odorous liquids, you need to clean it as soon as you finish drinking it and should not leave it overnight.

People can use dishwashing liquid to clean water bottles. But you must not use strong rubbing brushes, which will cause the product surface to quickly become damaged and discolored unsightly.

Which plastic water bottle should I choose?

During the process of using and experiencing the products, I felt most satisfied with the Tritan 02 water bottle. Because it fully meets the following quality standards:

Regarding design: The Tritan 02 water bottle is manufactured with a compact size despite its large capacity. The fashionable and luxurious vase design looks quite eye-catching.

About Features: Tritan 02 water tank with 800ml capacity for large water storage capacity. The tight lid set minimizes water leakage during transportation. The product is easy to disassemble and clean during use.

Regarding safety: Tritan water bottles are made from high-quality plastic materials, not harmful to users’ health. The product is also very friendly to the natural environment as it can decompose quickly.

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