Top 7 best and most convenient travel backpacks

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Ngolas FM308 travel backpack

The Ngolas FM308 travel backpack has an advantage I quite like with its unique design, which is that you can carry it horizontally or on your shoulder.

With this backpack you can choose small or large size depending on your needs. In addition, the bag also has 3 different colors for you to choose according to your preferences.

The backpack structure has 1 main compartment to fit books, umbrellas, clothes… and 3 sub-compartments to hold documents, money, wallets, and backpacks to help you store more things when going out or traveling, this is a feature. Very convenient for long trips.

The strap can be adjusted to the desired length, comfortable, designed to hug both shoulders tightly and firmly.

I feel that the fabric material is quite thick and sturdy, and the packaging is very tight to ensure the items inside.

The price of this backpack is quite reasonable with its quality.

Brand originVietnamese
Size45cm x 26cm x 20cm/ 55cm x 30cm x 20cm
Weight0.79kg/ 0.93kg
ColorBlack, yellow, gray blue

Travel backpack BLH207 – Fashion Langfeng

The first reason to say that the BLH207 – Fashion Langfeng travel backpack is suitable for tourists and backpackers is its outstanding water resistance.

Therefore, you can completely rest assured that you can carry it on your back without worrying about drizzle or going into wet areas.

With this product line, you will have a large, spacious central compartment, allowing you to fit a 15.6-inch personal laptop.

Besides, the backpack is designed with zippers in the front so you can roll up your tent, raincoat, etc.

However, according to practical experience, if you stuff the compartments too tight, the zipper seam will easily tear or the stitching will break.

The backpack weight is about 850g, so it is only suitable for adults.

Brand originVietnamese
MaterialPolyester fabric
Size55 x 33 x 26 cm
ColorYellow, Blue, Pink, Black

KhoNCC KKT-BL-1833D travel backpack

The KhoNCC KKT-BL-1833D travel backpack is designed with a large capacity to hold a lot of items, quite convenient for storing a lot of clothes, personal belongings, etc. to support you on your travel and backpacking trips.

Backpacks with fashionable and youthful design are suitable for everyone.

The backpack is made from imported large-grain parachute fabric combined with square checkered parachute fabric to create a fashion statement and is a highly durable fabric.

The backpack has up to 3 different youthful colors, meeting the different needs and preferences of each user

In my opinion, the backpack is a bit heavy to hold, more suitable for men.

Brand originVietnamese
Materialparachute fabric
Size36 x 56 x 21 cm
ColorRed, grey, black

Outdoor Local Lion travel backpack

Outdoor Local Lion travel backpack is a specialized backpack for backpackers, those who often go on trips but always want a flexible backpack, this is the right choice.

The backpack is produced in 3 different colors for you to freely choose from.

Large, versatile backpack with many compartments to hold many items for long trips and mountain climbing.

There is also a chest and abdominal belt design to help reduce force when you have to carry a lot of things and when walking.

The buckles, belts, and seams are carefully sewn with 2 very sturdy seams, so I feel secure when leaving items inside.

The only downside of this backpack is that it is quite expensive.

Brand originChina
Size50 x 32 x 15 cm
ColorYellow, blue, orange red

Outdoor Local Lion Backpack (Green Camouflage): Buy it now

MHL Canvas travel backpack

If you are a classic style person, the MHL Canvas travel backpack will satisfy you with its sturdy, square design and vintage color.

This backpack is designed with a separate laptop compartment up to 17 inches so you can take your laptop with you when traveling.

Backpack with many small internal and external compartments, suitable for traveling, backpacking, outdoor picnics, etc.

The canvas material is durable, waterproof, and thick so you can go on different terrains.

The price is a bit expensive compared to other products.

Brand originVietnamese
Size44 x 28 x 16 cm
ColorBrown, gray, black

Amihouse Canvas travel backpack

Amihouse Canvas travel backpack, a unique backpack product with a sporty and personality design, suitable for young people traveling, backpacking or working long days.

The backpack has a large capacity and high quality zippers so you can put a lot of things and your belongings are protected safely.

The backpack is designed with a shock-absorbing back cushion system and has many air holes to bring comfort to the user when traveling.

Air holes are placed on the back and side of the strap to absorb sweat and reduce heat when worn on the back.

But the backpack is not water resistant and not impact resistant.

Brand originChina
MaterialCanvas fabric
Size34 x 15 x 70 cm
ColorKhaki, blue, black

Naturehike travel backpack

Although the Naturehike travel backpack is a bit small, it is also very suitable for short trips.

In addition, this bag can be folded, very convenient for backpackers. The seams of this bag, in my opinion, are very sturdy.

This backpack is designed to be quite breathable, so it is very comfortable to use. The items in the bag are also well ventilated and not moldy.

The downside of this backpack is that it doesn’t have many compartments and is small in size so you won’t be able to store many things.

The price of this backpack is also quite expensive because this is a product from a quite famous brand in China.

Brand originChina
Size30 x 40 x 18 cm
ColorNavy blue, black

Why should you choose a travel backpack instead of a suitcase?

Obviously, for business trips or long-term travel, suitcases are always the choice of many people. Not only does it have support wheels, but the suitcase also helps you arrange your belongings more carefully, avoiding crumpling.

However, suitcases are not always the most reasonable choice, let’s take a look at a few reasons why a travel backpack is truly the ideal companion for the journey!

1. Compact, lightweight design

If you only need one thing to store things in preparation for a 1 to 2-day, or even 3-day picnic, you won’t necessarily need a bulky suitcase.

With a compact design, the inner compartments of the travel backpack are also equipped with foam cushions, helping you fit your laptop without fear of impact.

When your trip is not a business trip, and the belongings you bring are not luxury suits, a backpack will be enough for you to fold your picnic clothes.

Even if it’s a small suitcase, carrying it will be more tiring than carrying a travel backpack on your back.

​2. Increase flexibility and mobility

Agree that carrying a suitcase will bring optimization to the need to carry luggage on trips. But there is one issue that you should pay closer attention to.

In case you travel or work by plane, stay at a fixed hotel, or have a simple itinerary, without many changes in accommodation, bringing a suitcase is indisputable.

However, you are preparing for your discovery trip, what if everything changes flexibly?

Firstly, on transportation, you will travel by plane, bus, passenger car, taxi, train, motorbike taxi, etc. Whether your suitcase will fit in the luggage compartment or not.

With its large size, heavy weight, and hard outer shell design, the suitcase will make the owner quite confused and have difficulty arranging it on shelves in vehicles.

On the contrary, a travel backpack will be much easier, you can tuck it in a corner or under your chair, very safe and light, takes up little space, and does not affect other people on the same bus.

Second, you will realize that travel backpacks beat suitcases in mobility when your schedule changes flexibly.

Imagine, your trip includes all activities such as climbing mountains, going to remote areas, going to islands,… in short, traveling on many terrains, not just walking around the city.

So, at this time, the suitcase’s push and pull wheel function is almost useless, you will have to strain yourself to carry the big suitcase, even if it is small, it is quite tiring.

Carrying a backpack on your back will completely solve this problem. It will follow you throughout your journey, just wearing it on your back, the user’s arms and legs will be much more flexible.

If you carry too many things, carrying a large backpack will be quite tiring, but after all, it’s simpler than carrying a suitcase or carrying it, right?

  1. Carry a more comfortable travel backpack

Nowadays, travel backpack manufacturers always care about user feelings. Therefore, the shoulder straps always have soft foam cushions, helping to disperse the impact force on the shoulders.

Besides, the backpack’s ligament system will help it hug your body tightly, all forming a unified whole, somewhat reducing the feeling of heaviness and stagnation when carrying a large travel backpack.

  1. Design with many drawers

If you underestimate the spaciousness of a travel backpack, that is a big mistake.

It must be admitted that the things arranged in a backpack will not be as neat as packing in a suitcase, but this does not mean that a travel backpack cannot have enough necessary items for your trip.

The backpack is designed to be extremely spacious, with one to two main compartments, even 3 main compartments, and many other sub-compartments.

In addition to personal laptops and clothes, women will feel much more secure because the extra compartments of the backpack will help them carry all the necessary cosmetics.

The two extra compartments on both sides will be a suitable place to put a water bottle or a small raincoat, for example.

Experience choosing travel backpacks

To make the most perfect choice for your trip, let’s consider some important criteria of a travel backpack!

1. What size is enough?

The size of the backpack completely depends on the purpose of your trip. Specifically, on the market, there are many different models of travel backpacks and backpacks to serve the needs of customers. Typical examples include:

Volume below 10L:

This type of backpack is suitable for short-day trips or children.

With a volume of less than 10L, you will have enough to store a few basic items and 1 set of clothes.

This will also be a suitable choice for picnics or outings with friends.

Volume from 10L – 30L:

This is probably the most popular backpack line suitable for 2-day 1 night trips in close range.

A backpack of about 30L will be enough to hold a lot of things if you know how to arrange it properly.

Volume from 30L – 80L:

Backpacks over 30L will be the perfect choice for you during a long holiday. If you need to carry a lot of things, you can choose a 50L backpack.

In this line of backpacks, most are designed with many compartments and high-quality fabric so you can be completely assured about its quality.

Volume above 80L:

There is no need to argue about the convenience of this product line.

Carrying a backpack with a capacity of 80 liters on your shoulder, you will comfortably be filled with necessary personal items for the whole family.

Although it’s a bit bulky, you won’t need to wonder if you should leave anything at home without taking it with you.

2. Constituent materials

Remember that you buy travel backpacks for trips, not backpacks or school bags. Therefore, material will be the essential factor that you need to pay attention to next.

Why is that? Not only promoting durability and sturdiness, but the materials that backpack manufacturers must include in their products also need to have many other useful features.

A typical example is its effective water resistance.

Just imagine, you are going on a motorbike trip, you are climbing mountains, going through forests, and crossing streams. If your backpack is made of normal fabric, it will get wet, and the things inside. Falling into that situation is troublesome!

Moreover, choosing a backpack material of canvas or polyester will help you feel a lot more secure if you need to bring electronic devices such as a laptop or camera on your trip.

But you need to remember that, although it has waterproof and waterproof features, it is only effective in light rain that is not too heavy.

Speaking of the problem when you carry specialized electronic devices, in addition to having to have waterproof fabric covering the outside, the inside of the backpack needs to have additional layers of shock-proof foam for the device.

It will avoid unnecessary collision situations, ensuring your device operates stably.

In short, in terms of travel backpack material, you should prioritize polyester fabric. It will help you have a dust-proof, waterproof, heat-insulating, and durable product.

​3. Travel backpack style

Design is the next issue we want to talk about. Backpacks for backpacking and travel are now designed by many different brands.

You can choose models such as 2-strap backpacks, cross-body backpacks, tubular backpacks, etc. However, no matter what, when buying a backpack, you need to pay attention to whether it is suitable for your physical strength.

A small tip that you can pocket is to check which backpack is suitable for your body as follows: put your hands lightly on your hips, imagining there is a circle around your stomach.

Use a tape measure to measure along your spine from the cervical vertebrae to that circle. Then, just compare with the following results table:

Under 40cm: You should use a super small backpack, with a capacity of 7 liters.

From 40 to 45 cm: You should use a small-sized backpack, i.e. 10 to 15 liters

From 46 to 50cm: You should choose a medium-sized backpack, about 15 to 40 liters.

From 50cm or more: You will need a large backpack, over 40 liters for storage capacity.

Of course, you also have to consider what the purpose of your trip is and how much stuff you bring!

In addition, some young people can choose trendy and stylish backpacks when coordinating outfits.

The style not only shows the level of need to store and carry things but also shows your fashion level.

4. The backpack has many compartments, including a water bottle compartment

Why should you choose a backpack with many compartments?

If you carry many types of items such as clothes, cosmetics, electronic devices, phone chargers, personal belongings, etc., choosing a backpack with many compartments will be quite convenient.

You won’t need to put them together. If you mix cosmetics with clothes, you will get into a lot of trouble.

Therefore, many compartments separated by zippers and membranes will make it more convenient for you to put things in, and also much easier if you want to take them out, no need to dig them all up anymore.

Why do we need to choose a backpack with a water compartment?

This may just be a small note, but you won’t realize its necessity.

If you are preparing for a journey of discovery, going to barren, harsh lands, remote areas, or islands, bringing a water bottle is extremely important and necessary.

Not to mention, having a water bottle on the side of your backpack will be extremely convenient if you have to drive long distances and want to stop to refresh yourself, wash your face, and regain your sanity.

In addition, you must be prepared for every possible situation, for example, the place you go to does not have a restaurant or a clean water source.

At that time, you will feel wise when choosing a backpack model designed with additional water bottle storage.

  1. Branded backpacks

With any product, choosing famous brands always brings peace of mind to customers. And the same goes for travel backpacks.

We can mention some names familiar to backpackers such as The North Face, Colombia,…

When choosing famous brands, you will have assurance about product quality and product durability over time.

In particular, if there are any errors in the manufacturing process such as loose zippers, you will receive a full warranty.

  1. The backpack has sturdy zippers

Very few travel backpacks have anti-theft features. Furthermore, you cannot see behind your backpack while carrying it on your back, so choosing a backpack with a sturdy zipper is extremely important.

This will be useful when you are on the bus or simply walking around. Prioritize a backpack that is sturdy and difficult to tear to avoid losing items, making your trip perfect.

Which travel backpack should I choose best?

For backpacking trips and short-term travel, the Ngolas FM308 travel backpack is probably the right choice, because:

About design:

The Ngolas FM308 travel backpack is uniquely designed, meaning you can carry it horizontally or wear it on your shoulder.

The backpack has 2 sizes: small and large, you can choose to suit your personal needs.

This product has 3 colors: black, yellow, gray-blue. I feel like every color is delicate and creates a clean feeling.

About features:

The backpack structure has 1 main compartment to fit books, umbrellas, and clothes… and 3 sub-compartments to hold documents, money, wallets, and backpacks to help you store more things when going out or traveling, this is a feature. Very convenient for long trips.

The strap can be adjusted to the desired length, is comfortable, and is designed to hug both shoulders tightly and firmly.

I feel that the fabric material is quite thick and sturdy, and the packaging is very tight to ensure the items are inside.

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