Top 7 delicious soft drinks that are best for health

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Mirinda soda ice cream carton

Mirida Soda cream soft drink is packaged in an eye-catching can with an all-blue color scheme. Just looking at it makes me feel refreshed.

It has the most unique taste compared to other soft drinks. Drinking this, you will feel the passion of cream soda.

Because of the strong scent, many people are a bit hesitant to use this product. But you can rest assured that its fragrance concentration is still within the allowable limit.

Pour it into a pre-made iced glass, and you will want to drink it immediately because of its iridescent blue color.

The weather is hot, take a cool sip to your heart’s content without any feeling of irritation at all.

However, for those who are obese or diabetic, take Mirinda sparingly. Because it contains a slightly high amount of sugar.

Capacity24 cans x 330ml/can
IngredientSaturated water, CO2, cane sugar, natural cream soda flavor, acidity regulator (330), table salt, preservative (211), synthetic color
TasteCream soda

Pepsi soft drink box of 24 cans without calories 330ml

Lemon-flavored Pepsi soft drink brings a strange taste to users. Take a sip of soft drink, you will feel the sweet and sour taste mixed together.

But for those who are familiar with the traditional Pepsi flavor, you will not like this one very much.

A box of this type of soft drink has about 24 cans for you to comfortably drink during picnics with friends.

If you want to use it more refreshingly, chill it or add a little ice and then add fresh water later. Wait until it is evenly cold, then drink immediately to quench your thirst.

Another great thing is that Pepsi soft drink has no calories. Anyone who is afraid of obesity can buy this product and use it without worrying about anything.

Capacity24 cans x 330ml/can
IngredientCO2, synthetic color, natural flavor, caffeine,…

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Lot of 10 bottles of Red Bull energy drink (150ml x 10)

Drinking Reb Bull energy drink will make you feel good immediately because it provides quite a high level of energy. In addition, it also provides abundant vitamin B6 and B16.

In terms of taste, the soft drink has a bit of a sour taste and a pleasant aroma, the more you drink it, the more addicted you become.

But those who are used to drinking moderately sweet coca soft drinks will find this one a bit rich and harsh.

Furthermore, energy drinks are not carbonated, so they support digestion less than carbonated drinks. In return, it doesn’t make your nose runny as soon as you drink it.

Another thing I like is that it comes in a screw-cap bottle that can be drunk many times. Not the canned type, you have to use it all once you open it otherwise it won’t lose its taste.

Capacity10 bottles x 150ml/bottle
IngredientVitamin B12, B6, flavoring, sugar,…
TasteSweet and sour energizing taste

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Japanese Coca Cola soft drink box of 24 bottles

Japanese domestic Coca Cola soft drinks look rounder and chubbier than Vietnamese products. A box of 24 bottles of it has a quite high price, but in return, the taste is much better than regular soft drinks.

When you sip the soft drink in your mouth, you feel the moderate sweetness and a bit of sweetness. Not too sweet like other cheap bottles of Coca-Cola.

But the most special thing is that it does not cause weight gain thanks to its relatively low calorie content. Drinking soft drinks for many days, the sugar index does not increase much because the sugar content of Japanese Cola bottles is not high.

In addition, it is also less susceptible to damage thanks to the silver bottle that reacts less to sunlight.

Capacity24 bottles x 300ml/bottle
IngredientCarbonated water, Sugar Caramel, Colour, Phosphoric Acid, Caffeine, Natural flavours

Box of 24 bottles of Revive 500ml beverage

Revive soft drink has a larger capacity than Pepsi soft drink. Its water bottle has a capacity of up to 500ml, so drinking it makes you much thirstier.

Instead of the usual sweetness, there is a little salty taste of mineral salts. Therefore, drinking this product will not make you feel sick.

But many people who drink Revive water feel a bit awkward because they are not used to it. Especially the little kids don’t like her very much.

One thing you should know is that Revive beverage contains a large amount of micronutrients. Drinking a few sips will make your body feel full of energy.

It not only quenches thirst but is also very good for health because it does not contain preservatives.

Every day when I go to the gym, I bring it along to increase my energy so I can practice all the time without getting tired. If you go out and get sunstroke or dizziness, drink a little and you’ll feel awake.

Capacity24 bottles x 500ml/bottle
IngredientCO2, Curose sugar, acidity regulators, electrolytes, mineral salts,…
TasteMineral salt taste

Box of 24 cans of Mirinda sassafras Sleek beverage (330ml/Can)

Mirinda Sleek beverage is rich in sassafras flavor. Taking the first sip, the carbonation of the soft drink rushed up to my sleepy nose, forcing me to wake up immediately.

Just flip the lid and you’ll have a delicious can of water to quench your thirst in the summer.

Thanks to its unique sweetness, anyone who uses this product will like it. From adults, children to the elderly who have difficulty eating.

Whenever you feel your stomach is a bit bloated and have a feeling of indigestion, take a few sips of this and you’ll feel relieved.

Not only is it good for digestion, Mirinda soft drink also stimulates taste buds. She doesn’t feel bored after eating some greasy dishes and drinking more.

Capacity24 cans x 330ml/can
IngredientFlavorings, sugar, colorants,…

Box of 24 bottles of Strawberry Red Sting (330ml/Bottle)

Strawberry red Sting bottle (330ml/Bottle) comes in a screw cap, so it’s easy to open or screw in.

It’s delicious, it’s fragrant, but I don’t dare let my baby drink too much of it. Because every time she finished drinking, tongue turned red. Looking at it, you can immediately tell that this product contains a lot of colorants.

In addition, the strawberry Sting taste is a bit sweet. If you drink too much, your throat will easily be hoarse the next day.

But to be fair, it helps me wake up right away when I’m tired or sleepy. Just take a few sips and you’ll feel full of energy.

Furthermore, the selling price is also affordable. Easy to buy, easy to drink, so it should be used a lot.

Capacity24 cans x 330ml/can
IngredientFragrances, fragrances, sugars, vitamins,…

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How to distinguish real and fake soft drinks

In recent times, the media has reported that a series of counterfeit bottled soft drink establishments were discovered by the authorities.

At the fake soft drink production facility, it was discovered that there were many toxic chemicals used to prepare soft drinks. Sanitary conditions are not guaranteed, posing many potential risks of disease.

To protect the health of ourselves and our entire family, each of us should know how to recognize fake and real soft drinks in the following way:

  1. About logos

Large soft drink companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and 7up often apply modern logo printing technology when bottling products. Accordingly, logo models will be designed according to standard sizes and with high uniformity to ensure outstanding aesthetics.

The logos of product lines impersonating brands are often blurred and do not have harmony and symmetry. The logo color is also much lighter than the real soft drink.

  1. About labels

The label samples pasted on genuine Sting and Coca-Cola soft drinks have a high level of flatness. You will not be able to see any traces of glue at the junction between the two edges of the label. When touching it with your hands, people will feel smooth and without any bumps.

Particularly for the label samples on fake soft drinks, the junction between the two edges of the label is glued quite crudely, so the excess glue layer is easily exposed. You don’t need to touch it with your hands to see the unaesthetic appearance of the glue.

In addition, the label color of fake soft drinks is often lighter than real soft drinks. The writing printed above is also not as sharp as the label samples of the real product line.

  1. About taste

Real soft drinks have moderate sweetness and do not make the user’s throat feel sore. The flavors used inside are within the allowable limit, so the soft drink has a faint, natural fragrance and is not strong.

But when you enjoy fake soft drinks, you will feel the concentrated sweetness as the soft drink passes through your throat. The sweetness remains in the mouth quite strongly because the product contains a lot of chemical sugar, also known as sugar. Furthermore, the scent of fake soft drinks is much stronger than real soft drinks.

How to preserve fresh water

Besides recognizing fake soft drinks, you also need to equip yourself with how to properly preserve soft drinks to maintain product quality. But in reality, not everyone knows how to properly preserve it to prolong its shelf life.

If you are also among them, quickly apply the following extremely standard way to preserve freshwater:

  1. Store fresh water in a cool place

According to soft drink manufacturers, soft drinks contain many active ingredients that easily react when exposed to direct sunlight. The reaction process will create new active ingredients that are harmful to users’ health.

Therefore, you should not store fresh water in a place with a lot of sunlight. Place fresh water in cool areas without natural light.

  1. Store fresh water in a cool, dry place

The quality of freshwater will change if people store the product in areas that are too humid. Therefore, manufacturers recommend that users store fresh water in a cool, dry place. Stay away from areas with too much humidity, which will cause the taste of drinking water to lose its original taste.

  1. Store fresh water away from high temperatures

If people put fresh water in areas with too high temperatures, it will cause the fresh water to quickly spoil. Therefore, the third principle of preserving fresh water you need to know is that you should not store fresh water in places with high temperatures. Fresh water should only be kept in areas with average room temperature.

  1. Store soft drinks in the refrigerator

Similar to beer, the ideal place to store soft drinks is the refrigerator. Because this is an area that is not exposed to sunlight and is quite dry.

The special thing is that the appropriate coldness inside the refrigerator compartment makes the soft drink taste fresh. The product is refrigerated, giving users a refreshing feeling right after the first sip.

  1. Find out the storage time of soft drinks and comply with regulations

Normally, bottled water will have a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture. But some product lines will have a shorter or longer shelf life.

Therefore, you need to carefully research information about the product to know how long you can preserve fresh water and have an appropriate usage plan.

​ Which type of soft drink should I choose?

As we have seen, each type of soft drink has its unique flavor. The product meets the diverse taste needs of the majority of customers. I have a special love for Mirinda soft drinks with Cream Soda flavor. The reason is because:

About design: Mirinda Soda cream soft drink is produced according to canning specifications. The soft drink can have a fresh and extremely eye-catching green color. When I hold a soft drink in my hand, I feel stylish.

About the taste: Mirinda soft drink has a unique cream soda flavor that makes me want to enjoy it again and again. It both stimulates taste buds and digestion, so it effectively solves indigestion.

Regarding safety: Mirinda ice cream soft drink contains flavorings and preservatives but are all within allowable limits. The product is not harmful to users’ health.

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