5 effective and safe ways to treat dark eyes and brighten your face

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Treat dark eyes with natural ingredients

Many natural ingredients around us contain many nutritional ingredients that help reduce dark eyes, brighten the skin, even out skin tone, and hydrate the skin well. Such as cucumber, lemon, potato, Aloe vera, mint leaves, etc. Therefore, below is an example of instructions on how to treat dark eye circles with cucumber. You can refer to applying them every week to quickly repel dark eye circles.

Prepare 1 cucumber, cut off the end of the cucumber, and then wash it to remove the pus in the cucumber.

Cut a cucumber into thin slices.

Clean your face and eye circles, then apply cucumber to your eye circles. You can apply the whole face so that your whole face can benefit from the benefits of cucumber.

After 15 minutes, rinse with cold water, and finally apply toner to balance skin moisture.

Apply eye cream to treat dark circles

Eye cream to treat dark circles is also one of the products produced with the main purpose of simply treating dark circles, helping users save time. Currently, on the market, there are many creams to treat dark circles under the eyes that have received good reviews from many women. However, to ensure safety and good results, women should choose dark eye creams containing ingredients such as Retinol, Ceramide; Niacinamide, AHA, Vitamin E, Caffeine; SPF, natural extracts,… Specifically, you can refer to and choose some of the following creams to treat dark circles: Sakura Eye Contour; Image MD Restoring Collagen Recovery Eye Gel, Paula’s Choice Anti-Aging Eye,…

Apply a mask to treat dark eyes

Besides treating dark eyes with natural ingredients, using an eye mask is also one of the solutions to help reduce dark eyes. Currently, on the market, many types of eye masks are very effective in treating dark spots. Specifically, you can refer to: the JM Solution eye mask; Shiseido eye mask; Estee Lauder Collagen eye mask;…

These masks not only help treat dark eye circles but also moisturize the skin, prevent aging, and limit the formation of crow’s feet.

Apply sunscreen to protect eye bags

Do you know? The impact of sunlight, UV rays, and environmental dust is one of the causes of dark eye circles. Therefore, to effectively treat dark eyes, in addition to applying the above methods, you should protect this skin area more carefully by applying sunscreen to eye circles. Besides, when going out, wear sunglasses and UV-protective glasses so that your skin is not affected by the impact of the environment, especially UV rays.

Go to bed early, reduce exposure to electronic devices

Staying up late and spending too much time with electronic devices are also some of the causes of dark eyes. Therefore, if you want to permanently get rid of dark eyes, you need to go to bed early to rest your eyes and reduce exposure to electronic devices such as phones, computers, etc. to avoid exposure to blue light.

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