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Crashday Redline Edition

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crashday redline edition cheats steam charts customize cheat engine pc gameplay torrent vive trailer error crashday: hacks workshop

If anything, Crashday: Redline Edition can pat your chest and say: I’m the world champion! It can only be in the extremely “massive” amount of content and modes of this game. The writer would like to use the word “massive” because compared to Crashday: Redline Edition, the most famous racing game like Need For Speed ​​is also jealous.

As mentioned in a previous article, Crashday: Redline Edition has seven game modes. They are completely different; there are 3 to 4 other small game items each way, and the overlap does not completely appear. From slaughtering each other in Wrecking Match to clashing for flags in Hold The Flag or passing bombs with Pass The Bomb, each mode in the game offers a certain amount of fun that makes gameplay change quickly. Therefore, although still hanging around with the cars, the experience is never repeated.

The brightest point in the modes of Crashday: Redline Edition, according to the writer, is Stunt Mode. Here, the player must do acrobatics, jump and land as safely as possible to achieve the highest score; there is almost no limit in Stunt Mode when the game is normally very wide and does not follow a certain route. Moreover, patience and judgment of the time must be exercised to the best.

Despite many game modes, Crashday: Redline Edition still has a variety of levels to play, the number of up to several dozen is spread evenly and fits perfectly with each game mode, making players not feel “boring” “even if it’s been hours. The mod feature is also added and with the unlimited creativity of the gaming community, the unique racetracks will continue to increase the “massive” of the game.

An interesting detail in Crashday: Redline Edition is that players can buy cars and manually upgrade them to their liking. Although the number of vehicles is not so much, it is still enough to make a difference every time you control it yourself, and the “spare parts” added will make a significant difference in the engine.

Besides, some mini-games also create certain challenges, but they are a bit faded and lack the necessary highlights.

Suppose you are a gamer who plays racing games in the “evil” category and has had a hard time at the wheel, as well as experiencing dozens of speed game brands. In that case, the lack of excitement will be the first thing to realize after just minutes of “hold the steering wheel” in Crashday: Redline Edition; it’s a rough and lousy feeling.

Of course, comparing Crashday: Redline Edition with racing games like Forza Horizon or Need For Speed is too lame, but at least it has to give players a feeling of being “pressurized” and soft like TrackMania has done. Based on its characteristics. Controlling the car in Crashday: Redline Edition does not bring the desired accuracy when cornering and performing an acrobatic or risky stunt.

That becomes extremely taboo in precision modes like Bomb Run or Stunt Mode. Even in the most basic methods with content only revolved around acceleration and steering like Race or Test Drive, comfort is also extremely luxurious; with a game that has been remade, Crashday: Redline Edition has to do better than that.

If the player has a lot of money and has a good gamepad for himself, then the Crashday: Redline Edition experience becomes a bit lighter because the “nightmare” really comes when you play using the keyboard. Then the fun of Stunt Mode or Wrecking Match will turn into a test of patience and directly reduce the durability of your beloved keyboard.

It’s a “refurbished” version from 2006’s Crashday, but I can honestly say 2017’s Crashday: Redline Edition is still not much different! Except for some technical additions, everything in the old game remains the same, it is worth mentioning here that the old game is not good enough, so when it comes to the future, the result is not much better.

What players look forward to most in a remaster that the graphics are also done poorly. The car model is still very “toy,” the collision is ridiculous, the surface is of low quality. In general, the overall “beauty” of Crashday: Redline Edition is not as good as other racing games in the category “pretty” in PS3, Xbox 360 like Project Gotham Racing 4, Blur, or Split/Second.

Although the game screen has many excesses, enough fun, the so-called meticulous care in Crashday: Redline Edition is not. The obstacles are still very rough and very “plastic,” the details are not rounded, when gliding at high speed, the surrounding scenery looks like cardboard boxes decorated with textures.

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