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Overkill’s The Walking Dead

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coop gameplay pc overview system requirements trailer ps4 wiki دانلود بازی برای requisitos review steam the trainer türkçe yama

Overkill’s The Walking Dead takes players into the vast world of The Walking Dead with four selectable characters. The mission of these characters (as well as the player) is to build and protect the “nest” of these devastated Washington city survivors from zombies and other opposing gangs.

It seems that owning a solid foundation from The Walking Dead with the advice of author Robert Kirkman himself will create a ruined world with a dramatic story for Overkill’s The Walking Dead, the game brings the scene is “soulless” and “insensitive” to a strange level.

Our four main characters do not have any background stories or certain personalities to connect with this world, their barracks, and other characters. The only thing that gives these four characters a “soul” is nothing more than … the trailers that Overkill Software has released earlier.

The characters inside the barracks are not better when “notorious” as “leaders” but do not say anything else except the announcement of the player’s mission on the game screen. Outside the camp, these characters just do the right responsibilities they are assigned to such as providing quests, buying and selling equipment, storing items … without having any more outstanding personality to give players the feeling of wanting to protect guard this barracks.

Although each character is equipped with two main weapons and a melee weapon to be used to suit each situation, the design in the gameplay in Overkill’s The Walking Dead is extremely incoherent and somewhat self-contained mutual corruption.

Your primary weapon will be long-range weapons such as crossbows and guns. After firing a few shots (more precisely, out of the first magazine), the player’s silencer will break and make more noise than that. After a few levels of gameplay, your gun will get stuck if there is no maintenance but continued use and maintenance can only be done inside the base. Therefore, if you do not check the equipment carefully before joining the mission, it may be extremely difficult to complete the level.

Close-range weapons will “easier” with no repair and no noise when used, but they make the player in a dangerous state because the zombies will automatically catch you if you are within reach.

If you’ve ever watched or read through The Walking Dead, you will surely know that the zombies in this universe will be “excited” by the noise, creating loud noise, or using guns without silencers call dozens of zombies to your place. This is also the main mechanism of the game when each level will have a noise bar with three different landmarks, the player will have to avoid making noise as much as possible, otherwise, this bar will increase gradually, each milestone. Achieved will increase the number of zombies appearing on the game screen. If the player makes these landmarks full, the number of corpses will increase so much that they cannot be destroyed. Therefore, the sneaky element is always featured in the game.

In Overkill’s The Walking Dead, zombies are not your only enemy, but there are other survivors like The Family who want to “punish”. These names will appear in a few levels as the third factor interfering in the “war” between friends with zombies and they are the cause of all problems.

Together as the survivors, the enemies seem “indifferent” to the attraction of zombies and then automatically indiscriminate firing, causing the player to suffer the consequences when the noise of these guys. “Inadvertently” raised the noise bar and drew more zombies to the playing area.

Not all! Overkill’s The Walking Dead is the first game in which I feel that zombies are… wiser than humans. The zombies are both large in number and capable of detecting extremely audible sounds will always put the player in “stalemate” when playing alone (and sadly this is what often happens when the game is not. there are too many players).

However, the human enemies in the game are too … “stupid” to not be able to recognize the sound in the nearest area, including the sound of bombs or traps. Besides, these enemies also acted extremely silly to the extent that when prioritizing… slaying zombies from afar instead of the player right next to them.

Another absurdity in Overkill’s The Walking Dead’s gameplay mechanics is that there is no hot button for melee action. Normally, first-person shooters will have buttons for quick melee combat when holding a gun, Overkill’s The Walking Dead doesn’t have this feature.

With a shortcut to switch to a close-up weapon, the game removed this hotkey to make it more difficult for players. This point wouldn’t be worth talking about if… your character also comes with a small knife to use to finish off enemies! If there is a knife, why does the game have no hotkeys that allow players to melee, when the equipment switching moves are too cumbersome? Or why not use my melee weapon to deliver the finishing blow?

Without stopping, Overkill’s The Walking Dead won’t even allow players to lean over to shoot while hiding. With frequently falling into the scene of a handicap … a dozen, the leaning mechanism will help the player breathe a lot easier than what the game is doing today: every time you get up and shoot an enemy, you will take dozens of damage to your body.

Besides, the “training” aspect of the game is not much better when weapons at the beginning of the game and in the middle of the game need two melee hits or a shot at the beginning to finish off a zombie, this will It was a bit more difficult for armored enemies.

Similar to weapons, the special skills of each character also do not make too many changes to convince the player to train to achieve. For example, Aiden with the ability to reduce the damage taken momentarily after receiving the attack, the upgrade points will last longer and reduce the skill’s wait time.

However, the damage reduction is negligible and you can still be “kill” by a few enemies easily and the upgrade is nothing more. Or Maya, the healer with the ability to reduce the time it takes to revive her comrades when upgrading her skills, sounds appealing and useful, but in reality doesn’t bring any noticeable effect in the process play and completely useless when played alone (and this happens often).

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coop gameplay pc overview system requirements trailer ps4 wiki دانلود بازی برای requisitos review steam the trainer türkçe yama

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