one vs radical edition gameplay rad rodgers trainer rodgers: world ps4 pc

Rad Rodgers World One

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one vs radical edition gameplay rad rodgers trainer rodgers: world ps4 pc

Giving players a very nostalgic context and reminiscent of childhood, the developer is also very observant when the gameplay direction of Rad Rodgers: World One follows the style is also very classic, to join is to play without it takes a lot of trouble, and the player knows what he can do in the game.

The action style of Rad Rodgers: World One is not new, but the experience is full of speed and excitement that easily conquers the player. The feeling of performing neat moves depending on the ability to “press” the keys, or these powerful shots can wipe out all the enemies in the way, and even the challenge to find the way. The precious outline will make it hard for gamers to take their eyes off Rad Rodgers: World One.

The levels in Rad Rodgers: World One are not long, the number of screens is quite small. In return, each game screen is well invested. Although they do not coincide with the same message and complex connections as Ori and the Blind Forest, with many gorges and alleys, many pitfalls require the player to accurately dance every step better than Trine or Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams.

The unique point in the design of the game Rad Rodgers: World One is that it has many nooks and crannies, but does not tell the player what is the “main road”, what is the “alley” … so when meeting ” Love intersection ”, players are forced to take certain exploration steps, but cannot be sure that they are on the right route. Of course, even if you go the wrong way, there will always be an attractive reward waiting to be discovered, so sometimes the writer himself wants … to be lost.

The gameplay of Rad Rodgers: World One also enhances the shooting experience when allowing players to choose between four different types of bullets. These types of ammunition Rad can be collected through NPCs encountered along the way, helping them out or simply picking them up somewhere. Each type has a different firing style, for example, with a 6-barrel gun that can spray “candy rain” on the face of a crowd, or wipe the whole sky with just one laser barrel swing into sky … Temporarily, The number of bullets that gamers can pick up is only 4, but compared to the duration of the game is not long, it seems to be enough.

Not only that, the nostalgic style of Rad Rodgers: World One combined with the idea of “destroying the virtual world” is also done quite methodically and harmoniously between the two graphic schools, “Pixel art” and “Fantasy art”.

The world where Rad adventures are filled with colors like a true fairyland with flowing streams, green trees whispering with immense flowers, too dangerous lands like lava areas jelly or dark caves … The creatures that you should see as enemies are also very beautiful creatures, like extremely vivid flowers thanks to their very smooth animation and cute.

The Dusty gaming machine is not only a talkative friend with a face like Duke Nukem, but it will also help Rad fulfill the mission. The holes through the digital world will be the main environment for Dusty to thrive, regain the links swallowed by these “pixel black holes”. However, Dusty’s lifespan in this digital space is also finite, players must constantly collect pixels that are scattered along the way after destroying enemies. Besides, as a secondary steel hand on his back, Dusty is also capable of throwing earth blows like heaven, which can turn enemies into a bunch of red slime in a matter of seconds. If you are a gamer with “seniority” then surely will immediately remember the name Banjo-Kazooie on the Nintendo 64 system of intense childhood.

Combining rhythmically with the unique graphics is the sound with exciting electronic soundtracks, The tones of the 80s, 90s are a bit magical but create the tempo for the whole high-level game. The simulation sound is also done very well with a powerful blaster shot or the rain of “6 barrel” bullets stabbed directly in the face of the gang. The simulation sound of Rad Rodgers: World One is so good that sometimes players can even notice the power of the gun in Rad’s hand increases day by day, even though they are only reproduced by sound.

As for the voice acting, this is probably the part I liked the most when Rad Rodgers: World One brought two memorable main characters. With Dusty, her personality is shown very vividly when always acting as a comedian throughout the journey, with an obscene tone of a brute but with a bit of a serious and sometimes goofy attitude. Combined with the innocent Rad boy, but he also has a lot of courage and a bit of cute humor, it creates a perfect “comedy” duo.

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one vs radical edition gameplay rad rodgers trainer rodgers: world ps4 pc


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