Top 5 safe vaginal perfume for seductive scent that makes him ecstatic

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Uses of vaginal perfume

The vaginal perfume has an elegant compact design that brings many different uses for the user. The most outstanding are:

A. Vaginal perfume brings a lovely scent to “vagina.”

With the smell extracted from natural flowers, the perfume gives “vagina” an extremely seductive scent. The product completely overwhelms the natural odor of the vagina, giving ladies confidence and a gentle feeling.

B. Vaginal perfumes make the vagina pink

The perfume contains plenty of active ingredients that make the vagina pink, which explains why the large pudendal lip and small pudendal lip of women become rosier after a short time of use.

C. Vaginal perfume brings smoothness to the urogenital triangle

The smell has a natural moisturizing active ingredient that helps the urogenital triangle always get the required smoothness. You will no longer feel dry when using vaginal smell regularly for sensitive areas.

D. Vaginal perfume minimizes inflammation

Another great use that the product provides is the ability to sterility and antibacterial function. The perfume contains an active antiseptic ingredient that can terminate the vaginal mycobiome.

E. Vaginal perfume helps women seduce men

According to statistics, up to 90% of men are seduced by the gentle vaginal scent when women use vaginal perfume. The product line gives women charming confidence but also helps the vagina to arouse men in bed sexually.

Is vaginal perfume safe?

It can be seen that the vaginal perfume is a versatile product line that brings a lot of different uses to the user. But what makes the women most disturbed is the safety of the smell to the health of users. Does the product have any harmful effects or side effects?

According to many gynecologists, vaginal perfume is harmful to users when people choose to buy the product line containing many toxic chemicals and concurrently overuse fragrances for the “vagina.”

There have been many women having itchy genital areas when using a perfume with high artificial fragrance. Or worse, some even suffer from the swollen genital area, causing bad odour to the vaginal discharge.

Therefore, doctors recommend that users only choose safe vaginal perfumes extracted from natural ingredients, products from reputable brands that have gone through strict quality testing. Especially, you need to follow strictly the instructions printed on the box to avoid unwanted side effects.

Use vaginal perfume on “vagina”: Necessary or not?

The use of vaginal perfume on the “vagina” is becoming increasingly popular among females. That is considered a way of self-love from perfectionists.

As for myself, I realize that the selection and use of vaginal perfume are really necessary. The product is an effective solution to eliminate odors and regain confidence, especially during menstrual periods with heavy bleeding.

In addition, the product also helps minimize the itchiness that I used to frequently encountered. My vagina also became much cleaner, along with the gentle fragrance.

Even my husband has to admit that the perfume stimulates his desire. From the day I used the product, I suddenly became much more attractive and sexy in his eyes.

Tips for choosing the best vaginal perfume for the “vagina.”

To meet the diverse needs of users, the vaginal smell is produced with many different scents and designs, making women confused when choosing the suitable product. If you want to find the best vaginal smell for your “little girl,” immediately update the following tips:

  • Choose vaginal perfume from reputable brands

Based on the advice from gynecological experts, perfume brand is the top criteria that women need to rely on when choosing the product. Ideally, you should only use products of reputable brands, as they always guarantee the quality and safety of their product lines.

Some prominent names that you can refer to and search for the ideal products are Foellie, Cenota, Dionel, and Lafla; These are all famous brands currently available in many countries globally.

  • Choose multi-purpose vaginal perfume.

Suppose you want to enjoy all the great uses of the product line. In that case, you should choose to buy a multi-purpose perfume with a cool fragrance and the ability of effective disinfection, bacterial remova, and vaginal bleaching.

  • Choose a perfume that contains safe ingredients.

Perfumes that contain artificial fragrance ingredients make the genital area prone to itching, redness, and even inflammation. Therefore, you should stay away from products that contain toxic active ingredients. Instead, opt for a product line made from natural oils or natural plants.

  • Pay attention to the price of vaginal perfume.

Vaginal perfume on the market today ranges from several hundred thousand to several million. The product line has a variety of prices that suit the pocket of every user. The advice for you now is to depend on your pocket money to choose a product with a reasonable price. Do not live beyond your means, causing budget loss and lead to many different consequences.

Instructions to use vaginal perfume properly

Although vaginal perfume has various types, the way to use the product is not much different. Here are three steps to use ultra-standard perfume recommended by brands:

– Step 1: Please clean the genital area with clean water and feminine hygiene solution. Then, use a soft towel to dry the vagina to give the best dryness.

– Step 2: You can add from 1 to 2 drops of perfume to your underwear every day so that the product shows its fragrance during use. Or add 3 to 4 drops to the tub during bath for a sense of relaxation. You can also add 1 to 2 drops of perfume inside the tampon during your period.

– Step 3: Conduct normal vaginal hygiene during a bath after using vaginal perfume.


– Use only sufficient doses and do not abuse the product.

– Keep the perfume cap tightly after use and store the product in a cool, dry place. But avoid direct exposure to the sun.

Top 5 vaginal perfume with charmingly ecstatic fragrance

1. Dionel Secret Love Black Edition – 5ml

Dionel Secret Love Black Edition is a perfume line from a famous Korean brand. High-quality perfume bottles are stored inside dark glass jars to ensure the best quality. The bottle cap is made of high-quality black plastic material that easily twists to provide a high tightness.
It can be said that Dionel Secret Love Black Edition is a natural perfume when completely refined from plants. The product is a perfect combination of evening primrose oil, patchouli, sunflower seeds, especially flower essential oils, etc.

The fragrance also contains neroli, peach blossom, and freesia. That is why the product has an extremely romantic, passionate, and mild aroma, offering extreme comfort to users.
Not only brings unique scent helps deodorize the “vagina.” The product is also highly used in anti-oxidant and pinkening, smoothening the vaginal area. The antibacterial active ingredients in the perfume help to completely prevent and destroy bacteria to balance the PH for the female vagina.
Indeed, since using the Dionel Secret Love Black Edition perfume, my vagina has become much softer and sexier. That is why my love-making with my husband became more passionate than before.

where can you get a Dionel Secret Love Black Edition – 5ml online

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2. Foellie Eau De Innerb Perfume – 5ml

Foellie Eau De Innerb Vaginal Perfume is a product line that originated from Korea. Perfume bottle with odor-proof lid possesses a lovely small design. The product is made of a luxurious black rough plastic material with the product name printed at the center.
A prominent characteristic of Foellie Eau De Innerb Perfume is the strong and intense scent, created from 6 rare herbs combined with six types of benign plants that do not irritate the skin. The product has been tested on sensitive skin and has shown a high level of safety.

I am quite satisfied with the great effects that Foellie Eau De Innerb Perfume brings to me. Products from high-end brands provide the ability to cleanse the genital area and eliminate vaginal odors quickly. Perfume essence also helps maintain a stable pH level and minimize inflammation.

where can you get a Foellie Eau De Innerb Perfume – 5ml online

3. Cenota Secret Sexy – 5ml

Cenota Secret Sexy Perfume is a France famous product line produced by modern technology. The perfume is preserved inside a clear glass bottle with a luxurious silver-gold lid. Lying on the bottle itself is a beautifully designed product name. In particular, the perfume bottle is packed in a square box with a special perfume dispenser.
As far as I know, Cenota Secret Sexy Vaginal Perfume is made entirely from natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, almond oil, and musk essential oil, which is safe and benign to users skin.
Compared to Foellie’s product, Cenota Secret Sexy perfume has a much softer scent. It is a slight, aromatic scent that can be stored long inside the vaginal area. The product line gives “vagina” a sweet smell and increasing sexiness.
Another special thing is that Cenota Secret Sexy perfume also gives high use in softening the “vagina.” The product provides a soft feel for the vagina and comfort for users.

where can you get a Cenota Secret Sexy – 5ml online

4. LalAla Perfume Secret Sexy LaFla – 10ml

LalAla Perfume Secret Sexy Perfume LaFla is a product line from a domestic brand. Like Korea’s Dionel perfume, LalFla perfume is stored in dark-colored glass bottles and black plastic caps that rotate easily. Lying on the bottle itself is an eye-catching packaging with the product name and beautiful yellow blossom.
The perfume contains European essential oil and a lasting fragrance of 8 hours. Thus, she will have a charming aroma all day so that women can work confidently.
What makes me appreciate the product also lies in its ability to deodorize and nourish vaginal moisture naturally. After only a short time using the product, my “little girl” has become soft and no longer dry.

where can you get a LalAla Perfume Secret Sexy LaFla – 10ml online

5. Charme Secret Rose Extract – 30ml

Charme Secret Rose Extract is a type of vaginal perfume from France but produced in Vietnam. The perfume’s outer appearance has a luxurious and feminine design with gentle pink tones. The lid of the perfume bottle is covered with a silver color, emphasizing a deluxe beauty.
I highly appreciate the safety of the product line when the perfume does not contain alcohol. Every drop of Charme Secret Rose Extract perfume is made from 100% French imported ingredients. The product is suitable for all skin types of both men and women.

In terms of uses, I rate Charme perfume a 9/10 due to its effective deodorizing function from the pervasive aroma. The product also provides anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties so that the “vagina” will always be clean and fragrant.

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Which vaginal perfume should we choose?

After having experienced all five perfumes above, I felt most satisfied with the Dionel Secret Love Black Edition perfume for the following reasons:
– About the design: Dionel Secret Love Black Edition perfume is stored inside dark glass bottles with a convenient screw cap for high tightness. Product design is simple but extremely delicate.
– About use: Dionel perfume has a good deodorizing effect thanks to its romantic, passionate and gentle scent. It also helps to soften the vagina, prevent oxidation, kill bacteria, and balance pH for sensitive “girls.”
– About safety: the Korean perfume is extracted entirely from natural flower essential oils, including neroli, cherry blossom, and freesia. The product is very safe for the vaginal area of ​​the user.


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