XCOM 2 War of The Chosen

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XCOM 2: War of the Chosen is integrated into the main game of XCOM 2, so don’t be surprised if you feel that the opening of the game is… no different from before. Before meeting new enemies and allies, XCOM 2: War of the Chosen introduces the player to the Sitrep system, which is some of the situational conditions in regular missions that are announced in advance to the player to deal with, for example, the level only allows the use of soldiers of Sergeant rank and below, all units have one time to activate Conceal, a large number of ADVENT soldiers, only The Lost Or just civilians. The Sitrep system brings a new layer of strategy, forcing players to diversify the way they approach battles and offering some completely different levels from the usual missions in the original game.

The appearance of The Lost – the remnants of humanity rising in the form of the undead, although at first, it seems to be just a new enemy unit that fills the role of the all-too-familiar “zombie” archetype, became an important link in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. The Lost usually go in herds with 5 or 6 appearing and moving at the same time, the unit that kills The Lost with a normal shot will be rewarded with another turn of action, making a unit more capable. Ability to take down a lot of The Lost in one turn. But things are not so simple; later on, the number of heavy The Lost with a lot of “blood” and some that can move further than usual appears more and more. They can sabotage your perfect Overwatch wave (if you’re ahead of ADVENT) or accidentally reveal the location of a Reaper/Ranger hiding in a dark corner you’ve sent to scout. However, The Lost can also sometimes save you from a conspicuous goal due to its neutrality, causing them to attack the unit closest to them, including the ADVENT. A small explosion that lures The Lost out of the way (or sometimes helps take down ADVENT) will be a deadly blow for those looking to deal with ADVENT in the urban environment of XCOM 2: War of the Chosen.

The Lost approach is also very “flexible.” You don’t have to use rockets or Plasma grenades to take down multiple The Lost at once; choose targets that are likely to be killed in one shot to maximize the number of undead you kill with guns alone is the most common method. If you bring with you at least one Ranger with the Bladestorm skill, allowing Ranger to perform melee attacks freely once the enemy is close to you, then surely the obstacle that The Lost brings will be greatly reduced.

The key faces that make up XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, of course, are the new trio under Elder’s command with unique shapes, skills, weapons, and characteristics. The way the three Chosen work is similar to the Nemesis system in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor but has a level above the random Chieftains you encounter. The Chosen will often ambush you in missions guerrilla, capable of knocking down XCOM soldiers, causing immobilization effects (Dazed), forcing teammates to interact with returning to the old state, even kidnapping soldiers. XCOM forces the player to manually take down ADVENT’s prisoner base to bring back his men so that Chosen can attack the Avenger more often.

The Chosen even “leveled up” at the same pace as XCOM’s upgrade progression. In addition to the basic strengths and weaknesses (each Chosen will take additional damage from one of three new units, for example), Chosen can also learn new skills and traits if you leave them alone self-directed, for too long. The Assassin is a typical melee unit prototype that uses a Shotgun similar to the Ranger and can become invisible after taking turns. The Hunter uses a long-range sniper rifle and mainly sends ADVENT soldiers to smoke. The Warlock using Psonic power that is far superior to a regular Psi Operative or Priest unit.

The three Chosen work is unchanged, but their Traits are assigned completely randomly through each game. So if you are confident that Chosen can appear in the mission based on information from the resistance, make sure the unit you bring can counter Chosen as effectively as possible. If Hunter is weak against melee attacks, don’t be afraid to get at least two Rangers equipped with Fusion Blades who are always ready to lose. If you’re about to take down Warlock’s base, don’t forget to have a few Mind Shields prepared to resist the Psonic powers.

Killing Chosen is also a huge time race in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. Waiting too long will make them stronger, and they will keep coming back until you decide to attack their lair. They are very powerful, and the damage they leave after a successful attack is huge, but Chosen has never made the writer feel that they are too strong cheaply. The reward you receive will be the powerful weapon of each Chosen and many skill points for the members participating in the “kill” boss. However, according to the “why” of the writer, perhaps you should not rush to delete Chosen as soon as possible, because after they disappear, the writer will surely feel … empty, due to threats. Their threats, mockery, and defiance also fade away, making the end of the game a bit too quiet.

Chosen are, of course, not the only new enemies appearing in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. Participating in this ADVENT are flamethrowers (for some reason, they miss more than normal minions) Purifier has anti-Ranger ability due to exploding after being killed randomly. Specters disable XCOM soldiers and create a clone with Shadowbound to overwhelm the battlefield, and Priests with Psionic powers love to take control of XCOM soldiers. They are all dangerous and annoying in their way, forcing the player to consider once again how to handle them; Purifier’s “potential” is not in direct damage but in the ability to blockade a specific area. Can fire, Specters are extremely dangerous if they act when you have not set Overwatch, and Priest, if paired with Shieldbearer, creates a small shield that will mess up XCOM’s entire shoot-down priority. XCOM received three new special forces units from three resistance organizations with their ideology but the same goal by balancing forces. Reaper, death sharpshooters, possess a special hiding mechanism Shadow Mode, reducing enemy vision to one square in all surrounding directions and enhanced mobility. Shadow Mode also allows Reaper to attack enemies and continue to hide through a percentage of “detected” after firing, making Reaper a class of scouts (in case the player doesn’t have a finder. According to Specialist with Scanning Protocol or no Battle Scanner).

Skirmisher, originally an ADVENT soldier who figured out how to remove the brain control chip from the Psionic network, is now back to hunt down Chosen. The Skirmisher wields a useful Bullpup machine gun at mid-range, with a Ripjack hook that can be used for melee attacks and pulling the Skirmisher to a high position, pulling enemies close or pulling Skirmisher to an enemy position. The biggest feature of Skirmisher is the ability to perform multiple actions in one turn; you can shoot Bullpup three times in a row or run and shoot depending on certain circumstances.

Templars are overwhelming Psionic Jedi in close combat, possessing a special stat called Focus obtained after performing a Rend attack or through other abilities; Focus can then be used to “drop” Psionic skills similar to the Psi Operative. Due to placing the enemy close to the opponent and often “indiscreet,” Templar can use Momentum to move to find obstacles after attacking or use Parry to counterattack during the opponent’s turn.

As the Chosen, the three new resistance units are well balanced, not overly strong or weak, and perform their roles very well. They use a new skill palette (which can be applied to regular XCOM soldiers through a new subbase of the Avenger) that allows unlocking any skill you want through individual Soldier Ability Points and as an amount of XCOM points common to the entire team. Characters who take advantage of the new skill set will play “Jack of All Trades” and grab branches they missed before. A specialist can now play both roles support Aid/Healing Protocol and attack via Combat Protocol without sacrificing either unit.

Once again, the Bond Cohesion system makes the individual element in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen pushed positively. The members of Avenger’s battle party can “communicate” (in pairs, but not “some,” of course), increasing their Cohesion once they join the fight.

Bondmates can sacrifice their turn for the other half to act, one with 10% accuracy on the target being attacked by the other half, or play “Double Tap” through skill. The Dual Strike ability allows two Bondmates to attack a single target for a turn but only costs the skill activator’s action. A potential system that players hope will be further strengthened by Firaxis Games in the next versions. For example, only activating Bond Cohesion if the members help each other in a specific way when fighting, or even creating a negative element among the members, for example?

Bond Cohesion and the new skill table make an effort to create a team of soldiers with a strong personality become the most important in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, but don’t be subjective because the game still uses state of mind. Tiresome attitudes force players to use many different troops instead of relying on a single A-rank team.

The Shaken effect (unstable), as well as the state of fear of various types of enemies, will spawn at a steadily increasing frequency but can be cured once you throw them into the infirmary. The Covert Action system (undercover operation) with many goals such as slowing down the Avatar project, hunting Chosen, finding information or new supplies also forces the player to send people to do it within a few days. In a nutshell, XCOM 2: War of the Chosen gives you plenty of reasons to train an army that’s “staggered,” and there’s always a well-equipped B or C team for any occasion.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen chooses to balance new challenges with the Avenger’s many new scale progression methods. We have three new resistance factions corresponding to three Chosen and three new types of enemies. Chosen’s danger level increases over time in response to Covert Action and the commands (Resistance Order) you set for the resistance factions. That is probably the only drawback that exists that slows down the game’s difficulty.

After destroying all of the Chosen, the writer feels that the challenge of XCOM 2: War of the Chosen is significantly reduced because the game’s greatest threat is no longer, while you continue to own an Availability of resources on supplies, information, reducing the speed of Avatar Project, upgrading weapons or equipment or technology, and especially easy character upgrading from Covert Action. On Veteran difficulty, the writer thinks that XCOM 2: War of the Chosen ends after the three Chosen are destroyed. Not after the main story is complete because the game does not provide any obstacles worth since Chosen was taken down, causing the balance of power between XCOM and ADVENT to tilt too much towards the game’s front end.

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