4 simple ways to connect laptop to TV

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Connect your laptop to your TV so you can share your favorite content on your TV screen and bring the world into your home with built-in integrations into your devices. We will share four ways to connect a laptop to a TV and knowledge about today’s common connection standards.

Connect a laptop to a TV via HDMI

The HDMI standard is a traditional standard that office workers have widely used, students to present their ideas on the computer screen. So have you ever heard of how to bring multimedia content from your laptop to your TV via HDMI?
With a port to connect a laptop to a TV via HDMI, all sharp images, impressive content, and vivid sound will be projected on the TV screen at home or in the office.

To be able to connect a laptop to a TV with an HDMI cable, you need to prepare:
Today, laptops and televisions are equipped with HDMI ports from manufacturers such as DELL, HP, SONY to assist you in transferring data to large screens such as TVs and projectors.

Newer computers and TVs equipped with more modern ports, especially Apple, are extremely annoying to transmit information to the TV. That’s why you must equip yourself with a connection port that converts to HDMI format.
Prepare HDMI cables and commonly used transfer cables today.
Do not forget to distinguish what an HDMI port is and set it up to connect two devices.

Connect a laptop to TV with Wifi Direct

Wifi Direct is a connection standard that allows direct data transmission between devices without the internet.

If HDMI is the most common and popular connection port in technology because of its convenience and popular integration on two device platforms, Wifi Direct was born with outstanding advantages in data transmission speed with large capacity on devices such as TVs and tablets.
Smart TVs will be required if you want to connect to a laptop and vice versa. The manufacturer has built-in and traditional TVs that do not connect to the network will be difficult when you need urgent data transmission.

Before you start sharing data, you need to:
– Laptops with built-in wifi cards of major chip manufacturers worldwide will help you connect wirelessly to TV devices faster.
– Modern TV products such as Smart TV and Android TV Box will be compatible with wireless connection standards from electronic component manufacturers.
– Third-party software Wifi Direct is downloaded on the laptop to be able to synchronize data easily and quickly, but at the same time, it also encounters many inadequacies with the network connection due to the lack of good optimization of the third-party software on the devices Windows and macOS platforms.

Connect using Samsung Smart View

The smart View app makes it easy to sync connections between Samsung-branded laptops and Samsung Smart View TVs. The open ecosystem easily allows users to connect back and forth between two devices or even multiple devices on the windows operating system.
All images, sounds, movies can be transferred quickly without HDMI cables or traditional connection cables.

Using the traditional VGA connection port

With common connection standards, VGA and HDMI are always used the most because of their popularity on all laptops and TV devices today.
With support for many different resolutions, users easily and conveniently output image and video data to the TV.

Standard connection DLNA

A connection standard using a local area network can synchronize all data on two platforms of laptop and TV devices, giving you a quick connection without using traditional cables.
To connect two devices, you must use a Windows operating system computer because there is still no DLNA standard on macOS. Both use the same wifi modem to connect to mobile devices.


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