lenovo yoga slim 9i gen 7 price review specs 7i vs

Lenovo Yoga Slim 9i Gen 7

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amazon Lenovo Yoga Slim 9i Gen 7 reviews

lenovo yoga slim 9i gen 7 price review specs 7i vs

What if you took Lenovo’s latest 2-in-1 Yoga 9i convertible laptop and ditched the “convertible” part? What you get is the Lenovo Yoga Slim 9i, the latest clamshell ultrabook aimed at successful business users.

If the Yoga Slim 7i Pro X that I recently reviewed is a true “multi-function” laptop, the Yoga Slim 9i is even better than that, and this is Lenovo’s strategic card to compete fair with names like Dell XPS 13 or MacBook Pro M2 for the title of the “top” ultrabook in 2022.

The Yoga Slim 9i version I experienced has an Intel Evo standard configuration with Intel Core i7-1280P CPU, 16GB of DDR5 RAM, 1TB of NVMe SSD and a PureSight 4K + screen (3840 x 2400 pixels) touch support. Included with this premium laptop is a 3-year Lenovo Premium Care premium warranty service.

A fresh design that needs to be replicated

I never thought I would experience a laptop using glass material, but Lenovo has made it a reality with the Yoga Slim 9i. The A side of the laptop is covered with a layer of 3D curved tempered glass, this finish is like the back of high-end smartphones.

With a standard hardness of 9H, Lenovo says this glass can withstand 500gf hard scratches, drop 133g iron balls or drop many angles at a height of 50cm. This glass layer also hides sweat stains and fingerprints very well, which is always a plus point for people with sweaty hands like me.

The design philosophy that focuses on ergonomics and user comfort, which Lenovo calls “Comfort Edge”, also appears on the Yoga Slim 9i. The soft curved aluminum edges create absolute comfort when holding as well as in daily use, I have experienced many laptops but it can be said that in this aspect, no product has overcome Yoga Slim 9i.

This comparison seems lame, but in fact, Yoga Slim 9i reminds me of Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max, a smartphone with a very good grip, until Apple switched to a square design from iPhone 12.

The version I experienced has the color “Oatmeal”, or oat, but in reality, it is significantly brighter. The Yoga Slim 9i, according to Lenovo, is also the first laptop to be certified carbon neutral by TÜV Rheinland.

In addition to using recycled aluminum, the Yoga Slim 9i is also wrapped with Korrvu suspension film, using up to 70% less plastic than conventional plastic wrap, packaged in FSC paper packaging, and supplied with batteries. Power for the machine is also made from recycled plastic. I think these are practical environmental protection actions, not removing the charger like some phone companies.

With a weight of only 1.37kg and a thickness of 14.9mm, carrying the Yoga Slim 9i to work, school, or to a cafe is very light. Inside the box, Lenovo also includes a cloth laptop bag, adding a layer of protection needed for people who specialize in throwing keys and cramming a bunch of other tech items into a backpack like me.

To keep the machine thin and light, the Yoga Slim 9i accepts to cut many connection ports, on the machine, there are only 3 Thunderbolt 4 ports (USB 4.0, Power Delivery 3.0, DisplayPort 1.4), combo audio jack and quick webcam on / off switch. In return, inside the product box comes a 3-in-1 hub that includes a USB-A Gen 3.0 port, an HDMI port, and a VGA port. Of course, we have an extra accessory to remember to bring every time we go out, but in exchange for thinness, it is also completely acceptable.

The small problem I encountered on the Yoga Slim 7i Pro X was that the slightly stiff hinge did not appear on the Yoga Slim 9i. Opening the device with one hand is much easier, and the Yoga Slim 9i can also tilt the screen 180 degrees if needed.

Ultimate audiovisual with PureSight OLED display and Bower & Wilkins speakers

Everyone will have a different idea of ​​a perfect screen, but for me, it will be very similar to what the Yoga Slim 9i brings. We have a 14-inch PureSight display with 4K+ resolution (3840 x 2400 pixels), Samsung E4 OLED panel, 600 nit peak brightness, 10 billion colors, 100% coverage of the DCI-P3 color space, and 125% zero sRGB color space with DeltaE < 1 color deviation, touch support. These are the best numbers you can find on any laptop.

The viewing experience of Yoga Slim 9i is encapsulated in two words “top-notch”. If you already own a smartphone with an OLED screen, you will know that it offers superior display quality compared to IPS LCD thanks to its absolute deep blacks and ultra-wide contrast, combined with 4K+ resolution, all content Your viewing will be very sharp and realistic. The thin screen border gives an airy viewing feeling when the display area of ​​the Yoga Slim 9i is up to 93%. This OLED screen also meets the VESA DisplayHDR 500 True Black standard, with the ability to display a dark image of only 0.0005 nits.

The 400 nit brightness allows the Yoga Slim 9i to work well in bright environments, but it should be noted that the mirror screen of this laptop is reflective quite a lot, maybe Lenovo decided not to cover it with sand to preserve the quality. the display is at its best. In addition, the touch feature is not very useful for a sweaty person like me, and Lenovo also did not mention whether this screen supports a stylus or not.

In terms of sound, equipped on the Yoga Slim 9i is a quad-speaker speaker system tuned by Bower & Wilkins (B&W), two 2W up-firing tweeters, and two 3W down-firing woofers. The mid-range is clear, the bass has a clear presence, and the Yoga Slim 9i will be one of the rare laptops that I don’t need to recommend buying more headphones or detachable speakers for entertainment or daily use.

The Yoga Slim 9i’s audiovisual experience is also complemented by the Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision software suite, as the audio and display content will be optimized for the tasks you’re using.

TrueStrike keyboard and infrared webcam meet a variety of needs

Yoga Slim 9i is equipped with a TrueStrike keyboard like the Yoga Slim 7i Pro X I recently experienced, but there are a few minor changes to the keycap, it is thinner and shallower to synchronize with the general design of the machine. A mechanical keyboard addict who always chooses to lean switches like me when I first switched to typing on the Yoga Slim 9i was a bit overwhelmed because the bottom-out was too early. However, the large keycap cross-section, the appropriate distance between the keys, and the good bounce are the plus points of the keyboard on the Yoga Slim 9i.

The Yoga Slim 9i’s touchpad is described as “up to 50% larger than before”, I don’t know which model Lenovo compares to, but the spacious touchpad helps a lot in web browsing and manipulation because the hand can move larger distances. The touchpad feels soft, and of course, this touchpad fully supports Windows 11 gestures such as zoom, back/forward, etc.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us the importance of a webcam. On Yoga Slim 9i, the webcam resolution is raised to Full HD, with the good display quality. In addition, Lenovo is also equipped with an infrared sensor and a light sensor, serving the Windows Hello facial recognition utility and Lenovo Presence Detection, the machine recognizes when you leave your sitting position and locks the device after that automatically reopens when you return without having to manipulate the machine, which is very convenient if you work in a sensitive environment with data security.

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Performance benchmarks with Intel Core i7 12th Gen

Core i7-1280P is the most powerful CPU of Intel’s brand-new P-Series. According to the announcement, this chip has multi-threaded performance up to 70% faster than the i7-1195G7 launched in 2021. Even the multi-threaded performance of Core i7-1280P is better than Core i9-11980HK – among Intel’s fastest processors in 2021) while the TDP is only 28W.

Like other 12th Gen Intel processors, the Core i7-1280P also features a hybrid design that combines performance cores (P-core) and energy-efficient cores (E-core), for a total of 14 cores (6 P cores and 8 E cores) for a maximum clock speed of up to 4.8 GHz. The power consumption of this chip on the Yoga Slim 9i can be pushed to 35 watts (PL1) and even 52 watts (PL2) in about 40 seconds. You can switch between Battery Saving, Intelligent Cooling, and Performance modes via the Fn+Q shortcut, and during performance evaluation, I always choose Performance mode.

With no discrete graphics card, the Yoga Slim 9i won’t be for professional video editing needs, but the Core i7-1280P chip will still be fast enough to occasionally render 4K video when you’re using BiaReview’s camera-man whenever needed 16GB of 5200 MHz LPDDR5 RAM is more than enough for almost everyone, but if you need more multitasking, you can consider the 32GB RAM option.

Performance of Yoga Slim 9i before familiar performance benchmark software:

Cinebench R23 measures render task CPU performance. The Core i7-1280P chip reached 1812 single-core points and 12,355 multi-core points. Compared to Core i7-12700H on Yoga Slim 7i Pro X with 1760 single-core and 14,712 multi-core points, Core i7-1280P is slightly better in single-core performance, while multi-core is not too far behind, about 19%. It should be noted that the Core i7-12700H has a default TDP of up to 45W while the Core i7-1280P is 28W.

PCMark 10 simulates everyday multitasking tasks. The Yoga Slim 9i scored an average of 5,281.

Responsible for handling graphics tasks for the Yoga Slim 9i is the Intel Iris XE core. Through two benchmarks of 3D Mark, FireStrike and Night Raid, Yoga Slim 9i scored 5,532 and 19,609 points, respectively. As you to imagine, the Yoga Slim 7i Pro X’s RTX 3050 graphics card scored 10,832 in the Fire Strike benchmark.

The performance disparity between Core i7-1280P and Core i7-12700H continues to be similarly shown in the GeekBench 5 application. Core i7-1280P scored 1,766 single-core and 10,805 multi-core, while Core i7 -12700H achieves 1,768 single-core and 12,496 multi-core points

The fact that Yoga Slim 9i is equipped with a 4K + resolution screen makes almost any game a challenge for Iris XE. Lowering the resolution to Full HD and reducing the graphics settings are possible options if you want to entertain by playing games, but of course, it will have a trade-off in display quality. Consider other options with discrete GPUs like the Slim 7i Pro X or the Lenovo Legion gaming laptops, because gaming isn’t the primary purpose of the Yoga Slim 9i after all.

In terms of storage, the Yoga Slim 9i uses a 1TB Samsung PM9B1 SSD. This is a PCIe Gen 4 SSD but has a smaller form factor 2242 than the traditional 2280. Therefore, you will need to make sure you choose the right SSD if you need to upgrade. Measured quickly with the Crystal Disk Mark tool, this SSD achieves sequential read/write speeds of 3582.64 MB/s and 2699.48 MB/s, respectively. Tasks such as starting Windows, opening heavy applications, copying data, etc. are performed quickly by this SSD.

With a thin and light body, the heat dissipation performance of every Ultrabook is always an aspect of interest to users. With Yoga Slim 9i, Lenovo is equipped with dual fans up to 50% larger and ultra-thin blades of only 0.1mm. Shin-Etsu 8117 pro-grade thermal paste combined with 36% thicker heat pipes, 62% longer lasting for a “17W improvement in TDP”.

In actual use, unless you turn on Performance mode and run heavy tasks, you will almost not hear the cooling fan of the Yoga Slim 9i spinning. Tested with HWMonitor, after 10 minutes of running Cinebench R23, the maximum temperature that Core i7-1280P recorded was only 91 degrees Celsius.

Battery is enough for 4K+, 65W fast charging

Yoga Slim 9i is equipped with a 75 Whr battery, but due to having to “load” the 4K + resolution screen, the usage time is only sufficient, about 5-6 hours with light to medium tasks, the level of use is limited 70% light.

If you have an unexpected job or for some reason you can’t charge the laptop right away, lowering the screen resolution to Full HD will significantly extend the usage time. Specifically, when at Full HD resolution, Intelligent Cooling performance mode, and 60% brightness, the Yoga Slim 9i can last up to 9 hours and 38 minutes, meeting the 9 hours required by the Intel Evo standard.

The charger that comes with the device has a compact size, and a maximum capacity of 65W. If the Rapid Charge Boost feature is enabled in the Lenovo Vantage, the Yoga Slim 9i promises 2 hours of offline video playback after 15 minutes of charging. You can charge using all three Thunderbolt 4 ports, and since they all support Power Delivery 3.0, you can use many other third-party chargers on the market without issue.


Yoga Slim 9i not only creates a highlight with its high-end 3D aluminum and glass design but also impresses with its top-notch audio-visual experience and top processing performance in the market. The slightly shallow keyboard is a small minus point in the Yoga Slim 9i’s experience, but when other aspects are so perfect, that small limitation is not worth your change of view about this laptop.


lenovo yoga slim 9i gen 7 price review specs 7i vs


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