SQUATZ 8'' LED Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder

SQUATZ 8” LED Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder

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In the realm of content creation, proper lighting plays a pivotal role in elevating the visual quality of photos and videos. The SQUATZ 8” LED Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder enters the scene as a versatile and compact lighting solution, designed to meet the needs of creators across various domains. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the key features, performance capabilities, design nuances, and overall usability of the SQUATZ LED Ring Light, exploring its potential to illuminate and enhance creative pursuits.

Key Features:

  1. Adjustable Brightness and Color Temperature: The SQUATZ LED Ring Light is equipped with adjustable brightness levels and color temperature settings. This feature allows users to customize the lighting conditions according to their preferences, ensuring optimal illumination for different scenarios. The flexibility in adjusting both brightness and color temperature is particularly beneficial for achieving the desired mood and ambiance in content creation.
  2. 8” Ring Design for Even Illumination: The ring design of the LED light ensures even and shadow-free illumination. This circular arrangement minimizes harsh shadows, providing a flattering and uniform light that enhances facial features and eliminates unwanted contrasts. The 8” size strikes a balance between portability and coverage, making it suitable for various applications.
  3. Sturdy and Adjustable Stand: The included stand is a sturdy and adjustable support system for the LED ring light. The stand’s height can be easily adjusted to suit different shooting setups and user preferences. This versatility allows creators to use the ring light at varying heights, accommodating different shooting scenarios and creative requirements.
  4. Phone Holder for Hands-Free Operation: The built-in phone holder is a practical addition for creators who use smartphones for content creation. Positioned at the center of the ring light, the phone holder allows users to position their devices conveniently, enabling hands-free operation during live streams, video recording, or virtual meetings. This feature adds to the ring light’s versatility and user-friendly design.


  1. Consistent and Flicker-Free Lighting: The SQUATZ LED Ring Light delivers consistent and flicker-free lighting, ensuring stable illumination for both photo and video applications. This performance characteristic is crucial for content creators who demand reliable and high-quality lighting for their projects. The absence of flicker contributes to a seamless and professional look in recorded or live content.
  2. Adjustable Brightness for Versatile Lighting: The adjustable brightness feature allows creators to adapt the lighting intensity to different settings and moods. Whether working in a dimly lit room or creating content in a well-lit environment, the ability to control the brightness enhances the versatility of the ring light. This adaptability is valuable for achieving the desired aesthetic in various content creation scenarios.
  3. Color Temperature Control for Ambiance: The SQUATZ LED Ring Light’s color temperature control is a valuable tool for influencing the ambiance of photos and videos. Creators can shift between warm and cool tones to evoke specific emotions or match the lighting conditions of different environments. This color temperature flexibility contributes to the ring light’s ability to adapt to diverse creative requirements.
  4. Ring Design for Flattering Portrait Lighting: The circular arrangement of the LED bulbs in the ring light produces a distinctive and flattering catchlight in the eyes of the subject. This feature is especially advantageous for portrait photography and video content where achieving engaging and well-lit facial features is a priority. The ring design enhances the visual appeal of the subject, adding a professional touch to the final output.

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Design and Usability:

  1. Compact and Portable Design: The SQUATZ LED Ring Light features a compact and portable design, making it easy for creators to transport and use in different locations. The 8” size strikes a balance between being large enough to provide ample illumination and being small enough for convenient storage and travel. The portability of the ring light enhances its usability for creators on the go.
  2. User-Friendly Controls: The ring light’s controls are designed with user-friendliness in mind. The intuitive layout of buttons for adjusting brightness and color temperature ensures that users can make quick and hassle-free adjustments. This simplicity in operation allows creators to focus on their content without being hindered by complex settings.
  3. Sturdy and Adjustable Stand: The included stand is not only sturdy but also adjustable, providing creators with a stable support system that can be tailored to different shooting scenarios. The stand’s adaptability is particularly advantageous for users who may need to switch between sitting and standing setups, ensuring that the ring light can be positioned at the optimal height for each situation.
  4. Phone Holder for Convenient Operation: The built-in phone holder adds a layer of convenience to the SQUATZ LED Ring Light. Creators can use their smartphones for content creation without the need for additional mounts or accessories. The central positioning of the phone holder ensures that the device is aligned with the ring light, allowing for seamless and hands-free operation during live streams, video recording, or virtual meetings.

Additional Features and Considerations:

  1. Versatility for Various Content Creation: The SQUATZ LED Ring Light’s versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of content creation activities. Whether shooting beauty tutorials, vlogging, conducting online meetings, or capturing engaging photos, the ring light adapts to different creative pursuits. Its ability to provide flattering and even illumination makes it a versatile tool for creators with diverse needs.
  2. Compatibility with Cameras and Smartphones: The ring light is designed to be compatible with both cameras and smartphones, offering creators flexibility in choosing their recording devices. Whether using a DSLR, mirrorless camera, or a smartphone, users can easily integrate the SQUATZ LED Ring Light into their setup. This compatibility enhances the ring light’s appeal to a broad user base.
  3. Durable Build Quality: The build quality of the SQUATZ LED Ring Light reflects durability and resilience. Constructed from robust materials, the ring light is designed to withstand regular usage and the demands of different shooting environments. The durable build contributes to the longevity of the ring light as a reliable tool for content creators.
  4. Multiple Mounting Options: The SQUATZ LED Ring Light offers multiple mounting options, allowing users to explore various setups and shooting angles. Whether mounted on the included stand or attached to a different support system, the ring light’s adaptability enhances its usability in different creative scenarios. The ability to experiment with mounting options adds to the creative possibilities for users.

SQUATZ 8'' LED Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder


The SQUATZ 8” LED Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder emerges as a versatile and user-friendly lighting solution for content creators seeking to enhance their visual output. Its adjustable brightness and color temperature, ring design for flattering illumination, sturdy and adjustable stand, and built-in phone holder make it a valuable tool for a wide range of applications.

The ring light’s consistent and flicker-free lighting, compact and portable design, user-friendly controls, and compatibility with cameras and smartphones contribute to its appeal for both beginners and experienced creators. Whether used for photography, videography, live streaming, or virtual meetings, the SQUATZ LED Ring Light proves to be a reliable and versatile companion, shedding light on the creative endeavors of content creators.

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