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Nokia X7

amazon Nokia X7 reviews Design, camera and screen Nokia X7 owns 4 inch big screen and a thickness of 12mm, although not classified as thin ranks of smartphones, but more than enough to please users. […]

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Nokia X5-01

amazon Nokia X5-01 reviews Design Compact but easy messaging is what Nokia X5-01 trying to achieve. Specifically, Nokia’s products have only 74.3 x 66.4 dimensions mm (length x width) and a QWERTY keyboard, with large […]

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Alienware M18x

amazon Alienware M18x reviews Design Alienware laptops always knew how to make a difference with shell design and sleek elegance. Alienware M18x has two user-selectable color to red and black. Shell is made of aluminum […]

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Nokia X3-02

amazon Nokia X3-02 reviews Design Nokia X3-02 is very thin and lightweight, accurate thickness is 9.6mm. Small touch screen 2.4 inches, the keyboard is designed to clearly and has 2 dedicated buttons for messaging and […]

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Nokia E6

amazon Nokia E6 reviews Design Designed based on the inspiration brought success for Nokia E71, Nokia E72, Nokia E6 inherited the essence and refined, as well as the latest technology in order to provide users […]

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Nokia C2-00

amazon Nokia C2-00 reviews Design Nikia C2-00 has the same simple design like the vast majority of the low-range phone from Nokia. Machine with 1.8 inch TFT 128×160 pixel resolution, of course, users can not […]